Monday, July 02, 2007


My sms to Dad - "You know, Viv and I were at a party and they had a lucky draw after we left. My ticket was picked. Lost a few hundred dollars. :((((((("

Dad's sms to me - "But how did your pocket get picked????????"


I saw the first double rainbow of my life a couple of days ago when I was in the bus. For the first time, I did not dismiss camera-phones as useless and intrusive objects. Click on the picture to see a bigger version.


The new Whisper ad is really beginning to piss me off. Yeah sure, today women are CEOs and top scientists all because of Whisper. Tell you what, even if we stayed at home those five days, we'd still be kicking guys' asses at productivity.


Talking of annoying ads, what's with the KFC ad where the "working mom" orders KFC for dinner, plays with her kid in the rain, and the tagline appears "Nothing beats a happy mom."? Oh come on! A happy mom is one who works and orders KFC for dinner?? KFC?? Oh puh-leez.


Me - Give her the phone.
My sis - Okay.
Me - Hi, baby Aish!
Baby Aish - (pressing some buttons on the phone)
Me - Haha, what is she pressing?
My sis - 911. Oh my god, she's calling the police!
Me - Apun ki niece-ich apun ko andar karwayegi! :/


Met an old acquaintance from university days while I was waitressing on sunday. He asked me where Viv was working, did not ask me where I worked. You know how much that irks me. Guess he just preferred to make an assumption. Usually one would want to make it known that they don't just work, they volunteer too. I have to make it known that I don't just volunteer, I work too? Dammit. :/


I need more shoes.


Help Vinay if you can. [Hat tip: Iday]


The SBS 'Ride and redeem' ad is moronic and senseless on so many levels that I don't even know where to begin. The copy reads: "Wow! It's that simple? Just ride $1 more for only a week and I can redeem a soya milk worth $1.30?" [sic] Sheesh. That's right. 'Sic' is what it makes me. :/


Okay fine I admit it. I want to watch Aap ka surrroooorrr the movieeeee - the real luv storieeeeeeeeeeeee. You would too if your Bollywood literary idol Raja Sen supported the movie. :D


Neihal said...

:0 :0

I am shocked, already numb after Crazy Dhakkan wrote a whole post on AKS....what is happening to world !!!


I saw a double rainbow couple of years back...I didnt have a camera....but its still fresh in my mind. Lovely pic :)

I need more SHOES tooooo :D

Neihal said...

Oh Ok



Boy I am good :P

Sakshi said...

@Neihal -hmph.

@Sash - hehehe. Even your neice calls for help when you start talking? Muhahahhahahahhaah.
And admit it, you went to watch HR without the cap :P

Unknown said...

Ok. I take bronze :|
Not bad :D

Total random post tht was Sash. Aish is cuuuute and so is her mom. You lost a few hundred dollars?? HOW COULD YOU?? Wahan par 'proxy' yaad nahi aayi? :P

Rainbow?? wowwwwwwwwwww. this is osssum. I love it. I wanna see it too! mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :'(

Unknown said...

@ Neihal
Hmmmm. Yeh 'gold gold' kuch zyada hi ho raha hai aapka. woh bhi bhai ke blog par? kuch setting lagti hai. kholna padega... secret, investigation karni padegi :P

Sakshi said...

@Rebellion - I agree! Sash aur Neihal koi jhool hai..Apun ko toh fullto jhool nazar aarehela hai!

BP said...

WOW a double rainbow!! Here??? :D


Bivas said...

Me - Haha, what is she pressing?
My sis - 911. Oh my god, she's calling the police!


oh n too gonna watch AKS definitely...chahe download karke hi dekhna pade!! ;-)

Sayesha said...

Hehehehehe... I wanna wanna wanna watch AKSSSSSSSSSSS! :P :P

Oye! Mera insult na kar! Btw, "went to watch" nahin re, "want to watch"!! Uffff some people...! :P

Arre yaar... it was so sad... Viv's dhakkan friends could have pretended to be him and collected the money yaar! Mera dil ro raha hai abhi tak! :'(

#Rebellion & Sakshi,
Meri imaandari par shaq??? Ya allah! :/
ps: Neihal, tujhe bataya tha peti zara underground karke bhejne ka! Ufff... some people...!

Yeah! Totally reminded me of the time we did that double rainbow article... the poor illustrator must have hated me for making him recolour it so many times! :P :P :P

Haan haan... lagta hai baby Aish reward money ke liye Bhai ko andar karwane ka plan kar rahi hai! :|
ps: Download karoge? After all that we went thru in the last few days?? :O

Bivas said...

@Sash: karne mein panga nahi...public forum mein daalne kaa locha hai ;-)

P.S.: Reward money kya khaakh legi...maasi pe gayi hai...dollars haath nahi aayenge ;-)

Cheeseandpepper said...

Hey there...

The "friend" that chilli mili mentioned to me :-). And I have read each one of your posts and encouraged her also to go through your blog :-). And she has echoed my sentiments as well when she mentioned about your blog. Can add a few more things, but over the course of time (I know you have heard them before...but guess that doesn't mean not giving a compliment to someone if they have already received that one).
So cheers to you and your lively spirit!!
cheeseandpepper :-)

Iday said...

