Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A victim of location-ism

Some time ago, my friend Bananapen sent me an email with a link to a job vacancy - Localisation editor (Singapore).

"I've found the perfect job for you!" She said.

I grinned. I’d already applied for it.

Two months passed and nothing happened. Yesterday, I heard from them.

Hi Sayesha,

Thank you for your interest in Google. We carefully reviewed your experience and qualifications and while your background might be right for the 'Localisation Editor' position, we are only considering Hindi speakers who are based in India.

We wish you well in your endeavors and hope you might consider us again in the future.

Thanks again for considering Google.

Google Staffing


I am NOT feeling lucky. :/


Vijay said...

Gold and I read it too.....

Vijay said...

I think the considered person here is not considering the consideration. This is so inconsiderate!

Cheer Up!

KP said...

Very few companies respond back properly like this for the candidates they are not interested in .Nice to know Google is one among them.

PS : come back to India :)

Sakshi said...


It's their loss!

NYC Bewda said...


Woh kush kismat nahin hain jo aap ka talent ka fayada nahin utaye

PS: Bhai Calif mein apun ke Bewde mast log hain; bhole tho supari de doon kya?

Bivas said...

Oh well...look at the silver lining...If ever u plan to get back to Apna Desh...thr wud always be the option to work with Googleda!!!

shub said...

oye dummy(:P)! what would the current company do without you? :P can I come and visit the jhakaas building sometime too? Haven't seen it at all!

I know, I know the point of the post wasn't to get such comments, but let's say I was just tempted to say oye dummy! and from thereon, the comment just wrote itself! :D
Hehe...I know I'm not making sense, sorry! :)

Thisisme said...

I agree with bivas :D thats a +ve way of luking at things :)

Rebellion said...

Awwww. Hugs to you babe >:D<
Vaise, bivas has a good point there :D Cheer up babes. Of course you're lucky. After all, they want you to consider them again in future ;) They sure know what they've been missing :D

Romram said...

and I thought I could see you in person! :-(

Iday said...

Ouch! Tough luck bhai :(

Neihal said...

oh totally their loss.
so that makes them the victim, not you. :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

it's an ill-wind that blows nobody good. one fine thing outta this: sg will not eat you up for working for the "bakwaas" google.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

and i was here before lajjo.
*wobbles a tired thenga*

Dev said...

Oooh... short one from Sayesha... long time no see... how u doing?

So what, you keep 'searching'? :)

PizzaDude said...

Awwww!! Cheer up!!

On a totally unrelated note, what does "fultu talli" mean ?

Sayesha said...

Whoa! I will consider your comment about considerations when I make sense out of it! :P

True, but I'd have liked them to add the following to their email.

"Due to our internal screw-up, we ended up advertising the vacancy as one that is Singapore-based and caused worthy candidates like you to take not one but two translation tests, only to disappoint them later because frankly speaking, we don't trust you NRIs with hindi. However, should you ever return to India, we promise you a job without any test/interview immediately."

What say? :D

Heheheh... yeah yeah! Bolne mein kya jata hai? :P

#NYC Bewda,
Nahin re... Google se Bhai ko panga nahin lene ka... apun chhupega toh kidhar? Popat log searching mein ustaad hai! :P

Hehehe... yeah... we'll see :)

Abbe pick me up after work some time na... building bhi dikha denge, dinner bhi kar lenge! :)

//Hehe...I know I'm not making sense, sorry! :)

You never do, darling! ;)

You work at Google?? Hmmph! :/ Get out of my bar! NOW! :/
ps: Wait!!!! I was kidding!!! COME BACK!!!!! :P

Sigh... hota hai :)

Muahahahaha! Bhai khush hua! :D

#Girl who sold the world,
Tu yahan??? *rubs eyes*
Oye sooraj kitthe uga aaj jo tere paaon idhar mud gaye?? :O
ps: Lajjo doesn't come here anymore. Lajjo is bijji. :P

Aao thakur! Kahan they? :D I'm doing great, just got a great job, and complaining about a great one that I didn't get! Hehehe! :P

Thanks yaar! :)
ps: Fultu talli means totally wasted, dead drunk! :D

Thisisme said...

mere ko royal ignore kyu maara? :-(

Sayesha said...

OMG kuchh zyada hi scroll down ho gaya! Sorrriieeeee! :( Ab Rebellion bhi chillane wali hai! :O

As to responding to your comment, I agree with your agreeing with Bivas! :D

Sorrrieeeeeeeee to you too!! And hugs back to ya, babe! :D

Mysorean said...

Localisation Editor (Singapore) based out of India???!! Only Google can search for such oxymoronish positions! :D

Anonymous said...

all said and done, methinks it has to do with the salary requirement. a person based in india might ask for less than one already based in 'singsing' ;-).

- s.b.

Sayesha said...

I know! Must be an internal screw-up. :/

Probably... but they shouldn't have advertised as Editor (Singapore). :(