Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Playing a GIG

Two friends of mine from university days recently got married. To each other.

They threw a wedding party for us on Saturday night, and I was really looking foward to the grand batch get-together after what seemed like ages. But when I looked around, I was kinda taken aback. The mighty GIGs did not seem as mighty anymore. When the 60 of us had turned up in Singapore in 1998, our strength was our sheer number. The ground rumbled under us - the mighty GIGs.

Here's the history behind the name 'GIGs'. Soon upon arrival on Singapore soil, we were inducted into the IG or 'Indian Gang' - the informal ragging committee at university. They had a tradition of naming each batch, by adding a prefix to the term 'IGs'. The prefix had to be the starting letter of an offending word - that was the rule. For us, our seniors chose the letter 'G'. We told ourselves that the G actually stood for 'Great' but we all knew what it really was.

The GIGs soon developed a reputation of being the most lawless, rebellious, don't-carish batch of the IG ever, that went around spreading terror among juniors, just by their sheer numbers, and oh, by the fact that some of them roamed around campus carrying hockey sticks (and none of them played hockey). We were a constant source of nightmares for both the Students' Affairs Office and the Ministry of Education with our very casual attitude towards rules, regulations, laws and discipline in general. No batch had as many matric numbers jotted down in the black book by campus security out to find out the source of the incredibly loud noise in the Sports and Recreation Centre in the middle of the night.

In fact, when the juniors asked me how I would describe the GIGs to juniors, I'd said, "GIGs - we're the people your parents warned you about."

But we were also the most vibrant of the lot, with a mix of very different kinds of personalities.

As was written by our juniors in our farewell booklet:

"And the Lord said... "Let there be GIGs." And although not a few angels with furrowed brows asked God if He was sure of what He was doing, the Lord smiled and said, "It shall be perfect."

And so we witnessed a potpourri of brilliance, impishness, beauty, courage, ambition, rebellion, wit, sincerity, grace and brashness, all with an underlying denominator of vibrance... You will be remembered, as people of will that created their own lives rather than being controlled by circumstances, as people who left a deep and everlasting impression on a campus that will never be the same again, as the wittiest bunch of people we have ever known, and as sparks of creativity and talent that impressed one and all."

(I did not contribute in any way to the beauty quotient of my batch. I was just happy to walk away with 'the funniest girl of the batch' vote at our farewell).

We really lived it up when we were students, oblivious to how life outside campus was gonna waat-lagao us. Aamir Khan was right in RDB, "Is taraf hum life ko nachate hain, us taraf life humko nachaati hai."

Back to the wedding party. It was so amazing to catch up with guys from old days. After dinner, it was time to shake a leg, just like the old days, when we would have a 'jam n hop' after every function. I hadn't danced in such a long time, I was exhausted in no time. So I decided to play DJ for a while.

I was promptly booted off with cries of "DJ sucks! DJ sucks!" and "Kya baja rahi hai yaar?" And all I could say was, "Junta, we're dancing to MP3s playing from a laptop, what do you expect? Hmmmph! Arre rhythm toh body mein hona chahiye, music toh aata jata rehta hai. Naach na jaane, DJ sucks? Hmmmph again!"

There was a time when we would dominate the dance floor. Wherever you looked, you saw a GIG. So when I looked around on that day, I could actually count the number of GIGs on my fingers. Whatever happened to the big junta??

They were all gone. Poof. Disappeared. Especially the girls. Except for another girl and me, most had either gotten married or had moved elsewhere.

Later, the bride walked up to me and said, "So when is your turn?"

"Hahahaha! My turn?? Hahahaha! Ooops..."

"Seriously, Sayesha, now you should get married!"

"I'm not there yet, yaar. As of now, I have no time to 'become a married person'. Let me finish my Master's and then we'll see." I told her.

It's true. I believe marriage is a full time job. Or at least a part-time job. Right now, I'm already juggling my full-time job with my Master's. I really have no time or space to include something as important as marriage. So it's not that I'm not getting married now because I don't consider it important. In fact, it's quite the reverse. I'm not getting married now because I consider it too important to be fitted into a slot in an otherwise full schedule.

