Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dear archive reader...

Dear reader who finds my blog worthy enough to read the archives, may I just warn you that you may want to skip January. Read it by all means if you really want to, but I had just started blogging, and even I don't like the January posts! :P

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Baddie and the butt!

Played badminton with colleagues yesterday, it was the most fun I'd had this whole week! It's amazing -- the last time I played badminton was primary school! Tried it again four years ago in university, but was a complete disaster! But yesterday, I realised how de-stressing a good game can be! I felt rejuvenated even though it was at the end of a hard day's work! But man, was it tiring! I am walking around as what I call 'a limbless zombie with a semi-butt-cramp'! Trust me, baddie's really good exercise for the butt (something I'd never thought of!).

I resolve that henceforth I shall play badminton at least thrice a month!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Weird lyrics

Went out with colleagues last night for dinner, it was really fun! Over coffee sponsored by my editor-turned-teacher friend, we started talking about weird song lyrics. Starbreez suggested we start a thread about them on our blogs, and here it is!

1. Shakira's 'Whenever Whatever' - The weirdest I've ever seen! If you can figure the random mix of rhyming words out, let me know what on earth they mean!

2. Richard Marx's 'Hazard' - Would not consider it technically weird, since I'm quite taken in by the song. It has a certain quality to it that haunts you long after you've heard it. Incidentally it happens to be one of my favourite songs. But somehow, I feel that I haven't been able to fully figure the song out. I am sure it has a deep dark meaning beneath the words on the surface.

Will add on to the list as and when I think of more.

Added on the morning of Feb 11, 2005.

This one
(courtesy my friend Ro) makes me wanna pull out all my hair and go "The song is in my head, the song is my head, I can't get it out, the song is in my head!" I hate it!

Added on the morning of Feb 12, 2005.

Ro is a genius. His collection of songs-that-make-no-sense... ahem, I mean songs-that-make-sense-only-to-him is inexhaustible! I suspect that he is the ghostwriter for some of the songs he sings every now and then. These are songs that will make you stop in your tracks, do a double take and say, "What??" Take this, for example! Or even this! You don't expect the guy who listens to Jazz on 99.5 FM to do such a switcheroo! :) You go, Ro!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Diamonds are a girl's nightmare!

I have been going kinda nuts the whole day over diamonds.. and not in a good way! I am researching them to be able to make a good purchase for my sis-in-law-to-be, and trust me, it drove me crazy! First of all, I am pretty clueless about diamonds! Secondly, there are so many different kinds! Thirdly, they all look SO GOOD! :O I must have gone into at least six diamond shops today, till I was almost blinded! And I still could not make up my mind! The darn things are tiny, and they're freakin' expensive! It's a nightmare trying to pick a good one, when you dunno what is a "good one"!!

Oh by the way, I saw a diamond necklace that cost 100000 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!! A mind-blowing hundred thousand dollars! One can get an MBA with all that moolah! Which woman on earth in her right mind would wear a 100000-dollar necklace?? Geez! Who made that thing?? Who will buy that thing?? What a waste of diamonds! They could have used all those stones and made like a hundred affordable pieces of jewellery!!! Sheesh!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Beach blast!

I just came back from the beach after having a really fantastic time! My friends and I went cycling. For two whole hours!!! It was awesome! Though I can't feel my legs now! :O Next week, we plan to go kayaking or roller-blading. Suddenly we've been doing a lot of stuff... I think on some level, the tsunami disaster has made me more appreciative of life, and I have realised that I should just enjoy my life, and do the things I want to do, because there can be times when you have absolutely no control over what happens to you and your life...

When I was at the beach, I had the sudden realisation of how much I love living in the east! The east rocks! Now I am having second thoughts about moving to the centre once I start my Masters in July.... hmmm... I'd better decide soon....

Okie dokie, I gotta rush and do all the other things I have in my 'To do' list for this long weekend! :)


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Almost there!

One more day and it's end of the week! Tomorrow's packed with meetings... lately I haven't been able to keep track of all of 'em! Reminders suddenly pop up now and then, and I go, "What? Meeting? Now?? Which one is it now??" And looks like next week is gonna be the same, if not worse! Really looking forward to this long weekend though... sometimes I really wish I were working in India, they have so many public holidays, every God has a birthday and that is a public holiday! And there are so many Gods! Whoa! :O

Monday, January 17, 2005

Dreary dreary Monday...

