Friday, September 09, 2005

Answers - 25 more things

I am SO proud of myself! I managed to set up my computer and Internet on my own without any guy-help! Yeay! (And I also discovered how damn heavy a monitor is! Had never picked one up before! Got a head rush!)

Anyway, this means that I can blog tonight! Yeay!

Sayesha high-fives herself! (Hey, how does that work? Is it like a clap??)

And here are the answers to the sequel:


Green = The truth and nothing but the truth
Red = Blatant lie
Purple = Explanation

1. Ideally, I would like to turn vegetarian.
You think? Just because I have a vegetarian's face?! No one can take me away from my general love for chicken. Not to even mention the
spicy MOS cheeseburger.
Got it right: Sahil, Ro, Abhi

2. I don't like Amitabh Bachchan.
True. I mean, he's got a strong personality and all that, and when I saw him in person, I went, "Whoa, this guy has a presence!" but I am not too fond of him or his movies.
Got it wrong: Oxy, Banana, Angel, Anil, Arnav, Avyakt

3. Three years ago, I had a freak kitchen accident when the entire skin peeled off my face, and I had to undergo plastic surgery to get the face I have today.
Everything except the plastic surgery part is true. Which pretty much makes the statement false I suppose. Yes, something exploded in my face (don't even ask for details, my kitchen ceiling still had the remnants of the explosion when I moved out), and my skin peeled off. I had to quit my job because the clients would have freaked out if they saw me. I got job interviews but I could not attend them. Was down to my last 100 bucks. I refused to see people, did not even let a friend into the house, who had travelled halfway across the country to see me. No plastic surgery was needed, but strong medication finally gave me a new layer of skin. Now I am okay. But I think it was the most traumatic period of my life.
Got it right: Sahil, Angel, Anil, Arnav, Justme, Dinesh, Virdi, Splitpersonality, Jasmine, Avyakt, Ashy, Ravi, Puneet

4. I can analyse your handwriting and tell you your characteristics.
Yes, I can. But it's better if I don't know you, otherwise what I say will be influenced by what I already know about you.
Got it wrong: Justme

5. I am not into F1 racing at all.
I'm not I'm not I'm not! I just don't get it. You go round and round and round (sometimes without any competitors!) and back to the same spot and then someone's car explodes into microparticles, and someone else crashes into a wall made of rubber tyres, and then someone wins, and some guys in a room wearing weird clothes look at the TV and start jumping, someone wins and opens a gigantic champage bottle, doesn't even drink it, but bathes himself and others in it. (Ok, I am gonna get shot down by F1 freaks for this!)
Got it wrong: Jasmine

6. A few years ago, I was on a diet and lost 8 kgs in 6 months.
The numbers are right, but it was purely by exercise. I do not diet and I do not believe in diets. Food rocks, man! (I had a horribly unhealthy lifestyle in first year uni, because of which I put on all that weight. I turned into an exercise freak after I lost those kgs.)
Got it right: Arnav, Justme, Avyakt, Ashy

7. I want to die at the age of 50.
Yep, 50 is just nice. I don't want to be too old and frail and dependent on others when I die.
Got it wrong: Angel, Dinesh, Ashy

8. I think Anu Malik is very talented.
He is! I totally agree with Arnav. Some of his OSTs are amazing! Ok his voice sucks and all that, and he really shouldn't be singing but that man's got talent! (And yes, I LOVE his "Dhuan dhuan ho raha hai sama"! Hey if you want the song, let me know.)
Got it wrong: Oxy, Sahil, Anil, Justme, Abhi, Dinesh, Virdi, Avyakt, UN Human

9. My tomboyish nature is because I grew up bashing up and getting bashed up by my two elder brothers.
Nope, no brothers. Only an elder sis. Who was too nice to bash me up or for me to bash her up.
Got it right: Sahil, Angel, Ro, Arnav, Abhi, Split personality, Puneet

