Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Parental guidance

They say life runs a full circle. First your parents bring you up. And then it's time for you to bring them up. I certainly agree, going by the recent (mostly one-way) conversations that have been taking place between my parents and me.

“Of course you need to put on the seat belt! I don’t care what you did before, here you are putting on the seat belt!”

“I'm sorry I'm late. I’ll try to come home early tomorrow. Then we will go to a nice restaurant for dinner. How does that sound?”

“I’ll be home late from the office. I have a late meeting. Dinner’s in the fridge. Heat it up and have it, okay?”

“Don’t touch the gas, okay? Use the microwave. Come, let me teach you how to use it.”

Me (on the way back from office wondering if Dad would wanna go for a swim)

Dad (already splashing in the pool!)
Me - “Wow! You can swim!” (crazily clicking pictures with phone camera)

"I'll call you from the office. Pick up, otherwise I'll panic.”

“Don’t go too close to the edge of the water!”

“Watch your step, the steps are slippery!”

“Read a book, watch a movie, do some writing. If you get bored, call me, okay?”

“Come out of the pool at the slightest sign of lightning.”

“Here, take this umbrella along.”

“Do you have any money on you?”

"What is my mobile number? Do you remember?"

"Whenever you go out, carry a piece of paper with my address, okay? Always!"

"If you get lost, ask a passer-by for directions, okay? People here are very helpful."

"Are you hungry?"

“Come, I’ll take you to the gym today.”

“Carry a bottle of water along. Don’t buy canned drinks. They are too sweet - bad for your health.”

Me - “You should learn to be independent – learn to take the bus and train by yourself.”
Them - “But you are there na…”
Me - “But I won’t always be there!”

Me - “The computer crashed?? What did you do???”
Dad/Mom - “I didn’t do anything!!!!!!”

Me (to colleague) - "Okay see you tomorrow. Am rushing off. Gotta feed the two kids at home!"

Colleague - "Hehehe... totally understand!"

Me (on phone with Dad) - "Hello, technical support here. How can I help you today?"
Dad - "The movie is not playing. Only the song keeps playing over and over."
Me - "Okay... describe to me exactly what you see on the screen..."

Me - “So what if others are doing it? I said no jay-walking and I mean it. Do you know how dangerous it is?”
Them - "But you do it yourself..."
Me - "Err... because errr.. I'm familiar with the traffic here..."

“Wear comfortable shoes. We’ll be doing a lot of walking today.”

“So did you like the hot air balloon ride?”

“Don’t drop the DVD! Hold it gently. One scratch and it’s useless!"

"No Viv, don't help them! Let them try to switch on the DVD player by themselves."

“I yell at you for your own good.”

“Now you move the mouse and bring the cursor here. Okay. Now click here. No. Try again. No. Again. Okay, good. Very good!”

“So what do you feel like eating today?”

“I am so sorry I have to work late and can’t spend as much time with you as I would like to. I will spend the whole weekend with you, promise.”

“Look at Mrs. X. She can take a bus to the library all by herself! Why can’t you do that?”

“What do you mean you’re scared? How will you learn if you’re scared?”

And finally the most important one, that we could not do without, and they can’t do without either.

“Don’t worry, I'm here.”


GuNs said...

Wow your parents are talented.
They crashed the computer !


Tejal said...

GOLD, SILVER wateva!!!

Tejal said...

aww.. gosh Bhai u sound really sound lik the parent here! :0 hehehe
//Don’t worry, I'm here- The show-stealer.
>>>:D<<< darn cute!
btw, did they really crash the comp? :0

Vijay said...

hmmmm, me thinks they are preparing you for something!!!
Good Luck! :)

shub said...

I wanna go home!

GG said...
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GG said...

thats cute! It's funny how most parents sound the same when they reach the 50+ stage :)

Iday said...

Yeah - life does come a full circle.
I think i'll be in ur situation a few yrs from now :)

Anonymous said...

Same to same.. each and every dialogue.. Really it feels good to parent the parents.. :)

Bivas said...

Still Lol :-)

satish said...

it just cant get better.

sd said...

Bhai, that was a really cute post! Take care and enjoy with your parents!!

Vidya said...

My dad is here with me ... except for some changes here and there, our conversations are more or less the same.

//“Don’t worry, I'm here.”//

Funny isnt it. But then, thats been what we have loved hearing when we were kids and its funny to see how they love hearing it too..

Neihal said...


loved reading this one. though I cant say that about my own parents, but a few times that i have taught them how to operate gadgets or stuff like that, I have this funny feeling.

Sreejith said...

so true!! been using a lot of these too but one excellent line i learnt from you..

“Look at Mrs. X. She can take a bus to the library all by herself! Why can’t you do that?”

i received a lot of that :D time for the full circle... *evil fiendish grin*

princeparas said...

I liked this creative post.
keep posting.

