Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hum Hindustani

I have discovered a new Indian eatery near my office that serves the most awesome chapatis ever. Now there are plenty of Indian places around my office, but this particular place feels very strangely... Indian. 'Indian' Indian. If you know what I mean.

I haven't been able to tell if it is because the owners and waiters speak perfect Hindi or that they play Lata Mangeshkar oldies or what. They have chairs outside where most people sit, but I usually sit inside because that's where the music is the clearest, and the owner sits there so I can chat with her if I am eating by myself. The problem for the waiters is that something they forget that I sit inside and can hear all that they talk about.

Today, as usual, I was sitting inside having my lunch, when the waiter walked in and passed some money to the owner. She asked, "Kaun sa table?" Before he had seen me, he had blurted out, "Woh baahar jo buddhi baithi hai..." and then suddenly spotting me, turned red and said, "Matlab woh baahar jo lady..."

Yup, distinctively Indian.


Technofun said...

GOLD...yeah..I m becoming rich this days :D

Ritu said...

Wonderful! Loved this post

Technofun said...

Its hard to find restaurant which has got good(friendly) customer service in India...Macdonald try too hard but their smile looks robotic...

Will have to wait some time to check it out

nidhi said...

woah...seriously??? on 2nd thoughts, but of course :)

~ Lopa said...

I know when we were kids and will go to wedding or some suhc function where all grand-pa likes wouls be sitting and discussing their business wearing those boat shaped hats / cap who wont allow us to do any mischief, we used to utter anything comes to our mind.... we call "boat" "navdi"in our language and so we had a code language for them "those navdi's wont let us play"... :P

Taurus Girl said...

Nice post...
And which place is this??
Btw, no one called silver... :D

Achu said...

awesome!!! :D

rt said...

ha ha! :) hum aise hee hain?!! ;)

manju said...

I remember a very similar place when I was working in Singapore at Changi Business Park. I am not able to recall the name now :(

Dil se said...

:-) Very true !!
You can spot a distinctively Indian among hundreds of others within 5 minutes of them saying/doing something !!
We have "that something special" in us :-)

Angelsera said...

wat the name of this place?? location? so tt can go n try..

Sayesha said...


Thanks. :)

Yeah, the customer service in India is very funny. But it's nice to see them trying. :)

Hahaha! :D

Hahahaha! :D

#Taurus Girl,
It's this tiny place near my office. :)


Absolutely! :P

Ooh you were at Changi? I was there for a few months too. :)

#Dil se,

Uski dukaan band karwaani hai kya? I really like the chapatis so I will not disclose their name here. :P Come over to Bugis sometime, we'll go. :)

Angelsera said...

bhai, def will take up tt offer!

Sayesha said...

Cool, will email you, we can go there for dinner sometime. Lots to catch up too! :)

Sanchit said...

once a desi, sada a desi.. :P

N said...

And what will they be talking about you? Woh jo ......?