My dissertation supervisor whom I met today before my class, asked me, "So, how's life, Sayesha? Work, assignments, exams, dissertation... must be taking up all your time, isn't it? No life, eh?"

"No life, Sir..." I made a 'oh-so-poor-thing' face, hoping for sympathy.

"Good!" He said approvingly.

"Good??" Sheesh.

I guess that's gonna be my life this whole year.

Ah well. So that's why I am not joining all the others in my batch who are getting married at the speed of light. It's not time yet. When the right guy proposes at the right time, I will... err... coyly look at my nails and give it a thought.

Till then, let me enjoy my single life.


Deeps said...

For once I am first :-D

freebird said...

GOLD!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaay...lemme publish this comment b4 someone else grabs the gold...;-)

Deeps said...

Hmmm yeah with your studies and a job, I agree that you don't have time for marriage. And yup, it does need lots of time, even though your hubby may be all supportive in whatever you do :).

Sorry freebird, looks like I grabbed it ;-).

freebird said...

:((((...atleast i got the silver..*sigh*..(mutters something about grabbing the gold nxt time)..

Negative Creep said...

Yessssss!!! My first Bronze!!!

J'Adore said...

YAY! im in the top 10!

virdi said...

Till then, let me enjoy my single life.

okie okie... ;-) can i spill the beans??? ;-)

Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi... Wicked me...


Rohit Talwar said...


My Di got married, and now I see how busy she is, with her work and new family.. Her life has taken a 180 degrees turn!

Harshi said...

Being a part of GIG sounds like total fun :). And I swear, I have felt the same. Everyone else seems to be getting to the stage of marriage at the speed of light :). Actually, at this stage, almost half of my friends are well on their way to becoming mom and dad! Sash, sabka apna time aata hai. Sometimes, it happens to us, othertimes we have to make it happen. But for both, our preparedness is important if things are to move.

Yes yes, enjoy ur single life Sash. Totally! :) There's way too much to be enjoyed.

sinusoidally said...

It was funny reading this :-) GIG's... can't stop laughing!

Thanu said...

Marriage takes time and dedication so take ur sweet time...

Vikram said...

How can anyone get married at the speed of light? It's disobeying the laws of physics... Sab kuch samjhaana padta hai... Sheesh

That means, you are married in 0.00000001 seconds!! Man, marriage itself is freaky, imagine getting married at that speed... hehehe

Suds said...

I totally understand the commitment u need to do work, studies, exams and assignments as I am also doing my MBA. But in my case Swati has been a great support.


Drops Of Jupiter said...


Marriage is for the rest of your life, so why rush? a couple of years later is better than earlier.

The m-word is now taboo ;)

Clueless said...

Had exams going on, so been away from the comp for a while. And there've already been two new posts! :O You're quick, missy! :)

There were 60 of you when you came to Singapore? Really??? 60 only??? Wow...when I came last year, there were nearly 200 of us Indians!!! Made for one hell of a ragging session!! ;)

And awww...that farewell testimonial was so sweet!! I really hope my batch is remembered as fondly when we leave! :)

Harshi said...

hahaaha...Viks :-)

tinku said...

when it comes to marriage you talk like a bollywood queen...'marriage is not in the cards', 'I'll do so when I find Mr Right' bla bla. Oye shaadi kar le time pe and you'll be a grandma while still in your fourties, going out jogging with your grand kids. Wudn't that be cool? Now you might say why I haven't done so tho Im a few months older than you. Thats coz I'm also dealing with a bollywoodian. =))
Seriously,shaadi kar le!


viv said...

God bless the GIGs... wherever they are. I'm proud to be one!

// We really lived it up when we were students
You bet! Those were the days...

Sayesha said...

Hahaha, you beat Freebird by just a minute! :P

Oops, taken! :)

Yeah, it's getting incredibly diffucult to juggle the things in my life right now, and I'm falling sick more often than ever! :( Marriage at this point in time will probably drive me crazy! :D

Don't worry, there are loadsa golds and silvers up for grabs in the days/years (I hope) to come! :)

#Negative Creep,
Sheesh! You too joined the race?? :D

All right, so is anyone gonna talk about the post or what? :D

//can i spill the beans???

