Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aish Aish baby!

So my sister puts baby Aish on the speakerphone.

Me - Hiiiiii!
Aish - Hiiiiiii!
Me - Aishu, what are you doing?
Aish - Babblebabblebabble!
Me - What?! What is she saying?
Sis - She's just babbling. She was singing just now...
Me - She was singing?? What was she singing??
Sis - Some Hindi song.
Me - Hindi song? Hindi song?????

I couldn't believe my ears. Aishu had finally got rid of the mua Twinkal Twinkal and was actually singing a Hindi song! Oh, my training had finally shown results!

Me - Ask her to sing for me!!
Sis - Aish, sing a Hindi song for Mausi?
Aish - Babblebabblebabble!
Sis - Aish, sing a song? Mausi likes Hindi songs. Sing for her?
Aish - Babblebabblebabble!
Me - Why isn't she singing??
Sis - Maybe I need to tell her what to sing. What do you want?
Me - Anything. Whatever she knows...
Sis - Baby, what song do you want to sing for Mausi?
Me - Oh, any song is fine. I know all of 'em, baby!
Sis - Aish, see? Mausi knows all the songs. Sing one for her? Mausi will be happy-happy!


Aish - Ye kon chitlakaal ai...
Me - Huh? Which song is this?
Sis - Aishu, sing again?
Aish - Ye kon chitlakaal ai...
Me - Once more...?
Aish - Ye kon chitlakaal ai!!
(Yeah, when she gets impatient, she incorporates exclamation marks into the song.)

Me - What is she saying?
Sis - Arre she's singing, "Yeh kaun chitrakar hai".

Me - *gulp*

Aish - Ye kon chitlakaal ai...

Me - *gulp*

Sis - You know the song, right?
Me - Ohhhhh! THAT song! Of course!

Me - *gulp*

Ladies and gentlemen... presenting the song of the month... a song from 1967... a song the original of which even saakshat Youtube doesn't have... a song introduced to the great 'I-know-all-Hindi-songs-hmmph!' (The 'hmmph!' is important) Sayesha by her 2-year-old Indian American niece.


PS: Any bewda who dares to say, "Sayesha, you didn't know THIS song???" will really get the special weekend-edition thwack. :/


chirpy-paaro said...


I m actually confused as to be happy to know that baby aish sang this song or be amazed to hear that u DONT know the song..
Baby aish is surely gonna gonna make you run for money...

Clueless said...


And so the teacher becomes the student. It was bound to happen - just didn't realize it would happen this soon!

*runs away to avoid potential newspaper-enabled thwacking* :D

realistic dreamer said...

ROFL!! :D.. oh god, this was so cute!! Iam officially a fan of aish now!

Shweta said...

oh no! baby aish is turning into baby sayesha!

and bronze!

Bivas said...

Sash...You didn't know THIS Song!!! ;-)
Me neither :D
btw...I recognize Shivanasamudram-Gaganchukki falls in that video collage!

Sanchit said...

hoodibaba... actually her song is cool.. baby's choice is so good abhi se.. Ye kon chitlakaal ai... :D

i claim the neon...

Prats said...

Never heard this one....Played the link my dad-

Ohh this is from Boond Jo Ban Jaaye Moti Randhir Kapoor and Babita are there in this song......

I am sure Aish is gonna beat u hands down in couple of years if this continues.

Amey said...

Ohhhhh! THAT song! Of course!

My feelings exactly ;)

Blue Bike said...

Hey Bhagwaan!
Quite a song for a 2 year old to remember!
If I ever play antakshari, I want this kid in my team.

Urv said...

Since I cannot have the luxury of watching the video thanks to some wonderful security policies (asks Bhai for a bag-full of weekend edition rolled up newspapers to give some bashing to the people behind this policy), and since all the gold, silver, bronze has been claimed, I will just do away with Sona, Mona and soying with moaning.. Err, I meant Mona ke saath sona :D

maxdavinci said...

bachi ne sekha, toh kya gaana seekha.

I'm more curious to know where she heard it from...

Kanan said...

OMG! you haven't heard THIS one? OMG OMG OMG!!!! :P

Baby Aish is too cute. She seems to enjoy songs that I enjoy too. I've become her fan now. I hope some day she knows how famous she is.

Kanan said...

@Prats, I thought this was picturized on Jeetendra, no? and of course sung by Mukesh.

sunshine said...

Sayesha, you didn't know THIS song??? :)

But where did she hear this from?

shub said...

muhahahaha! I guessed the song on the first read of "Ye kon chitlakaal ai"! I rock! muhahaha! :P

anshuj said...

"too cool for the skool", this baby aish of yours!!!

Stupidosaur said...

Sayesha, you didn't know THIS song??? :-O :-O

*Waits patiently for the weekend, the edition and the editor*

Have gotten addicted to your weekend editions. Was experiencing withdrawal symptoms. So hadddd to utter that.