10. When I was ten, I could beat the crap out of any guy in the neighbourhood at spinning tops.
Yes yes, I did! And not the upside down kinda spinning (which is easier). I used to do the proper spinning. You had to see the guys' tops to see how bullet-riddled my super top had made them!
Got it wrong: Splitpersonality, UN Human, Ravi

11. I love wearing stilettos.
No way, man! This is probably the only place where I apply my engineering skills, but I am very particular about the minimum surface area of the heels I wear. If I wore stilettos, I would be toppling over now and then. (Sahil, hey I don't wear spagetti straps either. Unless I am on a beach holiday.)
Got it right: Sahil, Arnav, Virdi, Jasmine

12. Some day I would like to bungee jump.
You must be freakin' outta your mind! Why would I wanna jump to my death? You know they test roller coasters just for weak-hearted people like me? :P
Got it right: Oxymoron, Banana, Splitpersonality, Puneet

13. I hate banana split ice-cream.
True. Hate bananas. Dislike ice-cream. I only like the milk-less orange-flavoured candy stick we used to buy outside school for 50 paise. That was yum! I miss that. The Magnolia orange bar is kinda close.
Got it wrong: Banana, Ro

14. I can knock lizards down using ice cubes.
Yeah, I can. I believe that if the impact doesn't work, the temperature will. To keep those damn creatures outta Sayesha's house.
Got it wrong: Oxymoron, Angelsera, Puneet, Ro, Arnav, Justme, Dinesh, Virdi, Jasmine, Avyakt, UN Human, Ravi

15. I hate chewing gum.
I hate it. Because it's like all nice and sweet and chewy at first, and suddenly it's not-so-nice and tasteless and yucky.
Got it wrong: Oxymoron, Banana, Virdi, Ashu, UN Human, Puneet

16. Once I stalked a guy on the streets.
I stalked Nikhil Advani for almost half an hour at Orchard Road
cos I wanted his autograph but could not remember his name. I'd mentioned this in an earlier post.
Got it wrong: Oxymoron, Banana, Sahil, Angel, Anil, Dinesh, Virdi, UN Human, Puneet

17. I like to buy and collect postcards with sappy phrases such as “I think of you from time to time – from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.”
Gotcha! Yes, I do. Yes, it's sappy, but it's also clever and witty, and I like the word play in "
I think of you from time to time – from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.” and I really dig anything that's clever and witty. (Besides, doesn't the postcard hold true when we have a huge crush or when we fall in love? We're thinking about that person pretty much the entire time we're awake.)

And here's proof that I did buy it. Anyone who has doubts about whether these are my hands, please proceed to counter 1. Bhavdeep Singh Virdi will be glad to be of assistance.

Got it wrong: Banana, Sahil, Anil, Arnav, Dinesh, Splitpersonality, Jasmine, Avyakt, Ashy, Ravi

18. I once told a guy I’d show him a picture of my crush, and brazenly showed him a mirror.
Haha! This is funny. This guy in school told me he liked me. I liked him, but
just to see whether he was the kind who would give up without a fight just because "there was another guy", I told him I had a crush on someone. He demanded to know who it was so I told him I'd show him a picture of my crush. Next day, I put a button mirror in an envelope and gave it to him. What a priceless expression.
Got it wrong: Oxymoron, Angelsera, Justme, Dinesh, Splitpersonality, Avyakt, Puneet

19. A guy once slapped me in a pub, and I waited for him to get sober before I slapped him back.
True again! I was sitting outside on the steps of the pub, sipping my orange juice and generally trying to get away from the cigarette smoke, when this friend came and sat next to me. He had had some 12 tequila shots. He sat beside me and said, 'Hey, look at my palm!" I did and smack! The moron had just slapped me! I realised there was no point in slapping him back right then 'cos he was too drunk to be able to remember. So I waited till the next day for him to get sober, saw him in uni outside the computer room, went up to him, slapped him and said, "This is for yesterday. Just so you will remember."
Got it wrong: Angelsera, Ro, Anil, Arnav, Justme, Dinesh, Splitpersonality, Avyakt, Jasmine, Ashy, Ravi

