Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mera kuchh saamaan...

Dad used to say, "The things you lose during one transfer -- you find during the next." So true.

Dad also used to say, "And the boxes you don't open after one transfer, you will never open after the next. It probably means you don't need that stuff. Throw it."

I found such a box when I was packing to move from the east to the west. I was amazed to discover it. It had stayed unopened for three whole years in my old place. What could it contain?

I remembered Dad's words. Then I opened it so I could decide whether it was safe to throw it.
And at once, my childhood, teenage and university life hit me.

There they were. Smiling at me. Making me smile.

Cards from guys in school who had a crush on me.

Cards I'd bought but given to no one.

Cutesy stickers.

Love letters belonging to friends who had placed them in my safe hands lest someone in their family discovered it.

Poems I had written.

Yellowed books.

Little gifts from people I love and people who love me.

Looks like Sayesha had found her 'memories box'.

And nope, I wasn't gonna throw it.
No way.

Here are some of the things that I found in the box:

A gift from my dear friend Jeff. This was years ago. Now he's happily married. And I'm so thankful that we're still as close as we used to be. Jeff, if you're reading, remember this? :)

My first keyboard. I think I was ten or so. Check out how tiny it is. It's practically four times smaller than my current one.

Another gift from a friend who used to say that I am a lot like Phoebe Buffay from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Ok Tarzan, you can stop grinning now.)

A farewell gift given to me by a very close friend when I was leaving India seven years ago. It says, "When you meet a stranger, make friends. Do remember, your friends were strangers when you first met them." (I'd blogged about this earlier.)

My engineering calculator from my first year at uni. Gosh the things they make. 'Engineering calculator' it seems.

My first (and last) walkman. Haven't seen one of these in years!

An audio cassette. Oh man! An audio cassette!!! Ghulam Ali and Asha Bhosle at their classic best!

What masterpieces...

Dard jab teri ataa hai toh gila kisse karein
Hijr jab tuney diya hai toh mila kisse karein

Karoon na yaad magar, kis tarah bhulaaun usey
Ghazal bahana karoon aur gungunaaun usey

Phir saawan rut ki pawan chali
Tum yaad aaye, tum yaad aaye

A gift my 7-year-old tuition kid gave me on Teacher's Day. It says, "Teacher, you're a precious work of art." (I think I'm gonna cry.)

I'd gone to meet the Indian cricketers when they came to Singapore in 1998 (or was it 1999?). Rahul Dravid signed an autograph for me. Oh man. What a man.

And Nikhil Chopra. And this was more special than the Dravid thing. Why? I bumped into Nikhil Chopra on the streets a day after I got his autograph. And to my absolute delight, he called out my name and said, "Hi, remember me? We met yesterday?" Whoa. Celebrity ho toh aisa!

A diary of quotes that my sis and I had compiled.
Typical ones she wrote:

"Be a girl with a great big smile
Try and be jolly all the while

If things go wrong, never look blue

Smile and say, "Oh, I'll get through."

Typical ones I wrote:

"Britain produces cashewnuts

Spain produces them too

But India took a long time

to produce a nut like you!"

A diary of hindi/urdu poems I wrote. Promise not to laugh and I will actually reproduce a few lines below (before you judge me or laugh at me, just remember that I was 15 when I wrote this!)

Ajnabi, tum ajnabi hi rehna...
Raahein tumhari jud jaayein humaari raahon se

Par tum na humse judna

Gar ho yeh pata peechhe hain khade hum

Toh bhi na kabhi tum mudna

Dil ki baat kabhi na kehna

Ajnabi tum ajnabi hi rehna

Aankhon mein dekhkar, na aankhon se kabhi bolna

Bas yun hi baat karna

Na muskurakar dekhna, na hi jaankar kabhi

Tum mulaqaat karna

Dard-e-dil ko yun hi sehna

Anjabi tum ajnabi hi rehna....

Books from my Enid Blyton collection. I grew up reading about the ham and bacon and sausages in the yummy meals the characters had. (They were always eating, weren't they?) When I finally had the chance to taste these things, I went "Yuck!" But the books will always be amongst the best of my childhood memories. (My Dad confiscated my entire 'The naughtiest girl in the school' series and put it in my 'bachpan box'. He has one 'bachpan box' each for my sis and me. My first toy, my first drawing, my first milk bottle, my first comic book, they're all in there. And he's so possessive about the stuff! I had to literally beg to get these three from him!)

A painting I made when I was a kid. I made it so I could show it to my sister and she could say that she liked it. Back then, that's all I wanted to paint. Whatever sis would like. To me, praise from her was real praise.

