Thursday, June 21, 2007

Taken for a ride

The problem with getting married to your buddy of almost a decade is that your 'dates' tend to be either fun or sporty, but rarely romantic. In fact, romantic dates appear kinda ridiculous and tacky.

However, thanks to my friend K's spectacular wedding gift, Viv and I were set up on a 'romantic' three-course dinner date in a cable car!

Well, it was not exactly romantic, but it was good to catch up, considering how busy at work both of us had been over the past few weeks. Of course, the bloke took work calls which made me wonder what would be more fun - flinging his mobile phone off a kayak or off the window of the cable car.

View from the top of Harbourfront Tower Two

The area for the dinner cable cars was tastefully done up.

I noticed this 'proposal cable car' with red roses, glasses of wine and teddy bears, all set up. No this one wasn't ours (thank heavens!)

Holy cow! There was a red heart hanging inside with the words 'I love you'.

They gave us a drink while we waited for our cable car.

The table set-up area

Notice the chefs hard at work?

Waiters carrying the whole table (!) with the food to our cable car

The menu

The first course - cream of tomato soup served with garlic crostini, and smoked salmon salad with mascarpone cheese - was yummy!

Off we go in our cable car with ships sailing past on the water below! It was a little scary at first, and reminded me of our bungy-jump in New Zealand earlier this year.

Other cable cars going past ours

The cable car took us all the way to Sentosa island, and then back to Harbourfront Tower for the second course. Our cable car is entering the 'cable car park' here.

The second course - it looked better than it tasted.

Towards Sentosa again - the Merlion's eyes had been lit up by the second course. It was beautiful to see the same sights but in a different shade of evening light.

And the last course - dessert and tea!

The final picture - Singapore by night. It's only when I take pictures like this that I am reminded of how beautiful the country is.

Thank you, K, for the romantic gift. Even though the only conversation we had that came close to being romantic was this:

Viv (looks down from cable car window) - Hey, you think you can bungy-jump from this height?
Sayesha (looks down) - Hmmm... Can you?
Viv (still looking down) - I think so... You?
Sayesha (still looking down) - Naah, don't think so.
(still looking down) - Really?
(still looking down) - Yup. Not by myself. Tandem with you..? maybe.


Neihal said...


I loved the conversation :P

someday I ll write what a couple who had arranged marriage talks on a date.


Neihal said...

oh and I get the GOLLLLD yagain and yagain...HA!!

I am loving it :P

*Not endorsing McDonalds BTW*

Sakshi said...

Neihal ki bachchi bataya nahi..
now let me read this..

Neihal said...

Sakshi kya nahi bataya??

ye koi batane ka hai!!



Sakshi said...

@Neihal - read and it is still mine. I am just saying, khud ka gold claim karne ke baad bataya naya post hai karke..

Sakshi said...

@Sayesha - Tandem jumping, wonly?? Wat? Bhai darela hai?

Neihal said...

and you are still complaining !!

sahi bola kisine

no bhalai ka zamana :(


Sakshi said...

@Neihal - Bhalai? Pehle khudka to gold claim kar liya.. sachchi dost ne pehle mujhe bataya hota..
*sulking in a corner*

Neihal said...

main sachchi dost hoon...pagal dost nahi..haan!!!

see how many silvers do I have after ur golds...u have atleast one....and still sulking...what for I say???

Sakshi said...

Dost dost na raha..
yaar yaar na ha raha..

Iday said...

10 comments and no one to take the BRONZE!!! This is super funny :)

I love having my NOTHING. So the BRONZE is still for the taking ;)

BTW - bhai, kya hua??? u REALLY cant jump from that height??? I doubt that!

hath mein hath dalkar jump karne ka plan tha na??? ;)

PS: I know that's a poor translation of "hand-in-hand". Cant think of anything better :)

Neihal said...

@Sakshi: ye lo ab melodrama shuru !!

*rolls eyes*


Navya said...

Hey .. that was a beatiful arrangement. And I totally agree on the romance ka downside if you get married to your friend ;).

hey viv, why dont you prove us wrong ? :->

oxymoron said...

interesting concept!

now i'm thinking, 'kisko le kar jaon', kis 'kanya' ko le kar jaon - for dinner in cable car!!! hmmmmmmmmmm...

