Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Don't you dare steal my friend away

I am 24 years old. Which means I am not 10 anymore. And yet, I successfully manage to get jealous of people who I think are going to 'steal my friends away from me'!

Now and then, scary thoughts haunt me.

What will happen when my friends move away? Are they going to find new friends who are better than me?

What will happen when they get married? Will I become a speck in their past?

All right, who's this new person trying to be friends with my friend? Dude, what's with the whole buddy-buddy thing? Are they closer to each other than we are? Back off, mister, I have known my friend from long before you were born! (Ok I went overboard with the last one.)

But today, as I was talking to one of my closest friends, he mentioned that we have been friends for almost 7 years now! 7 years!!! And our friendship is exactly the same! (*Touch big block of wood*) We still tease each other about the same things. We still laugh at the same good old jokes. We still exclaim "GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike)!" when we say the same things at the same time!

And I realise it's the same with every one of my close friends.

Here's to Reghu's reassurances that everything is fine.

Here's to Sinnerman's return and the special connection I have with him.

Here's to the weird nicknames that Soldier gives me every time he meets me, that make him laugh like a baby.

Here's to Viv for always being there for me.

Here's to the millions of fights that Max and I have, that make us closer friends than before.

Here's to Anshuli, for never letting me feel that she has now moved to the other side of the world.

Here's to Sandy, for her absolute trust in me.

Here's to CK for still being the adorable moron that he always was.

Here's to Smita, Reena, Sweta, Sonia, Nawab and DJ for never failing to call me on my birthday.

Here's to Bel, Radha and Arch for putting up with my antics at office.

I feel reassured.

Maybe it's true. No one can 'steal' your friends. It doesn't happen that way.

And that's the way it is.


The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Aye caramba! Aye Aye!

Aathira said...

hey!! :)
I feel that when one of ur friends' gains another friend, it jus means another friend added in ur circle of friends... jus see how many I gained in the past year!! :) and believe me, I love the way it worked! :)

Sayesha said...

True, but it may not work at times. Let's look at it this way -- if you are standing in a circle of people, and more people are invited to join in, the circle becomes bigger. Though you get closer to the ones on your left and your right, you get further away from the ones facing you.

Aathira said...

I beg to disagree!! A whole lot of it depends on the people involved in the relation!! :) *if* u are great friends, u will *remain* tht way watever happens!! If u put in jus a wee bit effort, u r certainly gonna b equally well off as before, wherever in the circle u r placed!! :)

Mebbe I can convince u better in person than jus like this! :)

Sayesha said...

Whoa! Calm down first, girl! :)

My rule is that relationships are things you can't set rules for. Sweeping statements like "This is how it happens." or "If you do this, that will never happen." work only in theory. In real life, what will happen is something you will only know when it happens. And then, all the logic and math and rules go right out of the window.

And that's why I put the little "maybe" in my post when I said, "Maybe it's true."

Aathira said...

I have made u comment and comment more eh... ;) well, I know wat u saying dear!! cos I've had my share of *bitter* experience too...

A friend who got married and I havent heard frm her ever since... thr r times when I think dint I try hard enuf to keep in touch or was it jus not meant to last?! *sigh* So almost everytime I end up trying harder and harder to keep things going the way it is now... keep the cosmic balance?! ;) So tht I wont regret it anyday thinking "dint I try hard enuf?!" :-?

The bottomline is: U do ur level best to keep it going as it is... am sure the other person wd also do so... So in the long run, we jus *hope* to retain the same balance! :D Hope u get my point! :)

cubicle said...

What!? "Moron"!?!? I deserve better!!! ^_^

Sayesha said...

According to dictionary.com:

Moron - "A person of mild mental retardation having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education."

Need I say more? ;)

Anonymous said...

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