Monday, June 30, 2008

A raging (t)ale

So Viv and I picked up a can of ginger ale from the Japanese store Daiso. Now most of the stuff there has Japanese labels and often you only have the pictures to help you decipher what it is you are looking at. Lately, they have started sticking English labels on everything...

...with some amusing results.


fee said...


~nm said...

Gingler yell!! Lol! and Fruit grape??!! :D

shub said...

I read that as "Expiry: started" :D

Bivas said...

Chandi liye hum chala...
Actually dats quite considerate of them to mention that the ginger might have yelled when it was grated n all!!! ;-)
dats totalli in line with some of the signs we see in front of the desi dhabas here...a sample wud be Child Bear (Chilled Beer) ;-)

Stone said...

thats how they do subtitles of desimovies!

soleil said...

ROFL! I think they should hire professional translators for such things. What happened to effective marketing?

Swathy said...

wow..such stratagic marketing!!
chillane wala ginger ale!!

GotSum? said...

Ginger yells ALE !!

Urv said...

Oye! Yeh ki hua. I had typed a comment yest. Pata nahi kaisa aaya nahi.

I did not yell while writing it. Is that why these Ginger yell people did not let it get published :D

Sayesha said...


Hehehehe! :P

Holy cow! :O Hahahaha! :D

Yeah I think someone sent me a forward about 'Child bear'! Sheesh! Mera bharat mahaan! :D

Hahahaha! You bet!

Well, I think most buyers are just happy to see some kinda label in English. :)

Chillane wala ginger ale nahin, chillane wala ginger! :P


Fultu hokar bar mein aayega toh aiseich hoga! Comment type toh karega lekin publish nahin karega! :P