20. I can’t keep a secret from my close friends.
I so can. If I have a secret, I can guard it from anyone.
Got it right: Oxymoron, Sahil, Ro, Jasmine, Puneet

21. I can’t swim to save my own life.
True. I use swimming purely as a means of exercise and refuse to put my head under water. In fact, I believe I swim like a dog. Definitely can't save myself if I'm drowning.
Got it wrong: Banana, Sahil, Anil, Ravi, Puneet

22. I think some guys look really cool smoking.
No way. NO ONE -- I repeat -- NO ONE looks cool smoking.
Got it right: Oxymoron, Banana, Sahil, Angel, Ro, Arnav, Ashy

23. I don’t say the ‘F’ word aloud. I only say it in my head.
Tricky one, eh? I don't even say it in my head. I like to stop after "What the..?!" It has more impact.
Got it right: Arnav, Anil, Virdi, Splitpersonality, Jasmine, Avyakt, Ashy, Puneet

24. I can roller-blade and ice-skate.
Yep. Can.
Got it wrong: Virdi, Ashy

25. When I go to India, I refuse to have pani puri unless it’s made with mineral water.
Last year, when I went to Delhi, my cousin got damn excited. "Oh, I'll take you to this pani puri place. It's the best! You'll love it!" Apparently they use mineral water to make the dough. And they serve it in plates! It was the yuckiest pani puri I had ever tasted! I prefer my roadside pani puri any day, served in the leaf-bowls. Dirty as hell.
Got it right: Oxymoron, Banana, Sahil, Angelsera, Ro, Anil, Dinesh, Virdi, Splitpersonality, Jasmine, Avyakt, Ashy, Ravi, Puneet

Sahil and Arnav win, tied at 6 each.


Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Now that was a good info session about you!!

PuNeEt said...

Hey me not bad too...
Will add up and check my scores... ;-) hehehehe

Good to know more about u...
take care


Anil said...

Ahh, so I did get everything right... I just threw in a few wrong answers so that Sayesha doesn't get freaked out by how much I really know.

Full2 Faltu said...


I am ok with you not liking F1 but how can you not get it. Its just not running in circles. Its speed, Team spirit, science and precsion. My friend use to say when a car runs on that track, there are more than 50 people running with the car. Who can imagine changing tyres can be done in such a short time?


Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of myself! I managed to set up my computer and Internet on my own without any guy-help!

Your kidding! Don't you have a degree in cs or something?

Yeay! (And I also discovered how damn heavy a monitor is! Had never picked one up before! Got a head rush!)

HAHAHA! Try lifting a 22" CRT up 2 flights of stairs and 100 meters and then tell me about carrying monitors! :-)

Sayesha high-fives herself! (Hey, how does that work? Is it like a clap??)
I guess you can stand in front of a mirron and slam your hand into it to "high-five" yourself.....Obviously I don't recommend you do that for safety reasons!! :-)

1. Ideally, I would like to turn vegetarian.
Its a conspiracy to turn veggies into meat eaters! Seriously....look at my blog post.

7. I want to die at the age of 50.

I told my dad this one day and he got so angry and wouldn't talk to me for a day. So don't tell any family :-)

8. I think Anu Malik is very talented.
Anu WHO?

18. I once told a guy I’d show him a picture of my crush, and brazenly showed him a mirror.
Haha. That is pretty cool!

19. A guy once slapped me in a pub, and I waited for him to get sober before I slapped him back.
HAHA! You've got an EVIL streak! Thats so cool!

22. I think some guys look really cool smoking.
No one looks good smoking...and the smell is just bad...

Sayesha said...

