Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Braving the boring

My company sent me for a course today -- 'Braving the challenges in cross-cultural communication'. A whole-day course on this?! And the worst part was -- the original instructor Mr Podolinsky (who I'd hoped would be a hot Russian hunk) dropped out at the last minute, and his replacements were so boring that they instantly put us to sleep!

And unfortunately, I was sitting right under the nose of the instructors. At one point in time, I was so sleepy that I had to lean over and whisper to my neighbour, "Slap me if I doze off!" Finding nothing better to do in order to keep myself awake, I started compiling a list of hidden talents that the sleepy attendees were discovering during the course.

Here goes:

Things you can do to kill time without dozing off during a really boring all-day course

- send sms messages to the persons sitting on either side of you
- practise writing with your left hand (or right, if you're a leftie)
- catch up with old random friends over sms
- pass around nonsensical notes -- the laughing will keep you awake
- think of how you would keep people awake if you were the instructor
- copy-edit the case studies
- use the styrofoam milo cups as your canvas and let your artistic side go wild
- challenge yourself -- how many times can you excuse yourself and go to the loo?
- cough/sneeze every three minutes to keep yourself awake
- cross your legs and sit on your chair in a yogic pose
- count the number of teeth you have, using only your tongue
- repeat the above to verify the number
- miss the good old office (??!!)

Sigh... what an awful and unproductive day.

I consoled myself with this -- Life is never so bad that it can't get worse.


Starbreez said...

Egads. Hey, you do that tongue-counting thing too! I think if my turn ever comes, I'll just bring the trashiest mag possible and make loud snorting noises while flipping through it. Or mebbe the instructor will be that hunky chunk of russian hunk? Erm.

rt said...

hey thats just not only for a whole day course ..
well its worse wen u r attending classes in college and u r not allowed to use mobiles :(
well I am famous for dozing off right under profs nose..
dunno how I am able to do that but u see I cant control that.. :)

Anonymous said...

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