Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Technique, or rather the lack of it

We played tennis on Suntec City rooftop on Monday. It was sooooo windy that the tennis balls on the courts were rolling all over the place! It was awesome, we really felt like we were on top of the world! We played for two and a half hours straight, but we did not feel tired, possibly because the wind was not allowing us to sweat.

Starbreez sent a ball flying into the rooftop swimming pool and it almost hit a swimmer, giving him a view of a different kinda 'underwater world'.

We paused the game to laugh.

Joy and Bel said that my serve had gotten better. But I was suspicious when they christened one of the walls after me.

Maybe I should try squash instead.
We paused the game to laugh.

Today, we played badminton at Hougang Sports Club. The badminton racquet felt so light compared to the tennis racquet, I couldn't even play properly for a while. But we enjoyed it so much, we played past the hour we had booked the courts for, till the guy who had booked the next slot turned up and started giving us funny looks. We were up for an out-of-court settlement, but then we got hungry and wandered off.

Jose said that I had very good control over my game. But every time he smashed, I would panic at the last minute and catch the shuttle with my hand.

Maybe I should try cricket instead.
We paused the game to laugh.

I love tennis and badminton. I do not know the rules. I play with zero technique.

And I still maintain that it's the senseless laughing that gives me more exercise than the sport itself.