Monday, September 26, 2005

Things will work out in the end

10 reasons why I laugh to myself as I work out in the gym

1. People do not frequent it too much on weekends. So on Saturday and Sunday mornings, it's like my personal kheti in the gym. I get the keys, I unlock the gym, switch on the lights and the AC, put on the TV/radio, work out, switch off the lights and the AC, lock the gym and return the keys to the security guard. I feel like I own the place. Muahaha!

2. The security guard David who always says, "Enjoy your workout, lady scholar!" as he hands me the keys. (Yeah, he interrogated and dug out my entire history on Day 1.)

3. The 2-year-old toddler in the baby care centre next door who insists on working out. So his Dad brings him and deposits him on the exercise cycle. The kid's legs don't even reach the pedals! So he kinda cycles in air, and that's such a comical sight I can't even begin to describe it.

4. The dude who comes to the gym, strips off his T-shirt, looks at himself in the mirror (from a few angles) and leaves.

5. The Takeshi Kaneshiro look-alike Japanese guy and his friend who always come to the gym together and do weights together, reminding me of some girls who always go to the ladies' in pairs.

6. The sign on one of the treadmills that says "Threadmill out of order". Now I am thinking broken-down-cotton-factory.

7. The dude who makes weird sounds when he lifts weights, "Aaahhh!!", "Ohhhh!!" inviting strange looks from people around him.

8. They usually put the TV on mute and the radio is always blasting, so the first time I went to the gym, for a minute I was really disoriented to see Channel News Asia newsreaders "lip-synching'" to 'It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes.' (Maybe that's how 'Naked News' came about.)

9. The Indian dude who was watching me as I keyed in my age on the exercise cycle. Damn! I should have keyed in '56' and freaked him out.

10. And the one who makes me laugh the most. The Indian girl on the second "threadmill", trying to drown out the sounds of 'I will survive' from the radio by head-banging to 'Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam' blasting on the ipod.

That's me.

Blessed is she who can laugh at herself. For she'll never run out of material.


Bonatellis said...

my god, u're so prolific these days ... wish I had peeps like u at work :-)

rimjhim said...

Even i m very fond of hindi music...that too golden oldies...
BUT CAN YOU REALLY WORK OUT LISTENING TO 'waqt ne kia kya haseen sitam'???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pingoo said...

haha :). Fun place, that gym.

Sayesha said...

Thanks, man! :) Keep me in mind. If I relocate to India, I will need a job. :P

There's a lot I am capable of that you have no idea about.
And yes, I can work out to any music as long as I like it.

Yeah, it is. Very difficult not to laugh! :D

Bhavesh said...

where do u get d time to do all these things from sayesha.. busy life uh..?? no time to stand and stare??

PuNeEt said...

feel like I own the place.
Lollzzz hehe hehehe

I should have keyed in 56 and freaked him out.
Hahahahha naughty babe

That was funny dear…

Hey I need to read ur earlier post…
Its quite long… hope to get steal some time

Take care

Priya said...

everytime i read ur blog i wonder this.. how does this gurl always have sumthing to write on.. tht too sumthin tht doesnt make us go zzzzz... ?? u rock! :)

btw my word verification this time was BHAKS.. i jus thought it was weird.. like "bhaks was here" "bhaks has left the building" "bhaks is on fire"
im blabbering! :D


Sayesha said...

A lot of things I do are governed by the fear of death, and so I do a lot more things! Did I confuse you? :P I'll post about it some day :)

Hehehe... Yeah, I always have such a blast at the gym! :P

Thanks, gal! :)
ps: Hope everything's okay at home now.
pps: What 'bhak'waas was that?? :D

Aye Kay said...

Now I havent been to a gym in ages, (and it probably showed when I bumped into you at the ARR show :-p)... so please enlighten me... why does an exercise cycle need to know your age?? :-s

Sayesha said...

Hahaha!! You need to key in your age and weight before you start cycling so that the resistance level suitable for you can be correctly set. :)

Ravi said...

I would like to say something more relavent but where does "cotton factory" in point no 6 really come from? Is it that cotton factories are closed for ages?

Bhavesh said...

hhmm.. something abt death.??. i would rather prefer d normal sayesha s post which make me smile..!!

i ve always admired people who can laugh at themselves coz dats something i ve never been quite able to do...!!

and oh yeah.. i agree with priya.. from where do u get such topics and u do write them great..!! keep going..!!