Random responses ;)

Lost a few hundred dollars!!! Very bad, very bad!

Double rainbow is awesome. And camera phones are not useless and intrusive. Their use depends on the hands of the person that holds them.

//Tell you what, even if we stayed at home those five days, we'd still be kicking guys' asses at productivity.
Really disappointed to see this from ya!!! Since when did productivity at work (or for that matter, superiority in doing anything) become a guy-girl thing? I always thot ppl who take either side are being unreasonable.

I visited KFC in chennai last week. What'd u say if i say KFC has a veggie menu :) I mean, for their completely "chickenised" name, their veggie menu is funny :)

Baby Aish is coooooool...

Let there be more shoes...

Thanks a lot :)

Watch the movie soon and post the review. Looking forward to it :)

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... theek hai theek hai... hum log chhup chhup kar piracy karenge! :P

Jaley par namak??? :/

Hey welcome to Sayeshaz (though you've a regular for a while now)! :) Thanks for all the compliments! :)
ps: You and Anu seem to be bigtime foodies from your nicknames! :P

Hahahaha! Random post hai yaar... but seriously, if you were a girl and you saw that ad, you'd probably think the same. Productivity may not be a girl-guy thing, but having or not having periods is, and when they link that to women's progress, it just makes me go puh-leez. They just show 80 years of women's empowerment and in the end, it's all contained in Whisper. Come on. It's enough to bring out the angry feminist side of even the Bhai! :D

India has amazing food even at McDonald's and KFC man... here's it's a chicken immersed in a tub of boiling lard that's all. :/

Sandip Chaudhuri said...

ur literary idol is Raja Sen ?
now thats depressing

Sayesha said...

Bollywood literary idol. Yup, he's my favourite reviewer. :)

Enigma said...

ha ha!

tat was a good sum up of life's little things...

- may u get more dollars next time at a more "luckier" draw...
- i've seen a double rainbow too, while travelling to Mumbai in train... beautiful sight :)
- baby Aish after a long time! its nice to read abt her :) she makes me smile...
- Whisper ad... donno wat to comment, coz the ads here in India are more abt Maa-Beti realising the goodness of Whisper!
- KFC... their veggie menu in India sucks!
- u need more shoes and i need more skirts ;) lets pile them up ;)
- and me waiting for ur review of "AKS... the supposed-to-b-a-movie"


Iday said...

Never seen the ad, but from what u say - the ad sucks for sure. I'm with u on that one :) I dont need to be a girl to get sick of such ads :)

LOL @ Angry feminist side :) but no guy bashing just coz we're guys ;)

I dint try the food bhai. As a policy, i dont try veggie food if there are other options :D

The point is not the food. The point is that at a place called Kentucky Fried "CHICKEN", they sell veggie whatevers :)

Just Jane said...

hahahha!! baby aish rocks :)

sash bhai...pls go watch AKS soooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :P

btw..wots a DOUBLE rainbow? achcha khaasa bootiphool rainbow dikh rela hai fotu mein...dabbal bole toh another one is there? invisible to my eyes in pikchar?

kanfoosed jane

Neihal said...

arrey bhai mera dosh nahi hai...these two were already underground ....thats how they thinks !!

@ Sakshi and Rebellion

You two jealous is my hard work and determination that gets me all the gold....stop ur propaganda....main koi Pratibha Patil thodi hoon ??


Unknown said...

@ Neihal
Rehne do haan. Bhai ne apun ke aage kabool kar liya hai. Aap bhi maan jao, varna deni padegi... 3rd degree :P

Aur haan, chup chap apun ka share pahuncha dena, varnaaaaaaaaa......... :P

Unknown said...

pretty nice snap especially when its taken using just a 1.3MP camera of moto razr.

Bivas said...

Guess who...

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... thanks! :)

Ok ok jao maaf kiya! :P

Arre click on the pic na... just over the first rainbow you will see a parallel one! :)

Hahahahaaha! :D

Kabool? Wot naan sense.
Babool babool
Kuch nahin kabool! :P

Thanks, Holmes! :)

Muahahahaha! Apun ko peileich maloom tha yeh blog! :D

Sakshi said...

@Sash - Ghai mein likha tha bhai! Sab jagah pe editorbazi! Uff, some ppl can not relax :P

@Neihal- Tu bar bar gold leti hai, usme jaroor koi lochaich hai! Koi mehnat-vehnat nahi. Apun to phukta beithela raha to bhi to tuich gold hadap leti hai. Bhai ne cut marela lagta hai..
Wot say, Rebellion??

Iday said...

//Ok ok jao maaf kiya! :P
Same to u :P

creepa said...

Koi nai bhai...dhande mein yeh sab toh chalta hai naa? :D
And hum logz sochte the baby aish is a mini-tapori :P!

Gudluck for AKS!

Unknown said...

@ Sakshi
Arrre, totalli agree with ya :D

@ Sash
Bas kya bhai? apun se chupaega kya? ;)

@ Neihal
Vasooli ki baat ki toh kahan bhaag gaye haan? :P

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