Quite an uneventful day... a typical Monday I suppose... the best thing was that it was over really fast... btw, is it me or do Mondays in general go by really fast? Not that I'm complaining! :P

This week is really cool, Friday's a public holiday! Four-day week, yeay! :) Lotsa stuff to do over the weekend! Gotta shop for my vacations, will also try and make a trip to the gym, haven't been my healthy self lately! :O Am gonna make myself a healthy salad tonight, and feel reeeeealll goooood :D (Errr... the slice of pizza that I ate just now does not count! :P

My Internet connection has been a bit bonkers lately, so pple who've had me rudely go offline in the middle of a conversation, I'm not to blame! (Anshuli, if you're reading this, Hiiii! :)

That's pretty much there is to talk about today. I'm now going back to watching my Zee tv soap! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2005


I submitted the Food and Nutrition book today. After all the mad rush of last minute changes, finally phase I of the project is over! I feel a strange sensation, as if I'm not sure whether I am happy or sad... maybe because until Thursday night, the book had dominated my thoughts and dreams, and now poof! it's gone on Friday morning! Suddenly it's just not there anymore!

A lot of colleagues helped us out in the last minute, alleviating some of the tension. It was quite funny, as we all sat down together on Thursday night to stick the pages, to give the pages a 'double-sided' look (I still wonder why we don't have a printer that can print double sided pages! That would reduce the weight of the books by half!) When we looked at the full colour bound copy of the book, my co-editor and I could not help but suddenly realise how pretty our book looked! :P

On Friday morning, we went to the MOE, and submitted the book. The same admin guy I had seen when I had tagged along with my senior editor two years ago was there to receive the books! The MOE sure has a lower turnover rate than we do! Five copies of 288 pages of a book were sure heavy, and after we passed it on, it was literally a load off! :)

On Friday night, I went to watch 'The Aviator' which turned out to be the biggest mistake I made this entire week! The movie was not only a terribly made documentary, it was made worse by its sheer length! I wonder how some Hollywood directors just assume they can pull off a 3-hour movie! That's totally Bollywood's forte!! Anyway, I had an enlightenment today, as I imagined what some of my friends endure when they sit thru a painful Bollywood movie. I had not realised that a movie can kill you just by its length! But 'the aviator' did that to me and more! I will think twice before asking my friends to go for Hindi movies with me now! :P

I was sleeping thru most of the movie and so I can't sleep now! It's 2:12 in the morning, and I have my Mandarin lessons and a hell lot of other stuff to do. But I can't sleep! So here I am, blogging away!

Oh, this morning, we had our first Friday Faze meeting. The name for the meeting was coined by yours truly, dedicated to such meetings which truly faze you, i.e. interrupt your work because they are confusing, irritating or amazing! But we had real fun today. First we played the 'burst the balloons' game, which our team won (hey, what happened to our prize??)! Then we got to write out all the complaints we have against the company... hee hee :P I, of course, included my favourite 'Paint Times Centre, please!' complaint. :P I volunteered to organise the next one, and I hope I can make it both fun and useful! I need ideas! :O

That's all for now! I will go read/write a book now.

Good night (or as my Mandarin teacher taught me "Wan an!")!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mid-week crisis

It's an early Wednesday morning, and I am getting my daily dose of orange juice and 'Friends' and at the same time, creating this post. Talk about multi-tasking! :P

It's three days to my book submission and I am not sure if I feel the jitters yet. Today's gonna be a long hard day... the only thing I'm looking forward to is the Malay chicken rice which is a regular Wednesday feature at the Malay stall in the hawker centre behind my office building, a place we call 'No Choice Place' (for obvious reasons). Last week, the old man at the stall gave me his number so I could pre-order my lunch. The first time a guy gives me his number, he's 60! :)

Apart from submission, there's a lot of other stuff happening around me, which I'm trying not to think about too much till I submit my book. The other stuff is so exciting that I may get distracted! My friends are planning a trip to Cambodia in the Chinese New Year weekend. These are people who're leaving Singapore in July for their MBAs and I do wanna spend all the time I can with them before they leave. Besides, Cambodia sounds exciting!

My cousin is getting married in March, and I'll get to go home! :) I'll also get to meet my cousins from the UK, whom I miss terribly ever since we went for the Goa trip last year. The fellowship of the cousins, we call it. Don't ask me why just because I came up with the name! :) Guess it was one of my wildly uncreative moments! :P

That's all for today!

Monday, January 10, 2005

First post!

I have finally created my blog! Yeay! :D