Shashikant said...

A couple of years ago, my friend used to switch on the "child lock" of TV for his parents!

The Black King said...

The joys of growing up! Would love to say these some day to my mom/dad. But yeah --- the digital divide exists bigtime already! :) Nice blog... will keep visiting!

vijaya said...

very nice(as always)

rt said...

hey thats a really cool one!

How do we know said...

he he.. i m laughing all the way to/away from the laptop! :-) but so very true!

mathew said...

loved ever bit of it..cant help but sound girly here!!.that was sweet!! ;-P

Deepali said...

Hahaha..How true!
A sweet post :)

Hari said...

:) Talk about striking a chord with your readers. You do that beautifully. Time and again.

sujatha said...

Totally understand. I go through it every day... with the computer, the DVD player, the digital camera (and my dad says the SLRs are more convenient), sending messages on the mobile phone.. the list goes on. One of the best posts that I've enjoyed Sayesha...

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! Actually they didn't! :P

Hehehe... nahin re, apun ka comp hi yeda hai! :/

Sheesh! :O

Meeeeeee tooooooooo! Mom's gone off to the US to see Aishu and Dad's leaving tomorrow! :'(


Sheesh! What are you trying to say - I'm way older than you? Huh huh huh? :/

Heheheh! :P


Bhel-come bhack! :D

Thanks! :)

Hehehe! Exactly! :)


Haha! Exactly! *same fiendish grin*
*khad khad khad*
(fingernails on arm rest a la Mogambo)

Welcome to my blog, and thanks! :)

Really??? Hahahaha! :D

#The Black King,
Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

#How do we know,
Heheheh! :P

Hahaha! I'm so proud of myself - I made a guy use the "sweet" word! Next lesson - "cute", okay? Muahahaha! :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Iday said...

oh come on!
dont be so harsh on urself!!!

u r not "way old". just by "a few yrs"... :P

PSV said...

nice post Sayesha.

Iday said...

BTW - just found out thru statcounter that more than 10% of the recent traffic to my blog is from ur blog ;)

Krishna Shankar said...

Well done Sayesha, that was an excellent read!

KP said...

I loved this post

Wanderlust said...

I wonder and just wonder ,as regards how you manage to come up with so many posts and with such regularity ...amazing !!
I take days to think of anything to write and then think even more if it is worth posting or if it is funny enough ..Hats off to you !!

Rohini said...

Funny post. :)

Rebellion said...

Very very sweet post bhai :)
Loved it, really cute >:D<

These were the most cute ones:
Me - “You should learn to be independent – learn to take the bus and train by yourself.”
Them - “But you are there na…”
Me - “But I won’t always be there!”

Me - “The computer crashed?? What did you do???”
Dad/Mom - “I didn’t do anything!!!!!!”

Me (to colleague) - "Okay see you tomorrow. Am rushing off. Gotta feed the two kids at home!"
Colleague - "Hehehe... totally understand!"

And obviously, the last one steals the show :D

Sayesha said...

*Rolled-up newspaper thwack!* :/

Thanks! :)

Hehehe... one of them was my Dad, yeah? :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Hehe... thanks! :P

Thanks! :)

Thanks, bacha! >:D<

Iday said...

//*Rolled-up newspaper thwack!* :/
Ouch!!! Is bache ko kyon thwack kiya dadima :(

//Hehehe... one of them was my Dad, yeah? :)
yep yep!
I did see a dot from singapore :)

Archana said...

Ah, I read all your posts. Just too lazy to click on the link and comment :-P!

So much fun to have parents around :-). Feels so wonderful showing them around a new place :-D. But I totally agree about the responsibility bit (that is why I like going to India to be with them better - no responsibilities for me then :-D).

Archana said...

BTW, the previous commenter was me. Was on wrong account :-(!

sandya said...

Touching and lovely. My favourite till date! :)

Sayesha said...

Bacha? Kaahe ka bacha! Buddha kahin ka! :/

Wah! That is a good strategy! :D

Thanks! :)

Iday said...

//Bacha? Kaahe ka bacha! Buddha kahin ka! :/
Jab main dadima bole toh tum buddha bolegi kya?!?!

Copy math kar dadima :P
Kudh se kuch think kar :P

Swati said...

chanced upon ur blog thru angada's.. i agree with you on this one. same happened with me when my mom was here.. :)

rads said...

lol, thats sooo true! :))

Suki said...

Wow, this is a lovely post to start reading your blog with!

I'm sure a lot of us identify with the content. :D. In my case, the baby would be my grandmother!
And I really, really like your writing style.

--Sunrise-- said...

LMAO... I really did burst out laughing when I was reading this! :D Too hilarious!

But very sweet. :)

Sayesha said...

Hmmmph! :/

Welcome to my blog! :)

Hehehe... :P

Welcome to the bar, and thanks! :)

Thanks! :)