Bivas said...

he bhagwan...yeh kya ho raha hai upar...isko poora kaa poora chat room bana rakha hai!!! 8-)... :-O

waise lovely concept abt the cable car restaurant... :-)

Nice pics...romantic date pe agar fotu hi kheenchte rahoge dono to romance kya khaak hoga!!! :P

P.S.- dat reminds me...hopscotch NZ update agle saal tak complete ho jayega naa ;-)

Arul said...


The conversation piece was funny indeed...

Sakshi said...

@Neihal - rebellion has given me the spamming crown.. now enticing gems to hand over the drama queen title..

Lalit Singh said...

bhai kaisi baat karte ho
public mein image ka bhajia-pav mat karo.... bindhaast bolne ka ki 'idhar se kya double se koodi marega apun'

Thisisme said...

arre..marryin ur buddy may not b cliche romantic..but its still the best thing to happen :-) hai na bhai? ;-)

Enigma said...

I donno which was more interesting, Sash's blog or Neihal and Sakshi's comments! Still debating...

Btw, wat counts as romantic? looking into each other's eyes, batting eyelashes, holding hands, and talking sweet nothings!!!!!!!

Maybe Viv needs to take hints ;)


creepa said... sweet hai re!
The conversation was cute u maaroed the turn frm sporty lane to romancing street..kudos! :)

Unknown said...

u actually found time to take so many photos (i counted 15) during ur "romantic dinner"??? i wonder what viv was thinking about this -"let me think of some romantic topic...oh oh oh she is taking photo of the menu card and menu card with a ship and the soup and noodles...tea..okk the tea photo came out blurry.. i think i will talk about bungee jumping now...."


Kais said...

Glad you guys had a fun time!


Unknown said...

LOL @ Neihal & Sakshi. Good sistahs, I'm proud of you, keep it up. Tho the bhai is so not gonna be happy with that :P

First of all, it was a real thoughtful gift :)
Secondly, you reminded me of my days at S'pore & Sentosa & even cruise :) :| :(
Lastly, mujhe Viv aur aapse yehi ummeed thi :P:P:P

Above all, you two had a nice time together, thats all that matters :)

shub said...

tres cool! :-) I'm glad you didn't try bungee jumping outta the cable car! ( I typed cable bar there!)

Hehe, and what did he eat? You had fancy schmancy stuff and he looks like he was stuck with aglio olio or some such!! :-) bechaara! Spore mein toh hum veggies ki waat lagi hui hai!:)

Sayesha said...

#Neihal & Sakshi,
What are you bewdis doing so late in my bar in my absence??? Lagta hai bouncer hire karna hi padega! :/

Sheesh! :D

Hehehe... :P

Kanya na miley toh var ko hi le jao! :P

Hahahahaha! :D

//dat reminds me...hopscotch NZ update agle saal tak complete ho jayega naa ;-)

*gulp* :O
*pretends she did not read it* :P


Apun honest Bhai hai, apun ka limitation jaanta hai... tabhi zinda hai! :P

To-talli agree! :P

//Btw, wat counts as romantic? looking into each other's eyes, batting eyelashes, holding hands, and talking sweet nothings!!!!!!!

Yikes! :O

Arre I did not maro any turn yaar, I seriously wouldn't dare jump on my own! :)

Hahahahaha! :D

We did, thanks again! :)

Arre toh waapas aao na second holiday ke liye! :)

Hahahahaha! Cable bar! Wottanidea!! Franchises of my bar in cable cars! WAH! Aadhe profits tujhe! :P

oxymoron said...

tsk... tsk...

Tejal said...

*eyelash flutterin* ahem ahem.. really.. all dat was utterly romantic okay.. sure Viv must b totally adorable romantic types..hehe.. n btw.. aaahhh did i jus notice it or wat??.. do u both, colour code your clothes?? gawd both wearin white n black ??????? muahahahahahhah

Sayesha said...


Huh? Kya bol reli hai? His shirt is white and blue shirt. Bewdon ko wohi dikhta hai jo woh dekhna chahte hain! :D

Just Jane said...

and a pic post brings me back at the bar!!! :D
loved the whole cable car dining idea...superb! makes me wanna come back to Sing too :)

Sayesha said...

Bewdi bar mein toh waapas aa gayi, Singapore kab waapas aayegi? :D said...

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