Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Girl, 6, had a "best friend". They lived in the same building and preferred each other's mother's cooking. They studied in different schools but played hopscotch and Barbie-Barbie and ghar-ghar and teacher-teacher every evening.

Girl, 10, had a "best friend" who was in the same class as her. This one was different. She spoke of (and to) boys too much. She was not very popular with Girl's mother. Girl had a few guy friends in the neighbourhood who taught her how to fly a kite, climb a tree and spin a top.

Girl, 12, moved to a different city as her father got a transfer. Girl had a "best friend" who was the class nerd. Girl tried to turn her into less of a nerd, but ended up becoming a nerd herself. She was very popular with Girl's parents.

Girl, 14, moved to yet another city. Girl had a "best friend" whom she took the school bus with. They reserved seats for each other on the bus, reminded each other of homework, and shared stories about their secret crushes on the senior guys in the school. Their mothers were so fond of each other's daughters that they almost wanted to swap them.

Girl, 16, discovered guys as a great alternative. They judged less, complained less, didn't care about how they looked all the time, and were much more fun to hang out with. And the best part was - Girl's mother approved of all of them.

Girl, 18, moved to a whole new country for her university education. Girl discovered that the guys really talked nasty stuff when girls were not around. Girls, on the other hand, had suddenly turned into complete bimbos, and were too busy with (or trying to get) boyfriends. Girl could not identify with any of the girls in her class.

Girl, 24, had graduated and been working for two years. She had a few not-very-close friends. Until they got attached or married. Then poof, they disappeared. The guys disappeared too, because they were either attached, or married, to these girls. Girl suddenly realised she had very few friends who lived in the same city. Girl also realised suddenly that she didn't live in India anymore. She lived in a country where you're lucky if you get to meet your friends' parents.

Girl, 26, realised that guys may be really great, but there is nothing like having a female "best friend". Girl still had some online female friends - some from school days, some who had just moved away, and some she had never seen, but over time she realised she couldn't identify with many of them anymore. Girl is losing faith in the notion of "Dosti kee nahin jaati, ho jaati hai" and "We don't find "best friends", we grow to become "best friends". Girl never lived long enough in a place to "grow" that much.

Girl, 27, seeks like-minded female "best friend" - someone who lives in Singapore, someone feminine and yet, sporty, health-conscious but not bimbotic, has a sense of style but is about the same hotness level as Girl (definitely not too much hotter than Girl!), someone who cherishes life and its joys, has a sense of humour, is not grumpy on Mondays (or other days), someone who would actually be available to regularly meet up with Girl, and not ditch Girl for boyfriend/husband and expect Girl to "understand" like it's the most natural thing to happen, someone who would share make-up tips and career tips with the same honesty, play badminton, bitch but not too much, and willingly be dragged to watch Aap Ka Surooooorrrr.

Hmmm... Tall order?


oxymoron said...

Girl, 27, please clone ur self!
And also, pass me my gold medal!

creepa said...


creepa said...

@OXYMORON: I hate u :P!

Ohkay! Silverrr :D

creepa said...

hahha..May b the girl[rathr woman..hehhe :P..main to just 18 hoon,jealous?eh!] should drag her alter egoz or still better,drop the plan...one of my friend says tht thr r so manyy songs in the movie,u can call it 'opera'?? what say? :P

Deepali said...

Bronze ....yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Iday said...

Okay - i understand. Viv said no to AKS??? ;)

But answer me seriously - if u find a guy with all those qualities, wont u accept him as ur best friend??? Of course - he cant be feminine, cant be "hot" and cant have boyfriend/husband :D

Oh yeah - NOTHING :) And no - i dint wait to do this ;p

Sayesha said...

