Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boy, interrogated II

"You know... this guy [name of guy]... he hit a car today." Viv said.

"OH MY GOD!!!" I was horrified. I knew the guy. He was in Viv's cricket team. "Is he all right? How did it happen? He was driving to the match???"

"Oh he wasn't driving." Viv said.

"Oh! So you meant to say that a car hit him?"

"Oh no no. He hit the car."


"He was going for a sixer."

"Oh! So he was batting!"


"So it was the ball that hit the car?"

"Yes. The ball went high up over the fence and hit the car."

"Oh my goodness, was there an accident???"

"Oh no, no accident."

"So the driver managed to avoid the ball?"

"Oh there was no driver in the car."

"Err... So it was a stationary car?"

"Yeah, it was just parked outside the cricket ground."

I took a deep breath and exercised a lot of self-restraint not to find the nearest wall and go thunk my head on it several times.

"Please tell me at least the ball smashed the windscreen?" I asked.

(Hey, don't give me that look. Yes, I was desperate to find anything, anything, to make this 'story' worth my while.)

"Oh no, it just hit the front of the car and bounced off."

Long pause.



Geomon said...


Stupidosaur said...

chhoti chhoti batein share karne se hi pyaar badhta hai...

Think how romantic it is that Viv shares small stuff like this with you ;)

I'll go thunk my head now...

Stupidosaur said...

I hereby claim the silver lining. Yay!

Shaiz said...

Five points to Viv :P

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

ROTFL!!! Viv, please start blogging! Puuuhleeeeease!!!

Dil se said...

I second Porkodi :-)
Common, now don't me you don't love these conversations :-)

aj said...

well, i got what he mean in 0.2 seconds. how long did it take you?you gotta come down to our (guys) frequency to understand us.

Reminds me of an interesting scenario.

My classmate had been missing from college for a couple of days. When he got back he said he had gotten in an accident in his new bike cos he skidded off the road trying to avoid hitting a stray dog.

Here are the different type of questions he was asked.

Group A: Dude, is your bike okay? You should have run over that mutt! Damn dogs!!! Show me the scars dude, awesome!

Group B: Is your bike okay man?

Group C: Is the dog okay? Are you sure you didn't hit it? Did the dog limp off on one leg? Oh poor creature!

Group D (only one member): Are you okay? I tried calling you. Always pray to God before you get on the bike. You are lucky it was a minor accident.

Any guesses on who is who?

crapcorn said...

LOL...I am an Arien too and I can very well understand ur "errrrrg" situations while communicating with earth signs(Virgo, Capri, Taurus)!!!!:-):-)

crapcorn said...

LOL...I am an Arien too and I can very well understand ur "errrrrg" situations while communicating with earth signs(Virgo, Capri, Taurus)!!!!:-):-)

manju said...


Tejal said...

Virtual high five to Viv!
:D :P

gugun said...

LOL, poor wall.

It would never have known what hit it :P

rt said...

unbelievable incident huh!! hitting the car...
...think thunk thunk!!

Sayesha said...

Thunks! :)

Hahaha! Happy thunksgiving! :D


Maybe he has a secret blog that we dunno of? :O

#Dil se,
Actually I do. :)

A: 'Manly' man friends
B: Regular man friends
C: 'Girly' man friends.
D: Mommy. Or uber-religious girlfriend.



Sheesh! :)


Thunking away, my friend, thunking away. :)

moi said...

Viv still remains the same!! lol ;)

aj said...

You are correct!

except girly man friends were just girls and one amongst them was the overly concerned one.

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... he so does. Amen. :)


N said...

He just wants to build the curiosity of his poor wifey dear....the mongoose...the car :D