Kaala Kavva said...

zym is a good place to go to...

n u have 10.6621 approx good reasons to go...

btw ive seen a guy in the zym who picks up less wt and makes more noise
and sounds like "pissssssssssssss pissssssssssss aaaaaaaaaahhh!"

Anonymous said...

sayeshas back in form...sabaash...

r u a gujju babe?...thats off-topic btw..:)

Humjoli said...

I think I am in love with you Sayesha. Read most of your blogs and more I came to know about you, more i yearned for more (ye 'more' kuchh jyada hi ho gaya lagta hai ;o) )

Keep blogging!

ankur said...

we have ladies who take 'kyunki MIL bhi kabhi DIL thi' so seriously that they exercise in salwar kameez. well...we even had a saree clad lady once...! thankfully before i could pee in my pants laughing...someone reminded me that she is the dean's wife..!

only laugh at yourself...!


Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Well, here's what went thru my mind: threadmill -> thread mill -> cotton thread + cotton mill -> cotton factory -> out of order threadmill = broken down cotton factory! :P

Thank you thank you. Btw, don't read my death wala post then, whenever I write it. It may disturb you. :P
ps: I don't consciously "get" topics... like Munnu says na, sometimes you just sit at the computer and let your thoughts of the day flow... sometimes there are no thoughts worth putting down, so no posts...

#Ze Chapaater,
Hahahaha! :D

*Sayesha shakes her fist at Spam*
Hey what you mean Sayesha's back in form? Cricketer samjha hai kya? Sayesha is always in her own form! :P
ps: Gujju babe? You mean all gujju babes go to the gym and laugh at themselves?? Interesting... :)

Thanks :)

Kyunki MIL bhi kabhi DIL thi???? Huh?? Ohhhh that saas-bahu serial!! They show sari clad women in the gym in the tv show?? Not trying to put down saris but that can be dangerous, nahin? What with all the equipment and dangling pallus?? :O

Siddhu said...

Nice post, Sayesha - as usual.

But the reason why two guys work out together is quite easily explainable - nothing like two women going to the ladies' room together. Its because if the weights are heavy u need someone's help. N if you have a friend who's equally exp, why not! :D

Anonymous said...

its a double whammy if you are able to work out and enjoy it too :). by the way do you run on the threadmill or bang your head on it :p.

Anonymous said...

treadmill I mean ..bah...

Anonymous said...

that anonymous was me ...damn !! one comment ko teen kar diya :|.

Sayesha said...

#Hey Siddhu,
Long time, man! :)
Oh, now I get it! So there is some logic to it. But I still haven't figured out why some girls go to the ladies' in pairs. Safety reasons perhaps?

Welcome back! Today is like comeback day for all 'disappearees' eh? :)
I am not allowed to run yaar -- doc's orders. So I do a fast walk. And no, I don't bang my head on it!! Why would you say that??
*Sayesha bursts into tears.*

//damn !! one comment ko teen kar diya :|.

Muahahaa! Yehi hota hai jab someone is mean to Sayesha! Hosh ka thikana nahin rehta! :D
*Sayesha wipes her tears away, points at Keshav and laughs.*

Ravi said...

ok ok i get the cotton mill logic.

yaar keshav said "head banging" because you had written the same term in point 10 when you said "head-banging to 'Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam'"

Sayesha said...

I said head-banging. He said banging head. There's a difference. :)

Anonymous said...


*heavy brit accent* a street fite is quite impropah, mah deah. oh, how dreadfully vulgar it is to be involved in one.

n hey, i love exercising to 'aap ki aankhon mein kuch' from ghar...frens say they'd pro'lly run backwards if they had to work out to that. humph!

Sayesha said...

Da street fight is still on, bruddah!

ps: I LOVE that song! I just LOVE it! Damn, am craving for it now.. must take it with me when I hit the gym next...

Aapki aankhon mein kuchh mehke hue se raaz hain
Aapse bhi khoobsurat aapke andaaz hain...

Lab hiley toh mogre ke phool khilte hain kahin
Aapki aankhon mein kya sahil bhi milte hain kahin
Aapki khaamoshiyaan bhi aap ki aawaaz hain...

Aapki baaton mein phir koi sharaarat toh nahin
Bewajah taareef karna aapki aadat toh nahin
Aapki badmaashiyon ke yeh naye andaaz hain...

Aapki aankhon mein kuchh...