Thanks :)

I'd say you did pretty well, considering you don't know me, and are a new reader at Sayeshaz! Am quite surprised that you got the sappy card bit when loadsa people didn't! :)

//I just threw in a few wrong answers so that Sayesha doesn't get freaked out by how much I really know.
My dear, don't try and do a Sahil. Only Sahil can pull off a statement like that.
You cannot be Sahil.
Just like Sahil cannot be Weird Hair Anil.

When I say I don't "get it", I don't mean I don't "understand it". I just mean that I don't "get it". Get it? ;)
ps: And yes, there are aspects of the sport I am amazed by, like the tyre changing thing! And how cute some the racers are! :P

//Don't you have a degree in cs or something?
I have a degree in EEE. One that I never used in any way. And before this, I had never set up my comp by myself. But as I discovered, the only difficult part was lifting the monitor outta the carton, and plonking it atop the comp table. Whoa! I can still feel the rush in my head!

//Try lifting a 22" CRT up 2 flights of stairs and 100 meters
Baby steps, my friend. Baby steps. Don't forget I am supposed to have "low energy levels"! ;)

Yeah, for safety reasons, am jus' gonna stick to a virtual self-high-five.

You should never tell your fam when you wanna die. It totally freaks them out.

And yes, I do have an EVIL streak. ;)

Angelsera said...

ah thr is a foto of ur hand...I guess that is gonna excite virdi again :)

Angelsera said...

u know wat I like most abt the amt of effort u put into details..

oxymoron said...

teacher teacher, not fair! question 3 needs to be scrapped... u said 'utter' nonsense... 3 is 50% true. i want a recount!

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Angelsera! :)

You're right, that was a very very tricky one. Even my good friend Sinnerman got tricked!

But you know what? I did give you extra points for being the only one who was close to guessing the real deal.

So stop complaining now or I'll send you outta the class! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Saw your post on rediff a while ago and liked it so much that I decided to visit again!

Your posts make for such an interesting read, its unbelievable!

Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I checked your replies right after getting up in the morning, and I am SO happy. Is there a prize? Maybe a roadside pani-puri treat in Delhi when you come to India next time? (Even I hate the mineral water pani-puri, btw)
And I am also happy about the Anu Malik endorsement. Proves you are a true Hindi film music fan :)
Though I did have a slight advantage in the elder brothers' statement.

Sahil said...

>Sahil and Arnav win, tied at 6 each.

Arre yaar this was not a competition man....

But an interesting quiz, oh quiz master. Learnt a lot about you, so don't be freaked when people whom you have never met know so much about you.

Anonymous said...

[Sahil] "Arre yaar this was not a competition man"

You bet it WAS! :)

OK OK, now that you have taken the moral high-ground, I'll have to agree too.

[Sayesha] But we can still have the treat, can't we?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! So did you use the network cable or did you buy a wireless adapter?

Seems like you know a LOT about F1. I mean you've gotten every detail almost 100% right :) Impressive for someone who doesn't like it. Ask me what songs were there in Sarfarosh and you'll see what I mean :D

Bhavesh said...

mmmm.. sayesha.. maybe i ll scan a page of my hadwriting and send it to u.. and u tell me more abtme.. wat say??

u seriously got into dat accident uh??.. god.. i cant even imagine..!!

hey dat mirror thing.. mmmm.. i ll try it out some day wen i really wanna impress a gal.. thanks !!

Ravi said...

So I got 4 right. thats 40% or passing percentage in India. Chalo pass to ho gaya. Phew!

Postcards: You really did surprise me there.

About the swimming thing, swimming with the head up is not very odd. I've seen many people swim like that esp. in smaller towns & villages. And about saving yourself from drowning, believe me, you damn well can.

Games apart, but I dont think that this quiz will be of any help in finding out how much others know about you. Knowing about some incidents here & there does not mean much. But yes, this stuff looks like a lot of fun.

BTW I am an EEE engineer too. I vaguely remember a book by 'Theraja' that had virtually everything in it.

