Sunday, May 20, 2007

Metro... in life

Random thoughts after watching 'Life in a metro'

  • The movie nicely captures snippets from many aspects of interconnected lives.
  • Sharman Joshi stands out in spite of being surrounded by biggies. That kid is all set to go places. It's amazing how much he has grown as an actor since his 'Style' (yes yes I saw that movie, don't you dare judge me) days. Especially loved his smile in this one. Damn I think I will have to watch Raqeeb in spite of the unbearable Tanushree Dutta.
  • Who would have thought an unlikely couple like Irfan Khan and Konkona would add so much zing to the movie?
  • It's incredible how Konkona seems to effortlessly slip under the skin of the character she's playing. She is such a delight as an actress that you couldn’t care less about her not having conventional movie star looks.
  • Ditto for Irfan as an actor. Truly mindblowing.
  • Nafisa Ali is beautiful. A true timeless beauty.
  • Shilpa Shetty's fabulous figure continues to inspire me the same way it used to years and years ago. Only she can look like that hot in a sari. All right, time to hit the gym again!
  • Kangana looks nice with her hair straightened, but she has lost the 'Kangana look' that was so unique to her.
  • The sexy nerdy black-frame glasses are SO back. I'd been considering them for a while, but this seals it - I've gotta get myself one of those!
  • The Dharmendra-Nafisa angle was boring boring boring. I know it wasn’t becoming of the character he played, but I was actually hoping he'd break into a "Kutte kameene, main tera khoon pee jaunga!" somewhere in the movie.
  • Why does Kangana always play the manic-depressive suicidal chick in every movie??
  • Why does Shilpa Shetty always seem to live in houses where people are mean to her, and then walking off with tons of money?
  • I knew it! I knew it! I knew there would be a gay angle the moment I spotted the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ poster in Konkona’s boss’ office!
  • What on earth made Shilpa Shetty ask Kay Kay for forgiveness for hanging out with Shiney for 5 weeks, without reacting first to his 2-year-long affair with Kangana? Gosh! Wasn't she supposed to be the strong, independent career woman who could get a higher-paying job than him anytime?
  • And that reminds me - Shiney is hunkilicious.
  • Pritam, you're a terrific music director (if the Metro songs are indeed original) but please please please don't turn up at random moments in the movie with your rather unwashed three-man band?
  • Long time ago, I learnt a tamil phrase 'pichkaran madiri' because I found it rather interesting but I could never really find a situation where it seemed apt. Till I saw the sudden appearances of singer James in this movie at random bus stops, traffic lights and rooftops.
  • Great music though.

Sayesha’s rating - * * *

* Run for your life! And do not look back.
** Once-watchable (if you have nothing better to do).
*** Good stuff, watch it in the theatre.
**** Awesome! Watch it in the theatre AND buy the DVD!
***** Holy cow I can’t believe Bollywood came up with this one!!!!!!!!!


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I will go see this movie in hydie

creepa said...

silverrrrrrrr!!!!!! yeayyyyyyy!!!!!

creepa said...

Mujhe bhi dekhni hai! :(..i'll definitely watch it once xamz re o'er :D!!And konkona nd irrfan have alwayz been my favourite ACTORS!
Shahrukh,john,hrithik etc. are stars and not actors :P!!
Btw,'pichkaran madiri' bole to??

Thanu said...

Pichakari madiri....

I haven't heard that phrase for so long... I just burst out laughing.

I thing Konkona is awesome in all the roles that she does.

Sakshi said...

@TGFI- You get all three medals..

@Sayesha - I will trust bhai ka judgement and watch the movie..
And I agree I am going to get the "sexy nerdy black-frame glasses"..

Deepali said...

Arey maine ye movie kal hi dekhi :) In intermission, my reaction was "Baap re, abhi aadhi hi hui hai!!" but after second half my opinion was entirely different :)

I loved Irfan-Konkana pairing in the movie. First Namesake and now Metro..this guy is mind blowing. Baaki characters bhi achhe the but sabke baare me likha to blog ban jayega ;)

Music was awesome.And completely agree with u.

Oops..kuch jyada hi bada comment ho gaya!!

Thisisme said...

hmmm... :) will c it 2mrw :)..and oooo la la..have already got the 'sexy nerdy black-frame glasses' :D:D

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Gal,
Dhokha! Dhokha! Hahaha! I was going to sleep yaar, I swear! But you only gave me the idea to post about Metro! :P

Bole toh bhikhari type. James really looks like that in the movie, I'm sure pple dropped coins in his guitar during shooting.