Sahil said...

Mera naam liya aur mein hazir.

I never figured out the going to the ladies' room in pairs either.

I figure its just coz they don't like to walk off alone, and need 'company' so the washroom and back. Tujhe kya lagta hai?

Anonymous said...

no brawls for me, S. make it a duel. a shoot-out...fencing... anyfink but fisticuffs.

choose your weapon, sistah...n i'll give you a fite you won't forget in a hurry.

p.s.: isn't it delightful the way she sings Bewajah taareef karna aapki aadat toh nahin? oooeerrrr!!! she rocks, man! shez the most!

p.s. #2: whaddya mean, "bruddah"? unless its some bronx jargon m not familair wid, stick to sistah! thats the rite gendah! oops...gender.

Bhavesh said...

hmm.. i will obviously read dat post.. dekhte hain usme hain kya..?? :-)

virdi said...

i bought running shoes yesterday... started gyming again today morning...

want to run at 15 km/hr for 30 mins... thats when i will say, YES I AM FIT!!!


ankur said...

ofcourse the saris are dangerous...but then thats the fun of the entire episode. all their effort goes towards preventing an accident...rather than just working out..!

and dilligent students...we take good care of her...! :)


Anonymous said...

//*Sayesha shakes her fist at Spam*
oye...apna fist apne paas rakho.. kahi toot woot gaya to koyi shaadi nahi karega tere se... :D

//ps: Gujju babe? You mean all gujju babes go to the gym and laugh at themselves?? Interesting... :)

i was just trying to digup on ur mother tongue..:)
tamil X
malayalam X
gujju X (?)

Anonymous said...

// #Ravi, I said head-banging. He said banging head. There's a difference. :)

What I said was supposed to be a pj...please not to get technical :p.

Sayesha said...

//tujhe kya lagta hai?

I don't know.

You're a gal?? Damnit! Didn't know that. Now I dun wanna get into any fight with you... I'm not quite into cat fights, sistah! Gimme a guy to bash up any day.
ps: Still listening to 'Aapki aankhon mein..'

I wanna read the post too. Dekhte hain usme kya hai! :O

Yeay we're long distance gym-buddies! I inspired you, nahin? C'mon, admit it. Be a man! ;)

Geez! You guys just sit there and watch 'em, eh? Salivation army huh?

And I thought you're one of my juniors from uni. Hehe..
Give up yaar! Btw, I got the Tamil X cos I said I dun understand the lyrics. But how come you crossed out mallu and gujju, man?

You and your PJs I tell you...
Virtual bump on head when it banged into "threadmill" still hurts...

Sahil said...

Kuch to lagna chahiye Sayesha. After all, Sahil's back.

ahaan said...

The kid cycling looks so sweet.Surely this can be one reason to make u laugh while going to gym :)

Sayesha said...

// Kuch to lagna chahiye Sayesha. After all, Sahil's back.

Kuch nahin hota hai, Sahil. Tum nahin samjhoge.

I have plenty of reasons to laugh at the gym! :D

Anonymous said...

if u r a mallu...then in all prob ull understand a bit of tamil...if not thats ruled out... gujju iam not sure... :)

Sahil said...

Sahil sabh samajhta hai.

Woh bhi samajh jaata hai, joh aap khudh apne baare mein nahin samajh paaye.

Kher, bachi ho, naadan ho, time lageyga samajhne mein.

Vinesh said...

Excellent post :-)

I'm printing this out ! :-)

GS said...

haha! thats one funny post.

wow! I read 3 posts and all 3 of a different cader. Good going!

Sayesha said...

You crack me up! :)

Nice try :)

Thanks! Honoured :)

Thanks, girl! :)

Sahil said...

Sahil doesn't try.

He does, or does not. There is no try.

Sayesha said...

// Sahil doesn't try. He does, or does not. There is no try.

Oooh. How sexy. And Sayesha's knees turned to jelly.


Sahil said...

Did anyone ever tell you u're funny when u're sarcastic?

Sayesha said...

Nope. You're the first.

ggop said...

LOL! I almost cried laughing..Sayesha, your blog is delightful!

Bhavya said...

About #5. There are these two guys in my gym who always come there together. But I never thought of it the way you've put it here. On Monday morning I'm gonna burst out laughing in their faces!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sayesha, can i pls borrow the last line and put it as my gtalk status message??..i LOVED are an awsum female...:)