My autograph book. Gosh, do kids still do this?? Look how tattered it is!


Duniya mein hum saare...

yaadon ke hain maare...
kuch khushiyan thode gham...
yeh humse, inse hum...



pingoo said...

Wow !! cute things u have from bachpan..I liked the concept of "bachpan box" !! awesome che :).

Just another ... said...

Reminded me of all the stuff that I've collected over the years. Others may see it as junk .. but to me it's my life! Am so possessive about it.

Anonymous said...

oh how touching...i think i am gonna cry too..:))
By the way, you have got a "flair" for poems, dont you?

Kaps said...

interesting collection of items & memories. so what keyboard do u have now?

Chugs said...


Anonymous said...

Omg! so cute..Have u felt goosebumps after reading something that so closely resembles what you think? I am one such gal, who has a "memory box"just like you have. I am in the US and I have carried all the stuff right from the greeting cards given to me on my second birthday to a rose card given in college..just little pieces of memories that tag along whereever we go..Great read, gal!!Keep it up...Raysofsun

Anonymous said...

Memories... wonderful things.

And hey, btw, you are REALLY talented man! The Ajnabi poem at 15?! And I really like the painting. Keep at it!

Rahul said...

Cool...This is good stuff.

Nostalgia at its best.

I had an autograph book during school days. Last year when we had a get together of school friends I was reading out stuff from it to them...It was mind blowing I tell you.

Made us almost cry.

Sayesha said...

Wow, so many new names here today :)

Hahaha! Dad and his 'bachpan boxes' I tell you! (I coined the term, btw!) :P

#Just another...,
Yeah, this kinda stuff can choke one with emotion...

Hehehe... yeah, I'm into what I call instant-crazy-poetry! Check the post 'I got at-tagged' for some crazy poetry between Tarzan and me.
ps: Btw, the cashewnut poem's not mine. That book is just a compilation of stuff sis and I liked.

I have the Casio CTK 495 now. Haven't played it in ages though :(
ps: And before you think I'm some ultra-talented superwoman, I should confess that I can't play chords, and I only play tunes of songs I like, using only one hand! :P

Back at ya :)

Yeah, some things just transport you into that era of pure innocence, don't they? :)

Thanks! :) You like the ajnabi poem? And to think that I almost excluded it 'cos I wasn't very proud of it. :P

Yeah I was reading the autograph book and almost cried too! :)

ankur said...

its amazing how the present takes over the times so furiously that you seem to have lost a part of sometime.

am so glad you found this box...i can see your happiness...through your words...


Jade said...

Hey, I like the painting. How old were you when you made it?

Young Master said...


Deeps said...

Wow!! From the comments, its nice to see so many people "conserving" their memories :))

I still have my sticker and feather collections, my poems diary, my autograph books of primary school, High school and college, scrapbooks of pictures and flowers, my book of sketches and my dolls of various years and teddy bears :) Recently, after I met my hubby, I started a new album with roses, chocolate wrappers, bows, banners and what not, just as keepsakes for the little gifts my hubby has given me till now. I know a small album is not gonna be sufficient, 'cause its gonna be a life-long collection of memories ;-) :))

Great post :)

Priya said...

wen diggin up my old stuff, i found a card a frnd gave me on my 8th bday .. saying this "hey have a big fun " :) cudnt stop smiling over it!


Siddhu said...

Hey... Famous Five!!! Interestingly me memories of Famous Five are similar too... :D

Food, food, food and more food

Pi said...

Awesome stuff. The cricketers came to Singapore in 1999.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sayesha,

I am a frequent visitor to your blogs, infact was enjoyin this state of a silent-reader all these days,but then thought, wtf, you should know there is another fan of yours, like the way u r..:)

And as far this post is concerned, Mindblowin !!!! Left me all Nostalgic. N most of your readers would agree to this,so as a writer,guess ur purpose is solved..Keep up the Good Work.

Ciao !!!


Anonymous said...

Man , sayesha , this has to be one of the most real yet magical posts I have seen on any blog.munnu ka saara blog ek taraf and tera yeh post ek taraf.nostalgia at its peak.

Anonymous said...

*sobz*.. see what your post did to me.. hehe jus kiddin'.. as always, lovely writing .. and i gotta find that "treasure box" of mine now.. :)

Sayesha said...