Sigh... :(

The movie is all set to be a blockbuster man... Raja Sen rocks! :D


//Viv said no to AKS??? ;)

Eh? I didn't even ask him. Hah! :D

//if u find a guy with all those qualities, wont u accept him as ur best friend??? Of course - he cant be feminine, cant be "hot" and cant have boyfriend/husband :D

Been there done that. :/ I had a "straight gay-best-friend" (you know what I'm talking about, right? As opposed to a "gay gay-best-friend"). And then he got himself a girlfriend. Too many, in fact. And then he was never available for anything. :/

I need someone who will restore my faith in the girl-girl friendships of ye olde days. Sigh...

shub said...

Move to the west, girl! :P Actually I withdraw my application on account of last condition. I'm not too sure if I fit the bill anyyyyway, cos my fashion [non]sense clashes with yours :D I have only 4 pairs of shoes of which only the floaters get worn most often :D Not to mention my love for collared tees! Hehe!

Sakshi said...

I would gladly move to Singapore to be the girl's best friend.. but the 'Aap ka suroor' was a deal breaker..

Anand said...

Girl is very specific in the, uh, specifications! Girl to take it easy, kahin "Girl, Interrupted" na ho jaye! :D

Iday said...

//Been there done that. :/ I had a "straight gay-best-friend" (you know what I'm talking about, right? As opposed to a "gay gay-best-friend"). And then he got himself a girlfriend. Too many, in fact.

Can i be ur best friend please? Looks like the "prospect" are very good :p

BTW - i really don't get what this SGBF Vs GGBF means :|

Wendelin said...

1. I lurk a lot on your blog.
2. Because I never have much to say after your excellent posts.
3. (Call it speechlessness if you like.)
4. But I'm de-lurking now, coz I tagged ya.
5. I don't think you read my blog so thought I'd let you know. :)

Bivas said...

...Girl, 27, seeks like-minded female
...lives in Singapore
...has a sense of humour
...expect Girl to "understand"

Sounds more like a matrimonial ad to me...if only u were a "Guy-Bhai" rather than being a "Not-Guy-Bhai" ;-) :-?

V said...

Whats the point in 'applying' for a friendship? The best friends are those who come into your life without being asked to, and stay on to make a positive difference. Waise, know you said girl, but heh, can I apply?

Shamly said...

You know what, Sayesha? I would love to be your friend, but don't have any of the qualities you mentioned....and thats the reason I admire you! :) good luck!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Bhai, aaina dekho! Aur haan --- agar ye ladki sachhi mein mil jaaye to apun ko bhi thikana de dene ka! :P

Dev said...

You looking for the perfect best friend? Very, very tall order.

Sorry, dont think it's gonna happen, but you never know. Good luck! *rolls eyes* :P

Duhita said...

Singapore is just tooooooooo faraway for me to consider a move:p But good luck on finding a new best friend:)

Mo said...

He he he. Tough criteria those.
I am willing to watch AKS.
Rest of it, I can't assure you.

Rebellion said...

LOLLL @ Shub.
I agree with her, bit too much. But I'm sure if I was in S'pore, either of us wud have changed the other & we could be "best friends". Incentives are increasing, dragging me towards your city but sighhhh!! :/

Sandew said...

hmm i actually know a girl who has most of these qualities i think. but not too sure about the AKS and baddy part.

Cheeku said...

well Girl! we dont "get" best friends... we "grow" to be best friends... so here's hoping you'll find someone who'll grow to be ur best friend...

am here in India, else i'd apply ;) maybe i'd even bear watching AKS jus for Girl's happiness... but sigh! like u once said "i am a victim of locationism"


ferret said...

hahahha, u reminded me of a girl in my school who once came and asked me 'will you be my best friend' i wonder what movie she wanted to watch :P
but hey i am gonna watch AKS, we'll have to do a conf call though, and then we can laugh at it together,, wotsay :D

vijaya said...

Loved this post. It has come at a time when I am thinking exactly what you have written :-)
Have been reading and enjoying your posts for quite some time (years!) now however I never sent my comments earlier as I never felt the need for a google account till recently

Angelsera said...

woow..I cant believe u wrote a post on this..I mean, because I was thinking of the same damn thing last weekend..

the whole "best friend" phases I have been thru..a lot of mine are similar to yours except I had a void of 4 years with no friends

I went thru the "girl, 26, realised that guys may be really great, but there is nothing like having female "best friend". "

thankfully, I do have 3 close girlfriends..so even whn one ditches me for a "boyfriend", I have 2 more :D

pradeep said...

