Thursday, November 26, 2009

Settled down or settled for?

The Bhai sends a BEEEEEEG (word courtesy the Baby Aish Dictionary) apology to the bar and bewdas for suddenly going underground. I am now in India and would like to conveniently place the blame for the lack of posts on a certain individual who goes by the online (and offline) name Urv (more details on that will be in another post).


So my sis, Jeeju and baby Aish had to make a sudden trip to India a few weeks ago. My Dad immediately called Viv and me up and asked us to rush down too. "This will be a great occasion!" He said. You see, Jeeju and Viv had never met each other. Jeeju had not been able to make it to our wedding; in fact, this trip was his first to India in a decade. Dad had just retired a few months ago and having his entire family at the same place at the same time was indeed a very special occasion. So Viv and I rushed down for a quick holiday, first with my folks and then his, and also to visit other relatives in the area. 10 days, 5 cities. Only we know how we are doing it.

After years of living in the houses provided by his bank, Dad has finally moved to his own home. I had seen the place only once or twice but never properly. Now was the time to really explore everything that Dad had collected and stored over the years. Ancient cartons were opened and our childhood memorabilia were put on display. Some of them were rather touching, and some were just plain hilarious. I found my opinion diary from when I was in Std. V (1990) and the first one to write in that had been Mom. Viv was reading it and he suddenly burst out laughing. Then he went and showed that page to Jeeju who also burst out laughing. All of us crowded around curiously to see what the two of them were laughing at.

In the section 'My aim in life is:', Mom had written, "To get two brilliant sons-in-law."

Jeeju looked at Viv, grinned mischievously and then said to Mom, "Well, what can you do now?"


manasi.mulye said...

Gold! That too for the time.. I ever commented..WOW!!

manasi.mulye said...

Back to reading the post..!

Deepa said...

HAHAHA...good one...
and I claim Silver :-)

Hpe u had a blast in India...

manasi.mulye said...

Hi Sayesha,

Your mom is such a simple, loving and caring lady.. :)) and a achiever tooo.. :))

Missed your presence dear.. keep writing

Lots of luv,
Your avid reader..M

Dil se said...

I guess that is every mother's dream, isn't it, not realizing what choices her daughters will make !!
Hope you are enjoying your trip in India. Me too coming there soon :-)

Love said...

it't funny to see how the parents' minds work... when the comment was written, you were only in class V?!! heh heh heh....

mythalez said...


I remember that the last time you were in Bangalore, I was too!

and this time you are in India, and I have just come to India too :D

enjoy the golgappas!

~Lopa said...


so cool :)
I have seen this mom are always so much dreaming about their brilliant Son-in-laws...hehe

Swathy said...

wow, must be a brilliant moment!
the whole family together!!
lucky you!

Swathy said...

studio jake full - family photo khichvana mat bhulna bhai!

Thousif Raza said...

that was really funny, as always :)

have fun here

take care and kep writing........

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

LOL .. That was a hilarious moment :) Hope you have a great time in India, with the whole family around :)

Anonymous said...

Love the title of the post too! Hee hee!

Sanchit said...

... mothers... !!! :)

Maryum said...

just shows from where u got ur awesome sense of humor and ur desire to acheive what u aim for;)
and as u have written after ages and i have enjoyed it throughly i m going to claim diamond..
enjoy ur trip

Stupidosaur said...

//Baby Aish Dictionary = BAD.


So Urv, what are you up to???

Sayesha said...


Thanks! I am having a great time! :)

Thank you! :)

#Dil se,
Enjoy your vacation!! :)

Hehehe... :P

Yeah I have been having golgappas almost every day! :D :D :D

Heheh... yeah, moms will be moms! :)

Yeah we took a full family picture!!! :D

Thanks! :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks. :D

You said it, bro!
PS: Did you get bhayankar hiccups a few days ago?? We were talking about you! :D

Thank you! :)

Yep, it is! :) I learnt a lot of B.A.D. words during this trip! ;)

N said...

Where in India are you from? Your mom is so adorable!! This just shows how naive she is :)

Tejal said...

awww so cute ;)
yea brilliant sons-in-law toh she got *smiles proudly at Viv*

Sanchit said...

umm... so u guys were the culprit.. B-)

Urv said...

Bhai, yeh to aapne bhare BAzaaR mein sab ke saamne iss bewde par ilzaam laga diya

Maaf kar do Bhai. Maaf kar do. BEEEEEG waala PLEEEEZ :)