Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not bad, bad guy!

I was doing my usual Youtube surfing to catch the latest hindi movie trailers when I found something truly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It's a video of Salman Khan in a stage show singing songs from his movies. Yes, I said singing, not lip-synching. And doing a pretty good job at it! He even managed a decent rendition of the high-pitched 'Tadap tadap' (which, I'd like to stress, would NOT make KK want to murder him.)

Video courtesy Romony: Youtube link

"Not bad! Not bad at all!" I found myself saying.

"Dekho dekho, Sallu can sing too!!" I told my flatmate who was busy watching TV.

The flatmate showed no interest whatsoever. I understand. We all know how insecure Sallu's muscles make all men. So the flatmate actually preferred to go back to watching 12 monkeys. Which was kinda strange, considering that the movie stars two hunks -- Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis! Guess it's because they don't go topless as much as Sallu does.

Actually, I'm not a great fan of Sallu. Though at one point in time during my teenage years, I do remember being hopelessly in love with him, I think it was after watching Hum Aapke Hain Koun. But over the years, we kinda grew apart. Mainly because of my belief that guys with hot bods are even hotter if they keep their shirt on. (Did anyone catch that movie where an incoming train is seconds away from a girl who has been tied to the railway tracks by the bad guys, and our hero here decides that he must spend precious seconds taking off his shirt before he goes to rescue the dying damsel? Sheesh!) Having said that, you gotta admit that the dude works hard on his body. Besides, there must be something to his star value and fan following, otherwise why would his movies still be hits even though his reputation has been completely ruined first by the Ash-bash, and then the black bucks and the footpath killing? His reputation as 'The bad guy of Bollywood' didn't seem to affect anything.

I watched the video twice. And I was still amazed. The last time I was bowled over like this was when I'd seen Saif Ali Khan play the guitar. I guess when you're known to be really good at one thing, we don't really expect you to be good at other things, so when we discover the other talents, we're taken by surprise. But if you're a jack of all trades and master of none, no one is really surprised even if you do a decent job at a million things.

All of us are good at many things. But there's got to be that one thing we're really good at. One that not just sets us apart, but also makes all our other smaller talents rise and shine.

So what is that one thing that you are really good at?


Sneha said...

ahh... i guess iam a jack of all trades master of none at present. will have to do a lot of exploring to find which one iam BEST at! btw, salman- he was the best in that ohow janejana song! soo adorable!

qsg said...

Well, Sallu never impressed me - but now I must go hear him sing! :)

Do like his comedy though - he is funny! :D

qsg said...

Very very good, indeed! Impressed Sash!

Duhita said...

Ooooh, not bad alright!:D How do you find these on youtube?

Bivas said...

awesome...the guy can sing!!!
i do remember the saif waala show...he with his guitar was simply gr8.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Holy crap!!! Salman Khan is really good. His voice didn't break even once!!! Amazing!!!

PSV said...

"...We all know how insecure Sallu's muscles make all men."
Who is "We" referred to here???
I think men do'nt feel insecure when they see muscular men like Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham etc.
Infact they marvel at the hardwork of these men.

Post reminds me of Kishore Kumar, who could hold his own while acting as well as singing, a true genius.

asha said...

hi sayesha

kudos to u both, i.e. to u and sallu.

to you for tracing this gem of a video and writing this marvellous post AND

to sallu, for his mind blowing performance. he has been fortunate enough to have good songs picturised on him. and it was a treat to hear him sing them so well. he sang at such a high pitch yet his voice didnt crack even once and even managed the 'dard' in his voice, which is so difficult a feat.

sallu bhai never ceases to surprise. badhiya than unka singing. loved the khamoshi song and ' tadap tadap'. Actually all of them.

thanx again sayesha

soumya said...

He is good, indeed! Not a single note off-key. Very good job. Very impressed!
Thanks for putting this up.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

abhi yeh sallu gaata bhi hai? hai ram. kya din aa gaye. :p

what is the one thing i'm really good at?
khi khi khi cannot tell here. :-)

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! That was another topless song! But yeah the Kamal-Salman combo was cool! :)

You bet! Sash is bigtime impressed! :)

Hehehe... you just go to and do a search for 'hindi movies' and then you go through the 20-30 pages of videos till you find something you like :P

Yeah, Saif was mind-blowing! Totally pro!! :)

My thoughts exactly! :D

//Who is "We" referred to here???

Sorry, no time to answer silly questions. :)

//Post reminds me of Kishore Kumar, who could hold his own while acting as well as singing, a true genius.

Kishore was in a different league altogether because he was brilliant at both acting and singing :)

You're welcome. Thought I'd share the wealth :)

//he sang at such a high pitch yet his voice didnt crack even once and even managed the 'dard' in his voice, which is so difficult a feat.

Yeah, precisely!!! :O

Thanks :)

#Ipanema Gal,
//abhi yeh sallu gaata bhi hai? hai ram. kya din aa gaye. :p

Hahahahah! Tune kya socha tha, Sallu siraf maskal man hai?? :D

//what is the one thing i'm really good at? khi khi khi cannot tell here. :-)

Hai ram. kya din aa gaye. :p

Di said...

that one thing must be talking!!! i can go yaketty yaketty yak forever .. :D..and hey u r vely vely welcome to my blog tooo... :)

Bebo said...