Good one!!
Sayesha, I just visited you hopscotch blog and let me tell you, your Pakistan series was sensational!!
My God, I felt as if I were in Pakistan myself.
I sincerely pray to God that you get to visit every place on this planet. So that, you could come back and write travelogues for us to read! :)

Shek said...

sounds like the script for !

vineet said...

dont blame the girls who left your friendship for their bf/husband... just thank god that you are not like one of them.

i too was born in 80 and given my weak maths i realise how easy is it to calculate my age...wud hv been better if i was born in 2000.

Neeraja said...

Hi sayesha..i had left a comment on the "other ppl" post. Did tell u that i wud comment here from my blogger id soon..this is it!

And i have blogrolled u..hope u dont mind..

DreamCatcher said...

amazing is the way u write...jst loved each n every of ur post..though i have lot to catch up!!

past was the spark of thine..
may b the future shines..ur shine..
Sayesha's sunshine ;)

Lalit Singh said...

Hai Ram yeh ladki!!!!

Was it not enough for you to have 'only nice and dessent fraandshib' from guys that now u want gurls also to frrandshib u.
What bhai!!

Tejal said...

Bhai looking for Circuit??

Tejal said...

n totally out of context.. wat is Viv's sunsign? :P

Sayesha said...

//I'm not too sure if I fit the bill anyyyyway, cos my fashion [non]sense clashes with yours :D

Arre dhakkan, I said she should have a fashion sense, not my fashion sense! Besides, I'm beginning to believe collared Tees aren't that bad an idea! Tera hi asar hoga! :O

Sheesh! You hate Himesh more than you love me??? Waaaaaa! :'(


//Can i be ur best friend please? Looks like the "prospect" are very good :p

Hahahaha! :D

//BTW - i really don't get what this SGBF Vs GGBF means :|

Okay gay-best-friend is the proverbial (and mostly fictional) guy friend that every girl craves for. He's like a girlfriend without the annoying parts! :) A SGBF is a straight guy who's just like a GBF, whereas a GGBF is actually gay.

Hey, thanks! I do drop by now and then to yours too! :)
ps: Will take up the tag soon!

Hahahahahaha! :D

Ufff! Shuru ho gaya tera lecture? :/ Too preachy! Disqualified!

Holy cow! :P

Hahahaha! :D

Sheesh! Thanks for the optimism. :/

Hehe... thanks! :)

Hahaha! If only Sakshi and you could be moulded into one person! :P

Hm intzaaaaaaaar karenge tera qayamat tak... khuda karey ki qayamat ho, aur tuuuuuuuu aaye! :D

Hehehe... thanks for trying though! :P

Ufff! Another lecture! Girl, I have a frickin' ad on my blog. Do you think I am still a believer of "We "grow" to be best friends?" :P
You're disqualified too! For bhaashanbaazi! :P

Hahahaha! Sounds like a plan to me! :D

You've been here for years and you never dropped by to say hello to the bartender? Tch tch! :O
ps: Welcome, and thanks! :)

Lucky you! :)

Thanks a lot! It is an amazing country! :)

Sheesh! :/

Yeah, sigh...

Hey, welcome to the bar! And thanks for blogrolling me! :)

Thanks! :)

Ahahahahahaha! :D

Sheesh!! Arre this is Girl. Yet another alter-ego of Sayesha. Nothing to do with Bhai. Ya allah, tu mujhe kab samjhegi? :/

//wat is Viv's sunsign? :P

Kyun? Janam patri milwani hai? :P

shub said...

aaaaahhhh! cool then! when are ya moving to the west? :P muhahaha! wait for one month, phir we shall meet up more regularly. Promees!

shub said...

err...one month not cos my folks are here and I'll be busy....


cos AKS, Inshallah, will be outta the theatres by then! :D


Cheeku said...

i take back allllllllllllllllll my words :'(

no more bhaashanbaazi :(

- cheeku

Iday said...

