Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tag along

Wendelin had tagged me some time ago. Sorry dear, for taking soooooo long, it's been a crazy week!

But here I go!

Here are the rules:
1. Players start with 5 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 5 random facts.
3. Players should tag 5 other people and notify them they have been tagged.
4. Okay I added this rule (to add some specifications to this tag) - You must write the random facts without thinking too much. Just type whatever comes to your mind. Don't think. Just blog.

1. Tomorrow I complete 9 years in Singapore. That is way longer than I have stayed in any city in India. Every practical brain cell of mine is telling me to take up citizenship of Singapore and enjoy the perks, but every emotional heart cell of mine feels that the thought of having to apply for a visa to visit my own country is revolting.

1(a) I am a generally happy person, but every time I speak to a life insurance agent, I feel suicidal. Oh the irony. (If you're wondering why this is numbered as 1 (a), it's because this was added later, and I didn't want to mess up the other numbers as some people have already commented based on the numbers. And I didn't want to add this at the end because it's too negative and morbid a conclusion. I know I know. What a geek! :P)

2. I want to roll up my hypothetical newspaper (Viv calls it my 'weapon of ass destruction') and administer a couple of 'doses' to those who ask me, "So you're an editor? So... like... what exactly do you do? Correct typos?" Sheesh! That's like saying all a banker does is count currency notes and all an engineer does is change batteries whenever something stops working. I was so proud of Viv (he knows how angry that question makes me, especially if the person is asking it seriously) when he recently answered for me, "An editor does much more than correct typos. Remember how in school we had different books on the same subjects, and some books were just better than others? The editor plays the biggest part in making that difference." Wah Viv wah! Shabash!

3. I am such a sucker for punctuality and discipline that I annoy people. In fact, some of my friends have confessed to me that they are actually so afraid to meet me for dinner or a movie that they come up with all sorts of excuses to get out of being there late.

4. Sometimes I wonder who is crazier - my sister or me. The other day baby Aish was generally behaving ultra-hyper and my sister calls me up and says, "Offo! She's driving me nuts! Can I just upload her? Then you can download her and take care of her!" And I actually imagined reaching into my monitor and 'downloading' the hyperactive Aishu into my arms.

5. I believe that you can't take the earphones off before you switch off the ipod because if you do so, the song feels offended.

6. Sometimes I feel so lonely that I want to sit at a bar ("a" bar, not my bar) and talk to a complete stranger until 3 am. I just haven't found that complete stranger yet who can hold that conversation without being creepy.

Yeah, I know I have two extra random facts, but my rule 4 takes care of that. Muahahaha! :D

I tag Janefield,
Rebellion, Coco Captive, Gems, Crazy Dhakkan, the Girl Who Sold The World and The Girl From Ipanema.


Bivas said...

upload n download...what were u both thinking!!!
ummm...on second thoughts...maybe in a few years time its possible... :-)
better still if babies could apparate :D ;-)
and this is the official SONA I guess :-)

Nidhi said...

I'll claim for the Silver :)
Had been reading your blog for quite some time...and had a great time reading it (specially your blog on Pictionary....I was laffing uncontrollably!!!)

Janefield said...

Bronze!!! :D Err...why is that so thrilling? Oh well...its been a while :)

I agree with Nidhi above, the pictionary post was fun even though it seemed like Viv was playing 'six degrees of separation' rather than pictionary :P

I really like what he said about your job...Viv rocks, but we already knew that! ;)

And why have I been tagged first? SHEESH. I will do this LAST. My own new rule, hmmmmmph!

The uploading/downloading of a baby via the net was funny :))

Your point no.3 is seriously annoying, but definitely admirable.

I like the idea of no.6. Maybe some day...(what a thing to be wishful about! but you know I'm crazy like that :D)

dharmu said...

sayesha bahi,
kaise ho???

been a real long time. so just to tell you that i am alive-breathing and kicking life out of people-sab aapki daya hai!

creepa said...

crazee!! :D

'punctuality is the virtue of the bored' ;) Read somewhere,liked it but i ,unfortunately,fall under the 'bored' category...but ab aadat hai..i wait for hours for my friends and still greet them as politely as i can..err..gandhigiri?? :P

And for point number six,main hoon naa[i promise it wont b creepy..irony! :P] ;)...kya bhai! bar toh hamesha bharela rehta hai re..kisi ke bhi kaan ke neeche ek laga ke baitha lene ka :P

hehhe..take care!

dafaa 420 said...

Been a regular visitor, never commented though... but now that you talked about Singapore, I couldn't resist! :)

2=> Get a dual citizenship!
4=> Better transfer babies online now - they grow up faster than Net pipes here!
5=> Can't agree more; a PAUSE should do!


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Achha? So you're an editor? What do you do, put the dots on i-s and cross the t-s? :D

P.S. - Imagining Sash bhai spending hours in a dark godown going through each book and crossing the t-s and putting dots on i-s had me real splits!! Muahahhahahha... ROTFL!!

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Hahahahah. But seriously, I find Rule 5 freaky.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

#5 is seriously mental.

one pat on the back to viv for his dhaansoo answer. silly questions and statements like that annoy me to no end too.

Janefield said...

Aila! I see that the post has been err.."padded up" :D

And you landed on my blog to check if I'd done the tag or not? Surprised you, didn't I :D

And why is the link on your blogroll full of coschin marks!!!!

Waise bhai, your 'random facts about me' has almost turned into 'weird facts about me' :P

Anonymous said...

Karungi... karungi yeh tag.. time lagega.... :)

Tejal said...

2> awwwwww
3> er... (hehe)
5> totally totally agree with u! me thinks its an insult to both song AND ipod! :S

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Song feels offended? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *points and laughs*
*Takes the weapon of ass destruction and thunks herself on the head with it*
Heehee, I do the same. My friends think I'm dumb. :P
Oh, and de taali! I haven't lived in any city in India for more than 4-5 years either. :D And I'm planning to do the same thing my entire life. That's the whole fun! :D

And I am tagged? Aila! How do I do it? Mera toh blog hee nahin! *snickers and trots off laughing*

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you are att-tagged!

Rebellion said...

Sash just gave you a reason to get your blog back :P

Ditto to no. 6. Someday we may end up meeting each other. Don't forget to behave like a stranger haan ;):P

Point 4, lol. Wish that could be done really and with that, I think your sis just proved herserlf crazier than you are. Now c'mon, get the tital back ;):P

Viv is adorable. Really well said. Pat his back on my behalf too :D

Point 3.. its good but sad too. I understand, I've gone thru this myself :/

rt said...

ur sis's craziness is real cute.. :)
and i guess watever profession u r in ..people will find a way to change the job profile according to their requirements

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ROFL @ TGWSTW "weapon of ass destruction"

omg i haven't laughed like this in a while.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Yooseless lajjo! Sash, kill her! It proves that she reads the comments more carefully than the post itself! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
*trots off smirking*

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

abbe i praamise that was not in the post first time i read it. really. blogpromise.

@ viv: if you had written the post, now, i'd have never missed that, you see.

Rebellion said...

LOL @ blogpromise! hehahahahaha
You rock Lajjo :D
Oye Navdy baby, stop being naradmuni i say :P