Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Remember me?

"Hi, what's up?" Said my sister when I called. She's in India now, along with bro-in-law and baby Aish.

"Yeah hi, etc." I said. "Does she still remember me???"


"Does Aish still remember me???"

"Of course she does!" said my sister.

"Are you sure? Are you very sure?"

"Sigh. Again?!"

Yep, my sister thinks I'm being paranoid.

"She just met you like two weeks ago. Why would she forget you? Why do you keep asking that??"

"Because she's only three. Because she's only going to see me once a year (if I'm lucky). Because she's constantly surrounded by new people and new things. Of course she'll forget me." I lamented.

"Trust me, she won't. She talks about you every day."

"Really? What did she say today?"

"Well, I was using your face powder that you'd left behind, and she yelled at me."

"Hahaha! She yelled at you?! What did she say??"

"She said, 'Mama, put that back! It's not yours. It's Mausi's!!'."

I beamed.

Not just at how Aish was learning to throw back the words thrown at her, but at the fact that she remembered me.

And that she stood up for me and my face powder.


shub said...

And I just got off the phone after talking to my 3 year old handful!

How do we know said...

Hail Face Powder! Lucky mausi!!

nits said...

unclaimed gold... for the first time... :)

Meira said...

They grow up to worship you!:) these nieces and nephews

Taurus Girl said...

So cute!!... :D
Damn it, i missed the gold.. silver it is... :)

Art said...

that is so cute

~ Lopa said...

hehehe sweet....so sweet :)

Titaxy said...

how sweet! :-)

Sanchit said...

:) sweet

Pujya said...

i remember when I had to move out of my sisters house after staying with her for seven months. I was so sad because of the same reason that my niece (avani) will forget me.
So when I called after couple of days and she told me 'Mausi I like you' i was almost in tears. and I told her back 'i like you too' which she understood as 'i like you 2' and thus we went on 'liking' each other till 13 that's when my sister took the phone from her.
And its 4 months now i miss her so much. and every time i talk to her she tell me i like you mausi :) And we still play the liking game.

Thousif Raza said...

:P nice one

take care and keep writing...........

As I write said...

Thats so sweet. See, next time she will associate you with the powder you left there :-)

Ashwin said...

Of course the Tiny Tapori had to take a stand. How could she forget bhaigiri ka rule number one: Bhai ke liye kisi se bhi panga le lene ka.

Neha said...

Awwwww..These little words, these little steps, these thing they do. Just touches us and remains with us forever. Thats what makes them so special :)