Whoops!!! I nominate that for the "New 7 wonderful explanations of the universe" award!!!

Bewda log - send sms saying "I luv bhai" to 0000 and pull ur hairs of... The one with the most hairs in a single pull gets a special drink made at the bar ;)

Point to note: The hair must STRICTLY belong to the owner of the hands that show them!!! Pullers of other's hairs will get the famous newspaper thwack from the Bhai herself!!!

PS: isn't "Bhai herself" and oxymoron??? ;)

soundsnsilence said...

I was seriously considering to apply....but then unfortunately cam across this!


Lalit Singh said...

You've Been Tagged. Details are here.

Rebellion said...

ROFLLL @ Shub. hahahahahahah

LOL Sash, couldn't have got a better reply from you. >:D<
Btw, did Viv tell ya? Viv & myself have made a deal. Next time when you 2 are here, we're going together, either Goa or Vaishnodevi :D

Gaurav said...

Good ..
Hey You can view my Blog its also Good

rt said...

heyee beautiful way of putting ur thoughts..
u never need to have best friend living in the same place if both of u have 24*7 net access...but yeah sometimes it helps to be in close location also..u knw for shoulder to cry on stuff ;)

Tejal said...

ohh.. samajh mein aaya abhi! heeeh! *takes the newspaper from Bhai's hand n twarks it on head reliving Bhai of the trouble*

n guess WAAAT??? hehehehhehe.. *wickedddd grin* i found out myself! Viv's a Virgo rite?! muahahahhaahah
*Does a whole jig*

Karen said...

Aiya Miss Girl, me la...
I am proud to say I fit every criteria, except the "good mood on monday" one. Heh

Harshi said...

Ah, the perfect girl-friend, who truly fits the bill...aaand who feels the same way about us, is so hard to find yaar. That's what I have experienced. When you do find someone like that, never ever let 'em go! I wish I was there... I'd have most Gladly hopped along for Aap Ka Suroor..I am very eager to watch it. :-)

Belinda said...

Sheesh, what am I, chopped liver (or spinach, if you've turned vegetarian)?!

Anyway, I've never participated wholeheartedly in the routine of having a best friend, have always preferred having true friends. And that's what you are to me!

Sayesha said...

Besharam bewafa bekadar bemurawwat! And other 'be' words! Hmmph! :/

Ahahahaah! Now you can apply again! :D

Hahahahahahaha! :D

Sigh... :(

Cool tag! Apun karega! Bindaas karega! :D

Pata nahin yaar wot all deals you two druggies have... apun Goa jayega tum dono ke saath, baaki mandir wandir tum dono hi jao :)

Thanks. :)

And go shoe-shopping! (not talking about internet-shopping!) :P

Try as you might, you can never do the thwack the way Bhai does! :P

Hahahahaha! You're less grumpy than some others I know! ;)
ps: Hey, dress-shopping that day was awesome fun though! When are you wearing that halter number?? :)

//When you do find someone like that, never ever let 'em go!

Sigh, almost did. One ran off to Hong Kong, the other's running off to Dubai :(

Hahaha! I know what you mean, but naah, you were never truly mine. You belonged to way too many people. After a bout of intense jealousy, I gave up. :) I want a best friend all to myself. And then of course, you ditched me and ran off to Hong Kong! Hmmph! :/

Girl next door said...

I understand your craving for a solid female friend! I've come to realize that I have many male friends and very few female ones. It's harder when you move coz girls tend to stick with the same group of friends they've known for years. I don't live in Singapore but if I did I'd love to hang out with you=)

Rebellion said...

Sash bhai, upar se order aayela hai. update karne ka time ho gela hai. jaldi batao, kab kar rele ho? apun ko sona jeetne ka hai :P