Thursday, March 25, 2010


Oh dear. Not another one.

The latest to join this series:

"Reason why the candidate quit the last job: To have more time to concentrate on her Master."


Dinesh said...


Alice said...


Well, not much to say other than silver :P

Anonymous said...

cats don't like to work anyways...

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

ok henceforth all "master" jokes banned in the bar. (dont give me that "this-is-my-space-i-can-write-what-i-want" crap :D)

Sayesha said...




Joke? Joke?? Kisi ke career ka sawaal hai! And it's a joke to you??? :O
PS: this-is-my-space-i-can-write-what-i-want :D

Arun said...

If India had given the world the modern university so that the names of degrees were in Hindi (or better yet, tapori :), what would the equivalent of bachelor's and master's be?

Reghu said...

cant be an error or typo if they genuinely think that's the right spelling, right? :P

Arun said...

The candidate must have bought one of thosse "Must-Have" dresses, hence the request for concentration!

~ Lopa said...

:D :D :D

Concentrating on master is important, indeed !
:D :D :D

Sayesha said...

Is that a trick question? Does it have a dirty answer? Hahaha! Ok ok out with the answer! :D

I guess so... I feel bad for the candidates because their resumes are all right, just the summary done by the employment agencies can seriously reduce their chances! :O


Hahaha! Just yesterday I asked Viv, "If the Master would allow, I'd like to buy some dresses." LOL! :D

Stupidosaur said...

What Sanchit said still makes perfect sense

PizzaDude said...

Hehe! I have observed that many people here pluralize stuff when not necessary and do not when necessary. Case in question: My big boss at work.

Arun said...

Alas, Bhai, I was hoping your creative readers had the answer.

But "kunwaaraa degree" is giggle-worthy, no?

Sayesha said...

Huh? What did Sanch say??


Creative readers are too fultu talli. :) Kunwaaraa degree? SHEESH!! :D

Arun said...

Brahmachari Degree?

N said...

Arey theek hai, work life balance nahin ban paa raha hoga ;D