Yeah, she's fantastic in this too! :)

Oye wot you doing handing medals to random people (ahem) in Bhai's bar? Huh huh huh? :/
ps: I demand to see your photo with nerdy glasses!

Hahaha! Thanks! :)

Waaaaaaaaa! Phottu dikhaaaaaaaaaaaaao!!!!!!!!

Bivas said...

Arre spoiler warning to de deti :-(
Me yet to watch the movie...n cudn't resist reading the post :-((
btw, wot does that tam phrase mean?

Sayesha said...

Uh oh! But I don't review movies in my blog re, I just write out my random thoughts, hence no spoiler warning! Sorry sorry! But I think I only gave away one bit - the gay thing. Anyway, you'll know! :P
ps: Sorrriiiieeeeeeee!
pps: It means "bhikhari jaise"

Bivas said...

never planning to watch it tonite...too many ppl hv recommended already

Krishna Shankar said...

I enjoyed reading your comment about singer James.

Duhita said...

What are the chances that this movie will release here? Zero:( Toh I will have to wait for the Dvd! Oh by the way Sash, I finally saw Krish over the weekend, the survey still on kya?:) hehehe

Neihal said...

Boy this is going to be long comment :P

-I hated Sharman Joshi in style, I could watch the movie, but I think he has improved so much, and he looks good.Do you know he is Mansi Joshi's brother, a TV actress I used to like before Kekta Revolution/revulsion happened.
-Konkana is awesome. I just love her act.
-Ditto Irfan.
-Yes Nafisa is beautiful, but she should not talk a lot to the media. She makes a fool of herself every now and then.
-Shetty figure....go get girl.
-sexy nerdy blak frame, I ahve allady...YAYYYYY :P
-I agree with what you said abt Kangana. Never seen any of her movies though.
-what does that Tamil phrase mean. I wanna laugh too.



Rebellion said...

Couldn't agree more Sash :)

-Sharman absolutely rocks! Right from RDB days, I like him soooooooo much :D
-Kangna is cute. I liked her. I haven't seen any of her movies before tho.
-Dharmendra, ewwwww. I hated him. His scenes were boring to the extent. I felt as if he's forgotten to act. His expressions were, yucks!
-One part even I didn't like in the movie was when Shilpa apologised and worse, she accepted him back in the climax, even after he left her for another gal. Not good, not right.

Rest of movie, jhakkas and songs were simply awesome :D

Sowmya said...

Hi Sayesha!

Just dropped by to ask you if you are planning to finish updatin hopscotch by Jan' 08 atleast? :P


ps: Sorry, don't have anything to say about Metro :)

Lalit Singh said...

Eib to dekhni hi padegi yo pikkchar!!

Sayesha smitten showbiz kitten has recommended

Vijay said...

Haven't Watched the movie.

I heard that Sharman Joshi has a background of working in Gujrati and English theatre, so i would think he would have taken some acting lessons.
I thought he was really good in Style and I liked the movie - ok, i watched it for Riya Sen :) oh i also like Tanushree Datta and Konkana Sen, Bongali Beauties!

I can't believe Kanagana is 20 years young. She looks much older.

I saw Shilpa and Shamita(on TV ofcourse) in London Premiere of Metro - Shamita had a really well toned abdomen - was impressed a lot.

You spotted the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ poster in the movie - nice observation

pichkaran madiri - ok i need to watch the movie to get this i suppose.


shub said...

was rooting for Shiney to take off his shirt till the end! didn't happen though :( As I sat through the titles after the movie got over, my pal ssaid something like movie khatam, ab woh shirt nahi nikaalne wala! :D
yes Shilpa Shetty's figure! Said pal said ( hehe), no wonder Richard Gere wanted to kiss her!

arpana said...

I already have those nerdy glasses, for the only reason that I am one - nerd that is :P

and u found shiney hunky-dory? *aaarrrggggghhhhhhhh*

hmmm ... should I watch this movie? shove it , as though nerds watch movies ... they only pore into books :D

qsg said...

I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! I knew it would be good...gosh...not playing anywhere here! Hmph!

SID said...

