Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Grow up, will ya?

Hey you,

Why are you doing this again? Do you actually like torturing me or something? Do you derive some sort of sadistic pleasure watching me in pain?

Last year you made me cry buckets. In spite of that, I decided that I wanted you to be with me for life, and I meant it. I thought you wanted it too. I thought we'd sorted out whatever problems we had. But what's with this now? You're hurting me again. Sometimes I feel numb with pain. At other times, I can't even talk. I can't discuss you with anyone, not even with my closest friends. Not even with those who have been through the exact same thing. The truth is that I don't want to discuss you with them because I know exactly what wisdom they have to share with me.

I don't want you out. Do you want out?

Last night I could not go to sleep. I tossed and turned in bed thinking about you, and then decided once again that I will not give up. Perhaps I am being foolish. But I don't care. I don't think we need third party intervention at this point. We managed fine last year, didn't we? Let's make this work, shall we? One more try for the sake of all these years that we've been together?

Valued thirty-second tooth and fourth wisdom tooth of mine, I have one little request.

Grow up, will ya?

Thank you.


Sudipta Chatterjee said...


No I don't grow up

Now let me read the post!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oh... I totally empathise!!

My wisdom teeth have turned out to be horizontal instead of vertical and they are pushing big time against my other teeth... so they will all have to be extracted! :( :(

Go and get an appointment with a dentist

Deeps said...

Third {Grabs the bronze and hides it from prying eyes} :-D.

I know what you mean. I have the same attachment with my wisdom teeth, thought the dentist says that there is no space for them to grow and I have to get them removed. Nope, not until they rot!

Deeps said...

Oh I was second :-P. {Takes the silver also and hides it away in a safebox} :-D.

satish said...

No, it definitely doesnt want to get out. yeh toh bus aapki pariksha le raha hai kee aap kitna dard sah sakte ho iske liye!

enjoy in the pain, wud be my advice in this case.

enjoy!! :D

Bivas said...

much ado about a tooth ;-)
btw...lets wish a very happy budday to amitabhje 2day :-)

shub said...

err....drink more "grow-up tonic" ? Your fave Thums up from bombay cafe :P

asterix said...

usko na bhai udda dene ko mangtha hai! :)

Maverick said...

congrats bhai.. tere ko wisdom ane wali hai... :D

Iday said...

arre W-tooth
bhai se math panga lena ka... Samje!!!
idhar udhar, aisa waisa movement kiya tho - khan ke neeche bajaoonga ek!
sirf upar dhekna aur seedha straight grow karne ka...

chal bhai - sabh thik ho gaya!


Perspective Inc. said...

LOL!! Nicely done!! :)

Di said...

patha hain..wen mine was comin up it ached like hell and i tried to bear it for so long that by the time i actually went to the doc the pain had subsided by itself!! :-/

Anonymous said...

Am done with all four!!! Yayyy!!!!!! :D


Sneha said...

aah! i have no wisdom teeth till now.. i probably need to accumulate some more 'wisdom' before that happens:D

Jay said...

He he! :-)

Basanti said...

Don't even get me started on wisdom tooth thingy.. I have "Impacted Wisdom Tooth" problem, and Dentist said that I will have to get all four of them extracted! :O He survived the first time in May, but I wonder if he will be able to survive again! :P

Sigh! I hate being 31 teethed female!! :(

Chal Dhannnnooooo


Sayesha said...

Horizontal??? :O :O :O

//Go and get an appointment with a dentist

Nooooooooooooooooooooo :'(

Waaaaaaaa! :'(

Dard ki pareeksha?? Thursday Friday training sessions hain... I'm the trainer... waat lagne wali hai... :'(

Amitabh??? Tujhe Amitabh ki padi hai?? Yahan mera kabhi teeth kabhi gum ho raha hai! X-(

Lagta hai yehi karna hoga... solid foods se toh waat lag rahi hai apun ki! X-(

Nahinnnnnnnnnnnn aisa naaaa kahoooooooooooooo! :'(

Hahahaha! Naah, I have given up hope re... :P

Kaan ke neeche automatically baj raha hai, tu kya bajaayega! :'(
ps: I TOLD YOU! Baar baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho, ki dekhne ki cheez hai hamara Munnabhai... TALLY-HO! :D

Thanks :)

Man! It hurts real bad... it's been hurting since yesterday... all day... can't even eat properly... arrrrgghhh!

WHAT? :O :O :O
Jealoussssssssssssss :P

You have only 28 teeth?? But then you're only 17... you have all sorts of other pains to deal with... waqt aane par wisdom bhi aayega aur wisdom teeth bhi :D


Rula mat yaar! :'(

asterix said...

kya bhai ...aap bhi na...kya khamakha ek chirkut daanth ke peeche padela hai! udda deneka bus... sochne ka nahi bhai....

Tarun. said...

Some pains are physical,
some pains are mental,
The one which is both is purely mental ...

Bhagwan baacheye daant ke dard se.

It is the most awful thing to go thru besides a ringing/paining year ...

Wisedon tooth troubling wise Sayesha?

I thought it was a "heart breaking" story ...

Bivas said...

bole to gabbar ko le ke aaye kya...
"yeh daant...yeh daant mujhe de sayesha"
u know amitabh is looking real cool as gabbar in the new sholay ;-)
on a serious note...take some pain killers in consultation with a doc. dentists aren't all dat bad u know.