Waise jyada zor se mat maarna. Nahin to meri scream ki gunj US tak jayegi.

I don't want Aish's first home production parody to be
"Ye kon chitkal la hai..."

mythalez said...

wow ... i bow to baby aish !!

wonder why she picked up this song and frm wher !

Swathy said...

yeh gana aish ko kisne sikhaya!!
usko mera sashtaang naman!!

aequo animo said...

hmm ,hmm, hmmm ;)
1. your sis is the silent kind of the two ( obviously)
2. She still knows how to pull a fast one on you, and teaching it to Aish too :)
3. Of all the people,even I guessed this song and knew it( I havent seen a hindi movie in a decade :D)
Sheesh bhai ,what a shame!!!

Sayesha said...

Sheesh! Bhai ke saamne zyada bolegi toh yeh paaro chirp karne laayak nahin rahegi muahahaha! :D

She's my successor, that's for sure. Lekin itni jaldi? Apun se voluntary retirement karwayegi yeh tiny tapori!

#realistic dreamer,

Hehehehe! True! :P

I was this close to say "Et tu, Bivasus??" when you said "Me neither". Phew! :D

Hehehehe! :P

Yeah man! The little one's catching up on my headstart! :P

Hehehehe! :P

#Blue Bike,
//If I ever play antakshari, I want this kid in my team.

Get in line, buddy! ;)

Hawwwww! Yeh kaisi x-rated baatein kar raha hai Bhai ke mandir-jaise bar mein! :O

Even I am really amazed ki seekha toh kahan se seekha? My sis is not into Hindi songs at all... that too, oldies toh bilkul nahin! Bro-in-law is more the ghazal kind... looks like Aish has her own underground sources... :)

First THWACK of the day! :/

Second THWACK! :/

DOUBLE THWACK! And one more for luck! :/

"Too cool for the skool"! Hahaha! Awesome! I should tell my sis that!

*buys more newspaper from raddiwala and starts rolling them up in preparation for encounter with Stupidosaur*

//Waise jyada zor se mat maarna. Nahin to meri scream ki gunj US tak jayegi. I don't want Aish's first home production parody to be
"Ye kon chitkal la hai..."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Dude, you crack me up! I was laughing in the bus today thinking of Aish saying "Ye kon chitkal la hai?" Hahahahaha! :D Reduction in punishment for you - one thwack less. :P

I think it was randomly playing on TV... and she just picked it up. :)

Come join the sashtaang naman party! :)

#Aequo animo,
HMMMMMPH!!!!!!!!!! See what I do!Waaaaaaaaa Aishu dekho teri mausi ko irritate kar raha hai yeh mamu! :'(

Ranjini said...

Ouch!!(that was me getting a rap on my head by the hypothetical newspaper)....BTW..thats a beautiful song...i remember seeing that on Rangoli...u know the one that was shown on Sundays at 7.00 a.m.
(ya ya - a.m. I was that crazy about old hindi songs...that I used to getup at 7 even on Sundays..:) )

rt said...

I wont say
"Sayesha, you didn't know THIS song???"


How do we know said...

this is very likely to be the first song my baby learns too... i love this song. Either this one or Aaa chal ke tujhe...

How do we know said...

this is very likely to be the first song my baby learns too... i love this song. Either this one or Aaa chal ke tujhe...

Neihal said...

I love this song too.

Stupidosaur said...

You buy them from him?
Heck I sell them to him!
He hardly pays me anything for them.
And probably rips you off.

May be I'll just give you back the ones that hit me and the ones I catch. I'll do anything you know. I am addicted to them.

Stupidosaur said...

aequo animo said...
//Sheesh bhai ,what a shame!!!

Sayesha Bhai, this bevda is spoling your name! Calling you Sheesh Bhai. Drunk hai toh kya hua! Yeh to hadd ho gayi! Give me a a newspaper quick. I'll take care of this one!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Okay bhai, I will not say ke aap ko ye song pata hona chahiye tha.

In fact, I'm proud of you that you didn't know this! :P

Shekhar said...

Ahem. ~clears throat with professor-like air~

~then looks at Sayesha with her stack of rolled-up newspapers ready by her side and gives up the idea~

Arre woh sab rehne do... me and a friend (both regulars at your bar) were walking through this mall when we saw a scantily clad mannequin..and guess what, we looked at each other and went....



If this singing and editor-like headline giving string of Baby Aish continues, I'm gonna start a Baby Aish Fan Club on Orkut!!

Sayesha said...

OH YEAH! I used to LOVE Rangoli! :D :D :D

Sadak par mil jaiyo kabhi... khair nahin teri... :/

#How do we know,

Hiiiiiiiiii! Long time no see, Neihal!!! How have you been yaar????

//Give me a a newspaper quick. I'll take care of this one!

Hahahaha! Nice try, buddy! :D


Hahahaha! After "On the roof, in the rain", this is your new thing eh? Nangu baby! Hahahaha! :D