Nice review. I kinda liked the band which came in the middle. The first time I thought that all the characters are going to break into some kinda song, but it never happened in the entire I can take their irritating appearance over a faltu song in the middle of the story line aka ta ra rum pum.

Iday said...

NOTHING again :D :D :D
The beauty of getting NOTHING is that i can be consistent :P

BTW - lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve kangana *drooooool* ;) Dont really like her straight hair looks though...

BTW - cudnt stop ROFL @ Pichkaran madhiri :D

t said...

Ummm... I somehow dont feel like watching movies that have some element of extra marital affair. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth... I suddenly turned all feminist and start bitching that all men are pigs...

But I wanna watch this for other stories in the movie!! Am confused!!!

Harsha said...

the song "in dino" is beautiful....
awesome lyrics... totally hooked onto it. The song deserves a special mention :)

hai tujhe bhi ijazat
karle tu bhi mohabbat

all the actors are awesome... just hated the shilpa shetty ending. but there are all kinds of people in the world. so the ending is justified.

Irfan khan is just awesome. Konkona is equally brilliant. That sunset scene was awesome. And the scene where she screams at the top of the bldg is liberating :)

Strider said...

nice review!
par then spoilers the!! :-(
spoiler warning use karo na!

agla movie kaunsa hai?

phatichar said...

couldn't agree with u more on Kangana losing her 'Kangana' looks - especially from Gangster and Woh Lamhe...I guess straight hair doesn't look good on her, huh? what say...

Sayesha said...

Dekh liya? Kaisi lagi??

Thanks. I don't think James would enjoy it though :P

Hahahaha! Thesis bhi ho gaya, you're talking about survey! :D

Yeah, Style mein both guys were really bad and I never thought either would make it big! Yeah I read about the Mansi Joshi - Rohit Roy thing recently :)
ps: The phrase means "bhikhari jaise". :)

Hehe... thanks! :)

I seriously have no idea. :D

Yeah Sharman has some theatre exp.

I prefer Shilpa's abdomen to Shamita's. Shamita's is too 'gymed' and muscular, Shilpa's is toned and feminine. :)
ps: Look at me, comparing abdomens of sisters and what not! :/

Shirtless Shiney?? Nooooooo, no shirtless please! Everyone pls keep your shirts on! :D

//yes Shilpa Shetty's figure! Said pal said ( hehe), no wonder Richard Gere wanted to kiss her!

Well he sure did kiss up a storm! :P

Yup, I think Shiney is hunky :)

What a pity yaar! Yeh tumhaare Amreeka mein achhi movies nahin dikhaate na? :P I guess you gotta catch it on DVD then. :)

The band was okay the first time, but they kept appearing looking like homeless and hungry beggars, especially James with his insane head-shaking! Sheesh! After a while, the whole theatre would burst out laughing every time they appeared! :D

//The beauty of getting NOTHING is that i can be consistent :P

Hahahaha! Well said, my friend! :D

Watch it watch it! There are many many reasons to watch it, and only few not to! :)

Ooh I like Alwida more! :)

//And the scene where she screams at the top of the bldg is liberating :)

And Irfan saying "Chal teri servicing ho gayi!" was super-fantabulous! :D

Haan yaar, someone else also pointed out, next time I'll have a spoiler alert... I'd thought itne dinon se chal rahi hai, sabne dekh liya hoga! Next movie should be Cheeni Kum I think. Or maybe Raqeeb for Sharman :)

Yeah I agree. I loved her Gangster look, wondering which one was the wig now! :P

Bivas said...

arre kya khaakh dekhi...monday nite show housefull!!!

Sayesha said...

Baap re! Movie chha gayi lagta hai?

Shek said...

I like your rating scale. Very funny. Especially the 5 stars. I would give Dor 5 stars. Did you write a review on that yet?

Sayesha said...

Welcome to the bar! :) I loved Dor but wouldn't give it 5 stars - 4 stars yes :)

dharmu said...

was here, read all blogs!

Naresh said...

Am visitin ur blog after long, n since morn, i hv been hookd to it. Amazing blogs!

cmng to metro, i somehow felt it weird that the director leaves no scope for trust in anyone in a metro. Having lived in atleast 4 metros of the ctry, I dont think metros r all tht bad too!

Sayesha said...

Welcome back! :)

Thanks! :)
ps: Well, I don't think the director was showing a general picture of a Metro, the title is misleading, but the movie was only about the lives of those people. :)