Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ian strikes again

My Media Ethics professor gives us a list of readings to go through before every class. Most of them are articles from academic journals, and as such, no one bothers to read them. Especially my gang.

My gang consists of the part-time students in my class. We strongly bond with one other because of our common misery - the incredibly difficult task of doing a master's course alongside a fulltime job. In fact, before every class, we ask each other, "So who went through the reading for today's class?" This is usually followed by bouts of helpless laughter. Then someone says, "Sayesha, you must have surely read it!" This is followed by more bouts of helpless laughter.

Last week, Ian pestered me so much to look up the reading for this week's class, that I had to give in. I checked it and discovered that the link to the article was an invalid one.

"Yoooohoooooooooooo!" I cried out in glee. "Now I don't have to read it!"

"What yoohoo?" He glared. "Stop grinning like an idiot and email the prof."

"Email the prof?? For what??"

"To tell him about the invalid link, you moron!"

"WHAT?? Hahahaha! You must be kidding me, Ian! I have never, in my entire life, emailed a prof about an invalid link. Sayesha doesn't do that. That's the job of the fulltimers and the class nerds."

"You discovered the invalid link, you tell him that."

"But Ian, I'm not even gonna read it anyway!"

"Why not?"

"Because I have no time!" ("Or patience" I added under my breath.)

"I heard that!" He said. "You can print it and read it in the bus/train."

"What? You know I catch up on my sleep in the bus/train! I won't be able to get beyond the first paragraph!"

"You will. I will keep you awake. Now do it!"

"You can get so mean, you know!" I sulked.

He just looked at me without saying a word. I hate it when he does that.

"Okay, fine! I'll write to him."

And I grudgingly wrote to the prof. He promptly sent me a reply to thank me and told me that he had updated the link.

"See?! Now you can go through the reading before the class!" Ian, as usual, was reading my emails over my shoulder.

"But what about my gang? The gang does not go through readings, you know? How can I let my brothers and sisters down?"

He gave me another one of his 'looks'.

"Fine, I'll read it."

The moron made me read the damn thing thrice. His logic was "The prof knows you were looking for the article, so he would expect you to have gone through it very carefully. He's gonna ask you questions on it in class! You must be well prepared!"


Before class today, I had ten minutes to spare, so I went to the library to check email. I decided to check my university mail as well (which I check like once a fortnight).

And there it was.

An email from the prof to the whole class to tell them about the updated link. And at the end of the email was the sentence.

My death sentence, to be precise.

"And oh, thanks to Sayesha for pointing the invalid link out." Merrily chirped his email.

Gosh, now everyone knows I'm the culprit.

So I enter the class, scared and ashamed to face my gang. The moment I sit, one of the gang members smiles and says, "
Sayesha, you must have surely gone through today's reading!"

I hung my head in shame.

There goes my reputation of being the class clown.

Now I am the class nerd.



Aslam said...

Look on the bright side. Which is, aah..hmm...err. Forget it. You are screwed. :)

Macho Girl said...

To be or not to be the class nerd!!! As long as Ian is around, i don't think u have a choice, do u? Damned if u do, damned if u don't!! :)

Macho Girl said...

oops.. that shud have been... "damned if u r, and damned if u aren't the class nerd!"

Sumit Tada said...
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Jeevan Baretto said...

Hmmmm. thats bad. you know wat we do for such ppl in the hostel.. we give them the blanket party.. hope u know what that means..:-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

muh kaala kar aayi! tsk tsk

American Pi said...

Out here we call them Gunners. (the people who do all the readings, who answer questions in every class)

Rajit said...

Nice post, I always thought about this, how times have changed and we face indignation for being a good students. Well written :D

sriniketh said...

Remember its Ian who is going to get u that Masters degree....Keep him happy till then. U can giv him the pink slip once ur masters is over...(I hope ur Ian is not reading this comment over ur shoulder)

Thanu said...
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Thanu said...

Ian bechara kitna kaam aata hai aur aap usee thane deto ho?

Kusum Rohra said...

you let me down sayesh... class nerd hhmmppfff *heavy silence*

BTW on the dino post the genius who came up with the soap bubble theory was me! I didn't notice that it went thru as anonymous, (one more brownie point for my genius)

virdi said...

Now I am the class nerd...

No never kabhi nahi... You are always a silly girl.. And yes always a bully... And a clown... ;-)

Aadmi galatiyon ka nahi, galat fehmiyon ka shikar ho jaata hai...


Meena said...

Lovely blog! I actually found myself reading through your archives. Wow! You've got me hooked girl!

I'm linking to you in a flash. i hope you link back to me too! ;o)

Raj said...

Its okay. Everyone would forget about it soon enough ;)

Sumit Tada said...

How silly I am!!!!!!!!!
Never thought of reading your post on Ian before commenting............even though I had read it earlier but thanx to my short-term memory had forgotten all about it!!!!!