Thursday, June 16, 2011

For cryin' out loud

Xena has been home for about 3 weeks and I believe I have deciphered most of her cries. Here's what I think they mean.

1. I'm hungry!
2. I'm hungry! Again!
3. I'm hungry! Again! (Don't give me that incredulous look. I'm a baby, what do you expect?)
4. I'm sleepy.
5. I need a diaper change. Not that I have done anything, but I would like it changed, thank you.
6. I miss my papa, is he working late today?
7. I don't care if it's 3 am. I want to be held.
8. I'm bored. (Of course we newborns get bored!)
9. I just sneezed/coughed/farted/peed/pooped/burped/puked so I need to cry.
10. I can't believe you left the room; I was only pretending to sleep!
11. Are you guys laughing at me?!
12. Please change the playlist. I can't take it anymore.
13. Please stop singing, mommy.
14. You, papa, should never sing. Ever. You don't even know the lyrics to nursery rhymes!!
15. Please don't address me by that ridiculous nickname. How will I show my face to my baby friends??
16. Why is everyone around me sleeping?
17. Please don't make me wear this. Contrary to what you think, it is not cute.
18. No camera, please.
19. Hello??!!! A phone camera is also a camera!!
20. Please don't touch my hair, you're messing up my 'do.
21.The swaddle is either too loose or too tight, I don't know which one it is.
22. Take off the swaddle, I want to sleep without it!
23. You put me to nap without a swaddle?! Of course I'll wake up in 30 seconds and cry!
24. I am a very busy person and I just had a long, tiring day.
25. I started crying and I don't quite remember why, but I am a girl of principle and hence I shall continue crying.


Yamini said...

This is super duper cute... You can parallely start writing a baby blog too... Xena's perspective :D
So figuring out the reasons why Xena cries took you a decent 3 weeks.. Great. you are an understanding mom and Xena is so lucky to have you :D

Angelsera said...

hear hear!! or shd I say whhaah whaaah?
Good list :)

mythalez said...

"look! who's blogging!" (on that lines of that movie :P)

neers said...

hahah..adorable!! said...

my fav - "Please don't touch my hair, you're messing my 'do." .... lol

Technofun said...

ha ha ha... yeah ..she is a baby..she has got every right to cry

alpine path said...
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alpine path said...

Loved the last one... I totally agree with her! Atta girl!!

Raam Pyari said...

lols! Xena is such a rock star! :P

Loads of love to both mommy and baby!

Arun said...


Is there a "I want my eyebrows plucked?" :) and "Don't spoil my Persis Khambatta look?"

Arun said...

याद दिलाओ कि गुंडी रोती नहीं, रुलाती है !

Alice said...

Hahaha... the 25th one is AWESOME.

Kanan said...

These are fun! Looks like you've nailed them all. Your post reminded me of this video.

What awesome communication skills does Xena have.. very impressive.

How do we know said...

i totally agree..and love the last one best.

Diya Kannan said...


Sandhya said...

Ha ha...this is really hilarious. Yep, yep, babies have their own opinions. It is amazing how a baby who is just 1/4 of the size of an adult manages to control all the adults at home.

Sandhya said...

Oh when i mentioned about the size, I did not refer to Baby Xena. I meant babies in general.

DK said...

Good one Sash...I can totally relate all of these to my baby...there's another..why are you massaging/bathing me...plz give me my cannot see me naked!!

Reflections said...

Lolz.. Its hilarious Sayesha...
You and baby Xena rock!!!!


Urs....Jina said...

LOL..I totally love the last one. Ofcourse she is a girl of word and great courage- Why s momma giving her a tough time keeping up with it..;)

Kavs said...

oh my god - this is so cute!! And with your writing, this is just the height of cuteness. :)

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

ROFL!!!!! muah! Rock on to keep Sayesha awake more Xena!! :D

nachu said...

First time in your bar...errr, blog. Just loving it :) especially your zeal and the way you look at the world...

And Xena is just soooo lucky to have you... She is such a fighter and so are you and Viv.

Im sure Xena is keeping the bhai on toes. Soon Xena would be blogging about Mom bhai and your ignorance just the way u hv done in "Meet the parents" :)

Kais said...

Hey! I haven't been on your blog in ages. But I decided to randomly check in and WOW...I find you knees deep in grown up stuff and handling it like a pro! :0

Congratulations on becoming a mom!
If early indications are anything to go by, Xena is going to grow up to be one serious goonda.

- Kais

Arun said...

Father's Day greetings to Xena ke Baap! :)

Swathy said...

Haha, all in all.. every emotion is communicated through "unge,unge.." (** wait.. does she cry sob,sob, sniff sniff**).. XENA: we love you!! :)

Sudeep said...

:) this was funnier than the visitor search words list

Looking at 14th point, how comfortably you have put your own words into Xena's mouth :P

Raam Pyari said...

bahin! time for another xena update!

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :) I am sure Xena will start her own blog soon! ;)

Thanks. :D


Thanks. :),


alpine path,
Thanks. :)

Raam Pyari,
Thank you! >:D<

Hahahaha! Persis was indeed one hot bald chick! :D So was Nafisa Ali, yeah?

LOL at the hindi statement! Pehle royegi phir rulaayegi. :P

Thanks! :)

Thanks for the video link!! I had not seen it before! The "neh" one is true. Will try and verify the rest. :)

How do we know,
Thanks. :)

Diya Kannan,
Thanks. :)

I agree... Xena has EVERYONE at home wrapped around her extra small pinky!! :)

LOL @ privacy! Poor baby! Hahaha! :)

Thank you. :)

Thanks. :D

Thank you! :D

Hahahaha! :D

Welcome to the bar and thank you! :)

Heyy duuuude!!! Long time no see at the bar and otherwise!!! How have you been? Me, I'm ok. Lots happened but yeah, generally ok. :) Thanks for dropping by the bar! :)

Thanks! Would you believe it, I did not do ANYTHING on Xena's behalf for Viv? It just didn't strike me that we should be celebrating Father's and Mother's days now... hahaha! :P

Thank you. :)

LOL! Apun pakda gaya huh? But it's true, he can't even keep the lyrics of nursery rhymes straight!! :O

Raam Pyari,
Sher ke muh khoon lag gaya huh? :P

Dishita said...

Nice one.

Sayesha said...

Thank you. :)

shIrIn said...

hey...tht was dam cute and hilarious...i guess you have deciphered a real complex code...:)

had a really good time at your blog and would like to invite you to mine...

do visit. :)