Sunday, October 21, 2007

The key(s) to his success

Just when I thought that the most incredible thing about Adnan Sami is the massive amount of weight he has lost, I was in for a shock. A pleasant one, but it was a shock nevertheless. If that makes sense.

As many of you probably know by now, I spend my weekends writing books for children (and here come the "Bhai, future generation ko barbaad kyun kar rahe ho?" jokes) and during writing-breaks, Youtube-ing to keep myself updated on the latest in the Indian music scene. It was during one of my crazy Youtube-ing rounds (I had exhausted all videos of Shekhar dammit!) that I came across this gem. "There she goes again!" I hear my friends who are fed up of my particular fondness for Pakistani musicians and my crazy raving about them (by the way, have you heard Atif Aslam's "Kuchh is tarah"? It's a killer, that song. A killer.) but I just had to share this!

Watch him (Adnan, not Atif) as he matches tabla player Ustad Fazal Qureshi (Zakir Hussain's bro) beat for beat, pause for pause, in a piece played so fast that I swear if you step away from your computer and just listen to it, you would think it's a santoor (or even a sitar at times) playing, not a keyboard. And if you step back on to your computer, you will notice that his fingers seem to be treating the musical keyboard the way we treat a computer keyboard. And he's so chilled-out the entire time he's playing, he actually has time to look up and casually flash cheeky smiles at Ustad Fazal Qureshi. I made Viv listen to it (yes, I keep him in touch with music, and this is what I get in return. Sheesh.) and switched off the TV while F1 was on (oh the horror!) and played it three times over.

I knew the man was talented
(Adnan, not Viv) but I was so not prepared for this. Absolutely stupendously enthralling.

The man may not be big anymore, but his talent sure still is. And boy, aren't we all glad about that.


Unknown said...

'Kuchh Is Tarah' is simply awesome. For that matter, most of Atif's songs are :)

Unknown said...

and yeah, that was a great video!

Sakshi said...

You turned off TV when F1 was on?
Rolls newspaper and delivers a thwack.
This is the best F1 in 21 years.. three drivers close together in points, who ever wins wins the championship.
ANother thwack.

Oh btw - thanks for the video.

[now going back into hiding fearing bhai ka haath- which is like a khamba]

shub said...

oh the horrors? Tsk tsk, it's okay, twas only the qualifiers. For a second you had me going :O

Paradise lost said...

it was a pleasure watching him play!

fee said...

wow! thanks for sharing the video with everyone...gosh i didnt know what to be more shocked at..the new adnan or his amazing talent..either!!

satish said...

abe main yeh nahi likhunga toh aap disappointed ho jaaoge.

kyun kar rahe ho future generation ko barbaad???

And for a change, its not a joke bhai. srsly. kyun?

satish said...

ab* (bhai abe likhne kee jurrat kabhi nahi kar sakta main. u know tht.)

Bivas said...

I saw this episode of Indian Idol on the telecast day...amazing...
I remember seeing him play the keyboard on some Filmfare awards function long time ago, and they mentioned at that time that Adnan was the Fastest Keyboard Player in the world...not sure if that record is still held by him...but the talent is awesome for sure :-)

Navya said...

Hi there. Am back here after a long break during which I shifted my base from India to the US. Youtube is what makes me feel home sometimes, with its updated videos of the shows on TV which I used to watch with family back home.....

Adnan is like a phenomena. I swear! Here are a couple of more vids on 'other' talents of talented ppl. I just CAN NOT stop raving about Sonu nigam.

And about the 'hot topic' .... haayyyeee, the gentleman with the killer smileee !! *sigh*

Life Unordinary said...

Thanks for the clip....would never have seen it otherwise.

Thisisme said...

needless to mention...i m an adnan devotee :D
i loved him when he was just a musician and a singer..and i love him even moreeeeeee when he is all that and also lost weight and luks soooooo cute...:)))))))

Sudeep said...

thnx for sharing this.. better than watching those 3 kids sing


was trying to match adnan's pace on the keyboard..

Sayesha said...

You know, when I was in Pakistan I bought a lot of his CDs, but I never really liked any of the songs except Kuchh is tarah?? :)

Tera thwack kitna pathetic hai... Bhai ka baal bhi banka nahin hua... kyunki she already has banka (curly) baal... hehehehe! :P :P :P

Heheheh! :P


You said it sister - either way, wow! :)

Ufffffff! :/

//u know tht.

I know that. :)

Yeah I think I read that somewhere too, but wasn't sure it was Guiness or something else. :)

Hehehe! I had blogged about that Sonu video some time ago! :)

My pleasure. :)

I knew you'd be here! :D

Hahahahahaha! That was a terrible tune!!!!! :P :P :P

Unknown said...

U went to Pakistan? How come?

Unknown said...

I have seen Atif performing was awesome :)

You don't even like 'Tere Bin'. I think that was the song that popularised Atif in India.