I have told you a million times and I will tell you again. No Virdi, I will NOT marry you. Not even if you were the last guy and I was the last gal on earth. Give up now! :D

True... after my sis got married, I also kinds lost touch with her... it's just different I suppose, and I am not yet ready for something like that :)

Well said. For those who have found the right people, time and space to get married, cheers! For those of us who haven't, cheers! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz.
Err... thanks? :)

Yes, I think so too! I bow to you guys to be handling it so well! :)

One big chapaat at the speed of light to you. Tujhe pata bhi nahin chala, aur tera face blue and black bhi ho gaya! :D

I guess if you're married and then decide to do an MBA, it's still okay, but to get married in the middle of studies is perhaps not a very good idea, at least for me :)

/Marriage is for the rest of your life, so why rush?

Well said, m'girl! :)

Yes, there were 60 of us, and it was considered the biggest batch of Indians to land at NTU! :D

Tu hi encourage karti hai usko, pata hai?? :)

Tujhse ek Bollywoodian toh sambhalti nahin hai, chala aaya muh uthaake doosri Bollywoodian ko marriage-advice dene! Chal chal! Hawa aane de! :D

I second that! :)

(\/)asque said...

Thanks for brining back some sweet memories :)

Kusum Rohra said...

hhmm same here my best frd got married last month and except me and three more from my group all girls are married so its like every wedding they go "so when is your turn" and suddenly i am so sure its not now, not atleast the next two years :)

tinku said...

Sahi advice to koi lega nahin..sms generation hai bhai..4 line se jyada kuch bolo to lecture lagta hai.


Sayesha said...

All right, out with it, which GIG are you?? :D

Yes girl, go for it only when you're absolutely sure. :)

Arreeee???!!! Yeh uncle kisi din mere haathon bahut pitega! :/

Rays Of Sun said...

Viks, you sound like chapaat:D

surreal reality said...

Just a couple of clarifications:-

1. Some of us who carried hockey sticks actually did play hockey. I didn't bust my ass for 3 years nor did I stay back every holiday for nothing. *hmph*

2. Some of us gave our matric numbers even after graduating. Then went back to do our masters, gave our matric numbers again. Then, graduated, and still go back to give our matric numbers to protect the hoi polloi. In a lot of ways I'd like to think of us as the "protectors".

3. Some of us do want to get married but no one will marry us. :'(

virdi said...

eh??? I wanted to marry you??? u mean me??? u mean I said that to you??? BTW did you have your H2SO4???


(\/)asque said...

>> All right, out with it, which GIG are you?? :D

One letter before 'G' actually.

well wisher said...

reading between the lines...seems like u dont mind all the masti nd dhamal of marriage...but r wary of "what lies ahead"!!??

[....I will... err... coyly look at my nails and give it a thought.]

nails ko dekhkar kyoon?? jawab naach ke dena hai ya noch ke:-)

Sayesha said...

I knew it! We're losing him man! :D

#Surreal Reality,

1. Dude, read what I wrote:

some of them roamed around campus carrying hockey sticks (and none of them played hockey)

Somehow, I don't remember you being part of the bunch that roamed around carrying hockey sticks and terrorising the CHIGs. :)

2. Hahahaha! Shaabash! :D

3. May you find her soon! :)


Aha! A FIG at Sayeshaz! :) Welcome welcome! :) And I think I know who you are! ;)

#Well wisher,
I noticed you have a tendency to try and find words between the lines in my posts. Don't. :)

priya said...

echoing ur thoughts girl!!
being single is bliss :DDDD


Anonymous said...

Hi Sayesha,
I really enjoy reading your blog. I think its very funny. Please keep it up, it adds cheer to my day! God bless take care!


amit said...

being single is bliss.....
but getting married is probably where all the fun lies :)

lil _kath said...

Marriage??hmm..why not? you should try once kawaii^_~ trust me it's fun.
Happy weekend sweetie!


Sayesha said...

Hey, long time girl! Tum kahan thi? :)

Thanks for your comment. Glad to be a part of your life :)

//getting married is probably where all the fun lies

I'm sure... but I'll take my own time to find out myself :)

//you should try once

Try ONCE? Hahahahaah! Kathy darling, I intend to try it only once. That's why gotta be very sure! :)