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Shubha! :)

Indeed you deserve a treat! The pani puri plan sounds yum! I'll be going to Delhi this year or early next year, will look you up then. Be sure to recommend a place that's at the roadside, serves only in leaf bowls and had loads of chilli in the stuff! :P

I can't believe you just gave up a delightful evening of pani puris in the delightful company of Sayesha.

Network cable, my friend. And yes, I have enough F1-freak friends for me to have seen excerpts of what happens during a race! :)

Just me,
Yeah, send it to me, should be fun! :)
Yeah, it was a bad accident. On hindsight, it made me a stronger person, cos everything that could go wrong was going wrong in my life then, and the last thing I needed was an accident that put me in confinement. But then, tough things happen to tough people, isn't it? :)

Chal tu pass ho gaya grace marks se! :)

oxymoron said...

//So stop complaining now or I'll send you outta the class! :P

alright teacher, i'll live with it!

Angelsera said...

hey btw,I had heard abt ur kitchen accident and if I m not mistaken it was a 'IG table' discussion at one point and I had heard about how bad it was and stuff..

but I was confident you did not get plastic surgery done.

I heard when you started allowin ppl to 'see' you...was also warned not to ask you about it.

Sayesha said...

Good boy. Kit Kat for you in the next class! :)

Time out. No more accident talk now... I think Sayesha's freaking out a bit...

Anonymous said...

Hey Ravi, you more than passed man! Haven't you ever heard how you can tweak statistics?

There were 25 Qs. You got 4 of the red ones correct. That means you got 6 red ones wrong and hence, 6 green ones wrong also. So you made only 12 mistakes out of 25. 52% man!

// I have enough F1-freak friends for me to have seen excerpts of what happens during a race!

Don't I know! Maybe 1 too many! :)

Word verified: pzjrpalo

oxymoron said...

oooh! kit kat! now tatz how teachers should be :D:D:D
next time i'll study well, read Qs carefully and not commit silly mistakes! hahaa!

virdi said...

i hate this silly game.. i always lose.. bloody me, I got just 1 right.. only bloody one.. this game itself is wrong..
sayesha thanks for the hand photo.. what is the silly card doing in the way??
shukar hai nothing happened to your hands in the dangerous accident in the kitchen.. i dont care about the silly face and silly hair.. boy cut..
thrbbbbbrtttttttt, to your silly game..

patiala pataka said...

one of my comments went missing...sayesha chakkar kya hai?

anyway i got the AB question right

Jagan said...

"freak kitchen accident" ah ? now i know that u r as good cook as i am . when i try cooking , the kitchen looks like a war zone :-) .

Bhavesh said...

u told it rite.. tough times never last.. tough people do..

p.s . not mine.. its d title of a book..!!!

am leaving for my holiday for a week..!! coming to your place.. wen i get back.. i ll scanu dat page.. okies..?? bhoolna mat..!!

or singapore ke liya kuch tips ho to.. then help me..!!

Jade said...

Yay! I got five! Second place! :D

Vinesh said...

Very creative idea! :-)
And extremely interesting list!

Too bad I missed taking part in the contest

Sayesha said...

Oh God that was terrible.

Hahaha! :)

Silly boy,
Someone is using a lot of html code these days, eh? You owe me one! ;)

Pat Pat,
Yes, I deleted your comment because it was making me queasy. :(
I said 'Time out', remember?

I'm surprised I did not give up cooking for good! :O

Arre you're coming to Singapore?? Cool! :)

Yeah girl, you are! Pani puri treat for you too! :)

Maybe I'll have part 3 some time! (Hehe... I can already hear people screaming, "Noooooooooooo not another one!!!")


virdi said...

who the hell is this Silly Boy who is using this HTML code too much?? who who??
and u listen dear lady.. i am not GAY!!!

Sayesha said...

I dunno man... Some silly moron who's showing off his HTML skills!