Sunday, June 03, 2007


Funny sign Viv noticed at Singapore's Changi airport this morning.
(Humour best appreciated by those who don't know Malay but know Hindi)


dani said...

hehe this is funny :)
I assume bandar in malay means city?
I'm at the moment in Kuala Lumpur, but I did not noticed such funny animal signs so far..

Shek said...

monkeys of the bus...good one

creepa said...

ailaaa...aaj to subah subah chaandi ho gayi :D ! SILVERRRR!!

and sign was damn funny..btw,wat does it really malay :D!

creepa said...

oops..okay BRONZE!

Sakshi said...

Viv has a nice funny bone unlike some ;)

Dhaval Faria said...

yeah I did notice this when I was at Singapore.

Bivas said...

=)) =)) =))

Neihal said...


I want tren ka sher. It sounds better, nahi? ;)

and I agree with Sakshi abt Viv. :)

Amit Panhale said...

Hehe...Good one...!

Tejal said...

heehee.. okhay wait.. so now i'm thinkin wich category i am in.. er..none.. it dint say bandariyaa... muahahahahaha

*hi5's to Sakshi n Neihal - i agreeeeeee folks*
:D :D :D

Rebellion said...

LOL! Viv's also got great observation. Agree totalli with Sakshi & Neihal :D

Sayesha said...

I think 'ke bandar' means 'city', but I'm not very sure :)

And did you notice the path of evolution that the two types of monkeys were directed to take? :D

It just means 'City bus' and 'City train'. :)

Hahaha! Sure sure! Yaad rakhna who made him the star! ;)



You want the sher or you wanna be the sher? :D


Hahaha! New category for you - rickshaw ki bandariya! :D


Iday said...

lol :)
Is this an ad for a mobile zoo or something ;)

Duhita said...


Thisisme said...

hahahaha.. :)):))

Anonymous said...

hmmm...matlab plane ke bandar utarke ab bas me aur train me chadenge?...wah...singapore's zoo is at the airport!

- finwizz

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

LOL, love it!!

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Awesome. ROTFL :D

Cheeku said...

Smart n funny :)

Wonder wat the s'poreans do when they read Hindi (in english script)...


Tejal said...

Bandariya? Bhai thinks of me lik dat.. *high voltage drama issstart*
bas, yehi sunna baaki tha.. no wonder bhai never visits my blog.. *sniff sniff*
Jaba Dil Hi Toot gaya.. hum jeeke kiyaa karenge??? Upar wale.. sun meri fariyaad... haye..
:P :P :P

Lalit Singh said...

but what does it mean actually??

Thisisme said...

on 2nd thots..this board reminds me of that angrezi movie in hindi...ek Bandar Hotel ke andar (dunston checks in) :D:D

ok ok..maybe i have a silly sense of humour :P:P:D:D

Sayesha said...

Hahahahaha! All modes of transport covered. The bandars get off the plane together and go their different ways! :P



Hahahaha! My thoughts exactly! :D


Hey bhagwaan.... shocking high voltage drama shuru... I apologise re... I haven't been blog-hopping in a while... weekend ko saari kasar poori karni hai, prepare to be SPAMMED!! :D

Haha! It just means City bus and City train. :D

OMG! That's EXACTLY what I said to Viv when I saw this!! :O :O :O

Thisisme said...

//OMG! That's EXACTLY what I said to Viv when I saw this!!

:D:D:D c...great minds think alike :D hehe ok ok...silly minds also think alike :D

How do we know said...


Sayesha said...

//great minds think alike :D

Hehehe... either that, or "fools seldom differ" :P

#How do we know,
?? :O

NYC Bewda said...


Viv ka jawab nahi, ke mast foto keenche

Sayesha said...

#NYC Bewda,
Areee! Mere ko koi credit nahin? Apun bola usko photos kheenchne ko, apun dala isko blog par...! Hmmph! :/

NYC Bewda said...


Ghusa nahin karne ka, Gandhi ji ne bola Viv ka photo hain tho, Viv ko congrats karo.

PS: Agar aap nahin hote woh idea unko nahin aata hain na ;)

Sayesha said...

#NYC bewda,
Chal you just saved your ass with the PS! :D

GuNs said...

If they had missed the "B", they would have made serious sense in Hindi too "Entry for trains" and "Entry for buses". [:-)].

Back on your blog after a longish time. Whats up now? Finished your MBA? (LOL, heck yeah, I read your later post).