No! I dont think its him who is singing...noways...It is definitely lip synching. These stars and even singers of bollywood do it even for live shows. I bet.

raghu said...

i dnt like the guy.. but the vid is funny..
the only thing im gud at is phy!
btw youtube mein mera bhi vid hain!
me n my frn goin crazy.. but youtube jus rox.. da best part is u ger anime there.. wid gr8 songs.. its truly amzin.. anime rox.. shud try it out since u spend so much time on youtube!

ps:till nw the replies ive got 2 my comments hav bin :P n sheesh!
lolz.. lets c wats da reply nw

Iday said...

Pretty neat.
This guy can sing :)

//We all know how insecure Sallu's muscles make all men.
Huh!!! Whatever gave u that "knowledge" :)

satish said...


Sakshi said...

After the deer huntng incident, I stopped paying money to watch Salluji. And after the GF beating reports and the DD incident- avoid him altogether.
And the one thing I am good at --
is Being ME..
Vera difficult for other people.

Tarun. said...

Topless songs ...
U did a brave thing by putting up a sallu song but I got no plans to show any bravery by listening to songs.
Me not uncomfy about he being topless, why should I be? If he has got abs I have got flabs ...
anyways ...
One thing I am really good at is making a buble inside a bubble gum's buble I have managed to do 12 such bubbles one inside another.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Can't stand the guy but he can carry a tune! What am I good at.....hmmm.....hmm....... mostly everything I guess :)
Actually I am not sure what I am good at. Wait!!I am good at leaving comments in blogs! :)

Harshi said...

Hey felt so good to come across our Sallu and his voice...and these nice tunes, I feel refreshed from all the tiredness from my day. Thanks for posting the video! I am very surprised....I had no idea he could sing this well! :-). Ditto with me.....about falling for him after HAHK, and then growing But I like him. He has that boyish charm. I think people feel protective towards him. I feel, yes, he is perhaps impulsive...a bit brattish maybe (part of that charm?), but he has a heart.

And what am I really good at?
I really hv no idea Sash.......LOL.

Rebellion said...

He's good Sash, really good :)
I've never been a fan of him actually.

Me'z good at?? Hmmm, how about you answering it on my behalf, since you know me quite well now :)

Take care,

Lalit Singh said...


At 3min 22 secs the voice says
kyuki itna pyar tumse
whereas his lips say
kyuki itna pyar tumko


Inder said...

lalit singh aka sherlock holmes aka james bond,
that is brilliant!!! hahahah :P
one more scam to sallu's account :D

Sakshi said...

@ Lalit..
Aur kehte rehto blog update karne ko time nahi.. jasusi karne ko bahut time hai aap ke paas :)
But anyways.. brilliant

Lalit Singh said...


Thx pal

Elemantary my dear Sakshi... Waisey blog update ka to sachmuch time nahi hain.

bolo bolo
aap bhi kuch bolo...

Lalit Singh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rads said...

That was a cool find Sayesha! :) He CAN sing eh? Very impressed.

Have you heard Priyanka Chopra sing? That gilr is amazing, and Saif's guitar is impressive too. Saw them show off talent during that show they did couple of years ago.
Good stuff.

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Well, I did take a peek, did you see me? :)

#SH D,
Well apparently he is lip-synching, but I think to his own recorded song :P

How about this?
Sheesh! :P

Ah well :)

Shabash! Very aanest... I'm with you on that one I think :P

Hahaha :)

//If he has got abs I have got flabs

ROFL!!! :D

//I am good at leaving comments in blogs! :)

Hahaha! I'll give you that! :)

Yaar yeh Lalit keh raha hai ki lip-synch hai... lekin I believe he sang it first and then lip-synched it :P

You're good at being a cute little baby :)

Offo Lalit(a)ji, surf se dhulai karoon kya?? X-( Stage par chalte chalte kaise gaayega?? Aawaz tremble karegi na... that's why he recorded it first and then lip-synched to it, kaisi rahi? ;)

Lalluji is to-talli jobless! Killjoy kar diya is post ka! :D

Oye woh mera hero nahin hai... theek se post padhte nahin ho, bas 3 min 22 sec par kya hua woh pandrah baar dekhna hota hai?? X-(

Hopefully it really was him... :P

raghu said...

lolz.. do read my blog tho..

Anonymous said...

hey guys...just check the last song sallu sings...kyunki itna pyaar...
he says "ko" when the sound sounds "se"....i wonder if its a great masterpiece of lip-syncing to the tee...


Iday said...

Priyanka Chopra actually has sung a song for a Tamil Movie.
It was her debut movie in Tamil.

Anonymous said...

i likd the gal in blue..playd it again n again just to watch her..thanx sash..:D

void said...

What are you good at? :).. funny but i had written something on similar lines earlier.

Back to Sayesha's after a while and I have read up almost everything that I missed :)..

Bhaarat said...

Me Jack of all trades and Master of one. But from time to time this one keeps changing. :D. That explains that I spend time reading blogs and typing comments.

Tejal said...

well..da anonymous person rite ther made a point u kno... n i mite sound a littl stereo type but i seriouslyyyy doubt sallu has sung this piece... it strangely sounded lik Ganesh hegde, whose a choreographer n accompanies stars to such tours.. not criticizin sallu but he doesnt seem such a gud singer !!!!da tune da was too perfect for him to sing!!hehheh.. neways, nice work Sayesha!!