Iday said...

//Kaan ke neeche automatically baj raha hai, tu kya bajaayega! :'(
Oy! Tere kaan ke neeche nahin yaar!
Tere W-tooth ka bajaayega :D
apun hai na - sab dek lega!
tu chinta mat kar bhai!

//ps: I TOLD YOU! Baar baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho, ki dekhne ki cheez hai hamara Munnabhai... TALLY-HO! :D
Is that mind reading or did u read my blog :)
I am actually planning to see it again :D
Probably again and again.
DVD kab aayega yaar??!

Rebellion said...


Idiot, stupid, donkey, monkey, dumbo, fool!!!
That was for your post!!!

As for your pain, am not a dentist but hope you go to a real coool hunk dentist that makes you forget your pain :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

how come v dont c much of ROS, Virdi n vikram on ur blog dese was fun chattin up with praji..

Shekhar said...

:D :D :D

Bhai, pata hai kya ?? Aaj tak kisi mamu ko apun ka "wisdom" tooth dekhne ko-ich nahi mila.. ;)

dharmu said...

are bhai, same pinch. mera bhi wisdom tooth bohut natak kartha hai.
socha ki kheechke ek dun, got a swollen cheek. *hmpf*

Canary said...

i almost started crying.. and then realized wat the lines were about :p :p

Saira said...

hey nice blog!! and guess what its been 2 yrs since im expecting my wisdom tooth and its still just a corner of it that i can see..:(

bachcha said...

this reminds me of a post some time back... cant remember if tht was urs... something about "breaking up" with ur eye (or was it dentist) Dr... neways very nice way of writing ... keep it up!!

mysorean said...

God has given me full wisdom. He found that you needed some of it now! :)

But yeah, when it pains, it pains really badly.

I hope it grows up quickly!

The Lonely Traveller said...

Bhai... aap bolo to main do char bajata hoon uske kaan ke neeche...
Dekhte hain bahar kaise nahi aata turant ;-)

MCNeighbour said...

had to extract my impacted 'babies' in high school... ended up with a supremely uglified bruise on my jaw area for ages.

plus the awful memory of feeling the dentist saw a tooth in half and yanking each half out separately... man. u'll never feel normal seeing someone else hold a piece of your head in their hands. yeowch.

Anonymous said...

I knew all along the way that you were talking about your wisdom tooth :)

Dev said...

There was a curfew on in town last week after communal clashes... and I had a major toothache and I was stuck at home.... :(:(:(
Had to use clove oil to reduce the pain... waaah! :(

Which is why I'm commentin late too... :P

Anonymous said...

have lost a wisdom tooth and have turned to blogosphere

qsg said...

hehehe :)

tgfi said...

bleddy pain it is. my sympathies

Sayesha said...

Chirkut daant? Bhai ke daant ka insult! :/

You were not the only one... a few others sent me sms messages and emails cos they thought the post was about heartache, not toothache :P

//u know amitabh is looking real cool as gabbar in the new sholay ;-)

Ok don't shoot me but I thought he looked like a dhakkan :P
There's only one Gabbar Singh, and that's Amjab Khan :D

Hahahaha! I saw it in the theatre TWICE. And I can't wait for the DVD :D

Pata tha... tera yehi reaction hoga! :D

Hahaha! I miss the old hulla-gulla too yaar! But Praji is biji honeymooning I suppose... :D Viks is also busy with work... ROS and I ocassionally catch up on Orkut :)

Oye dhakkan! Tere paas wisdom hi nahin hai toh tooth kahan se aayega muahaha! :D

Wohich toh problem hai re... no kheencha kheenchi and all! I just want it to grow out normally :|

Oh dear! :O Sorry about that :P

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Hope you all get all your wisdom (teeth) soon! :)

Hahaha! Yeah, that was my optician post :P

Thanks :D

#Lonely Traveller,
Sheesh! Bhai pain mein hai toh dekho kitne haath uth rahe hain kaan ke neeche bajaane ke liye... ek baar apun theek ho jaaye... phir tum sabko ek ek karke theek karega! :/

OWWWW! :'(

Ok fine Raabert you are very smaart! Happy now? :D

Clove oil!!! Oh man!! Let me try and get that!!!!! Thanks, buddy! :D


Hans reli hai tu??? X-(
Dost dost naaaaaaaa rahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
Daant daant naaaaaa rahaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Thanks re... sign in kaiku nahin ki?

Anonymous said...

Call it lack of wisdom par mere wisdom teeth ab tak aye nahi ...

Par hoping ki aapka dard kam hua hoga ab tak :)


Sudeep said...

lol.. another one of ur keep guessing who posts..
pichli baar last line nahi padhi thi.. ab iss baar thik se padha :D

my tooth has made a small hole in my inner cheek :(

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! No wisdom teeth, no wisdom! ;)

Haan I remember! Pichhli baar kya ullu banatha tha tujhe! :P

Sankar said...

hey ...really enjoyed this post...i dont even know how this URL landed in my URL history..happened to read first few serious blogs..then suddenly when i read this post, i was thinking 'poor girl..this bloody thing does not leave anybody in peace man!!"...but the final statement brought me a real good smile...dont know if ur writing style is always like that..for me it was a good surprise...keep it up..Sankar