Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thank you for asking

hey.. hows' u doing? just wanted to check on u if u r alrite.. :) coz i got some ppl searching for 'sad sayesha' landing on my blog.. lately havent been blog-hopping so didnt catch up with ur posts. Hope all is fine.. tk care n keep smiling.

It's amazing how an email, partly written in sms lingo, from someone you've never met, can move you.

Thank you, dear, for asking. This one's for you.

They bump into you on the street
And ask - how have you been?
You know you want to say something
But you don't know where to begin.

They read something that you wrote
And ask you if you are okay
You nod your head and smile at them
What else is there to say?

When you look blue and they ask how you are
Now that's easy, it's not an art
It's when you're fine, yet they suddenly ask
Now that's the one that touches the heart.


manju said...

GOLD !!!

manju said...

Why two posts with the same content ???

Tejal said...


Tejal said...

er.. actually.. even i use sms lingo BUT i dun see wats wrong in it :((

yea sometimes strangers do touch ur hearts in a spl way of their own..
btw..loved the poem! :)

Sayesha said...

Congrats! :P

//Why two posts with the same content ???

Hehe... galti se mish-take ho gaya tha... uda dala! :D

Chal teri chaandi hi chaandi! Khush? :P

//er.. actually.. even i use sms lingo BUT i dun see wats wrong in it :((

Haha.. it's not you, it's me re. I'm the kind who spells out words like "immediately" while smsing! :P :P

//btw..loved the poem! :)

Thanks! :)

Iday said...

Nice - both the msg and the poem :)

Bivas said...


Thisisme said... nice :)

Sakshi said...

I will be offended if you did not send it back with red ink highlighting all the mistakes..
You do it to me

On a serious note, it is amazing how people who have never met you still take time to ask after you, isn't it?

Duhita said...

how would you spell immediately on sms lingo?:o

Neihal said...


long live the blogworld !!

Cheeku said...

so very true :)

sometimes all it takes to brighten a damp day is a cheery smile from a stranger... an unexpected call from a long lost friend... and a "miss u" from family tats far away...


Raam Pyari said...


why do nice things make me feel heavy in the heart types, lump in throat types?

harshad said...

beautiful...lov it!

Rebellion said...

Damn sweet. Sweet of the the person and you too, to dedicate the poem to him/her. Very beautifully written :)

To some extent, ditto to Raam Pyari but thats maybe coz we're heavy on heart and missing something :/

Rebellion said...

Btw, you haven't been active lately? Too busy with work?? Viv back? Hope both of you are doing good :)

Melody said...

From one of your newest blog buddies (well readers anyway), here's an eHug. Hope you're well.

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)


Thanks! :)

I did that to you?? When?? :O :O :O

//On a serious note, it is amazing how people who have never met you still take time to ask after you, isn't it?

To-talli agree! :)

Haha! I dunno... "asap" maybe? Or imdtly? :P :P

Hehehehe! :P


#Raam Pyari,
Arre bahinn... hum hain toh kya ghum hai yaarrrrrrrr? >:D<

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)
ps: Yeah been kinda busy at work with all the early morn and late night Boston meetings, and home comp crashes every now and then... sheesh! And oh, Viv's back. :)

eHug received and reciprocated! :P

creepa said...

how sweet :)!

Sayesha said...


Sarah Hall said...

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