Monday, October 13, 2008

No joke, this. :|

Okay, here's a really really bad one from Viv.

The disturbing part is not how bad the joke is, but the fact that some of you Bollywood-savvy bewdas may actually get it.

Q: What is common between these two individuals?

Highlight the part between the * symbols below to see the answer.

*Both are moon workers. Neil Armstrong and Leena Chandavarkar*


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I just wanted to say GOLD. i didn't get the joke.

Nidhi said...


I also didnt get the joke :(

Nidhi said...


Ab samjha.... Leena ChandaWORKER :D


Typical Viv type joke hai bhai ye to :)

Nidhi said...

I claim BRONZE too !!! :D

Prithi Shetty said...

toooo muchhh :))

Sanchit said...

am clueless :-?

Unknown said...



Kanan said...


A post about Viv that can't be tagged Viv-acious. :(

journeycalledlife said...

sayesha, i was always amazed by your word association/twisting ability (example genelia) but after this i am a FIRM fan of VIV...sayesha ask viv to create his own blog so that we get such "heere" every day!!!!!puhleeeeeeez.........

GG said...


Kanan said...

Is it just me or I see more and more people around who are now thinking like our friend Stupidosaur, including myself? *thinking*

Koi Pahailee said...

i honestly did not get the joke...
then re re read and to my disappointment, i still did not get the joke
then i went on to comments and had it not been for Nidhi, I would have still be clueless...

btw....where is the bollywood poll result?

Prats said...

WHAT???? I didn't got a joke for a full minute even after reading the answer...

anshuj said...

I got the joke. No really, without even looking at the answer.
Great minds think alike !!!

Bivas said...

Absolutely Brilliant :D

gunjan said...


santasizing...Fantasizing said...

bhai...viv should start writng a book on Viv'isms..
its gonna be a best seller..i tell you!!
awesome..i have laughing for a long time now..:D

How do we know said...

OMG!i dont believe this!!! There should be a book with these jokes. They will be used as Chinese Torture ;-)

Revs said...

For a minute i was like eh??? whats that??
Viv bhai!!! you are so dude!! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, I guessed the joke by looking at the pictures. I guess I know my Bollywood and General Knowledge well.

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Girl,
Yeah I modified the answer to make it more understandable. :)

Wah! And I was telling Viv that maybe the 20th commentator will get it! :P


Modified answer. Ab dekh. :)

Ishhh is the word indeed! :D

I will quote from an old Bollywood movie...
Bhala hai bura hai jaisa bhi hai...
Mera pati mera devta hai


Hahahaha! He doesn't want his own blog. He just wants to hog attention on mine! :/



#Koi Pahailee,
Haha! :)
The result is there! It's Partner.

Hahaha! :D

Sachi?? :P

I was sure you'd have got it without reading the answer! :P


#santa fanta,

#How do we know,
Chinese torture?? LOL! :D


Arre wah! Shabash! :D

anantha said...

Actually I thought of Michael Jackson immediately as an addition to the list. Cos for some reason I thought her name was Leena Chandawaker.

You get it? Neil Armstrong - Moon walker! Michael Jackson - Moon Walker! And Leena Chandrawaker!

And with that thought I wondered if I had outdone myself. Sadly not so much. My only excuse - as a Tam I never watched old Bollywood movies on TV.

Kanan said...

Oh oh! no no I didn't mean to be mean... :P actually Viv's been unique from long long ago because we all have known him before our wordy pal came to the world of blogging. And how can I ever forget anda-z apna apna!? ;)

rt said...

hats off to the sense of humour!!