Saturday, March 05, 2005

Thinking about thinking (or 'metacognition' if you may)

I followed a few links from a blog that I discovered yesterday. And in almost all of them, after every three sentences, I had to pop by

It made me think. When we think, do we really do so in such long, convoluted sentences filled with seven-syllable words? If a blog is supposed to reflect what we think, where along the way do these complex words and phrases creep in and why?

Are we really blogging for ourselves or for others?


Viv said...

I get what you mean! Some people seem to write so that more people would stop by their blogs and read it and appreciate them or their writing skills. In my opinion, that's not the purpose of a blog at all!

That's one reason why I haven't started my blog although I think it's a good medium of expression... coz I don't really feel in the mood to pen my thoughts... and I don't want to write just to fill space so that somebody else can read it.

Having said that, there are people out there who do blog for themselves... and that's the way it should be! Well done.

Reghu said...

to me blogging is like the bicycle that I wished for when I was a kid... not that it was a necessity, but something everyone had... but I dint want it cos everyone had it, but cos once I tried it, it felt something different... :) and then u just have it cos it is good to have :P

Sayesha said...

True... blogging itself is basic pay. If a reader out there identifies with it, likes it and endorses it, that's a bonus.

Hari said...

Its not that everybody has a blog to fulfill the same purpose of giving vent to their feeling and thoughts. There may be some people who would like to make use of their blogs to improve their vocabulary and writing skills. If that is the case then how could you expect them to blog the same way as the guy who blogs about everything under the sun, just because he feels like doing so?

Bhavya said...

I so totally agree with what you're saying here! It really puts me off if I have to consult the dictionary that often. Leads me to think that the other person is trying to hide the fact that they can't really write, behind the "seven syllable words" as you so aptly called them.