Yes, sometimes our memory is not enough, isn't it? We need to see these tiny little things to remember other connected stuff :) I'm waiting for the day when I get peeking privileges to my 'bachpan box'. Dad insists that after he retires, he's gonna sit on a huge armchair, go through the box, and then I'll get to see what's inside :)

I think I was 8 or 9. I used to have this book called 'The lost girl and the scallywags', in which I saw this candle picture, and I painted it. Man, I loved that book. Then Dad confiscated that book too and put it in the 'bachpan box'! :P

Right back at ya :)

You know, I don't have a grown-up life memories box? Maybe I should... Some day when I am 49, just before I die, I could look at them and smile :)

//hey have a big fun!
HAHAHAHA! :D This reminds me of a friend's friend who used to say "What is the hell yaar!" :D

Yeah man, they were eating like ALL THE TIME, isn't it?? And all that food, as I discovered, tastes bleeaahhh! :s

Thanks :)

#Heyy Sana,
Welcome. Good to see the silent readers coming out. :)
And thanks a ton! :)

//munnu ka saara blog ek taraf and tera yeh post ek taraf

Bachi ki jaan lega, Abhi? Sayesha is already super senti, tu aisi baatein mat bol yaar :)

Hope you find it :)

Anonymous said...

Wotta trash collector!

:p'ly, Anon911

Unknown said...

I'd feel a trifle weird sharing all this stuff with a bunch of strangers. I guess such paraphernalia is intimate,and has a sanctity, if you will. Don't you think you're undermining each individual present by choosing to display everything together, like a garage sale?
No judgements intended

BP said...

Heh, cool. Looks like we hv something else in common :)

Casablanca said...

Seems like a lot of stuff from school. How did you get baggage allowance to bring all this?
*Just curious*

Sayesha said...

I really have nothing to say to you.

#Drops of Jupiter,
//Don't you think you're undermining each individual present by choosing to display everything together, like a garage sale?


Our blogs are turning into discoveries for each other, eh? :)

Some stuff is from uni. Rest were all brought here in installments during annual trips home, some without Dad's knowledge! (All right, all right. I'll put them in the 'bachpan box' some day!) But for now, I need to keep them with me. :)

Ravi said...

Aww... I'm happy for you.

I'm jealous of you. I'm that guy who acted smart and left this "nostalgia box" home. "I will not be opening this box", I thought. Very smart, aint I? And now you post such things and make me sad. Very Bad.

Anonymous said...

drops of jupiter:

// sharing all this stuff with a bunch of strangers

Yeah we might not all have seen or met each other before but a lot of people here are familiar with each other's online personas. I don't think strangers is the right word for everyone here. Anyway, in this day and age, the scope of who is a stranger is a lot more narrow.

And hey, when you can share your most private thoughts with "strangers" in a blog what's wrong with a few photos?

It's not like anybody's privacy is being invaded. If anything, it just shows whoever gave those gifts that it still means a lot to the writer.

Cogito said...

Beautiful post ! I started singing the "Ijaazat" Asha song ...

Anonymous said...

hey, S! just finished reading your archives. (thats as much to say...i didn't do much in office these last 2 days.) m hooked.


Unknown said...


Sure, we all read each others' blogs regularly and are aware of said "online personas". But to presume that, as a reader, you are aware of a writer's psyche is precisely, presumptuous.If the world is indeed one big happy blogging community ,sans strangers, can I ask why MOST of us post under monickers? What does a reluctance to admit one's own name suggest?

debubhai_bole_to_ said...

sayesha...u r a gem! i am lost for words...though i daily visit ur blog but seldom do i post a comment..but cudnt help it 2day....this is to tell u you make my day....its become such tht everyday b4 leaving for office i hope ohh god...i hope sayesha has posted something last post daily....i think if someday i happen to come across you i will just copy yourself:) "hi sayesha! debubhai...BIG Fan:)" are a gem......

Anonymous said...

hehehhee....phoebe bhi ??? xena bhi ?? aur jane bhi ?? this keeps getting betterer and betterer !

Anonymous said...


A Keyboard artist, Poet,, Painter ,EE Engineer and now Editor of a magazine + Blogger + Globe Trotter

U r truly a pandora box if I am allowed to use that term.



Anonymous said...

drops of jupiter:

Agreed. It's not all goody goody out there. Everyone wants to protect their privacy.

What I do not agree with is that by posting these photos, Sayesha has in any way undermined the value of those things or revealed something so intimate that it shouldn't be spoken about with 'online acquaintances' (shall we call us that?).

In any case, no one should even be questioning a blogger why something was posted (or whether it is right). It's their blog, isn't it? If it's way outta line, they get arrested :P

Sorry Sayesha for heading off at a tangent.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why people take offense to comments. No comment can ever dictate what a blogger puts on his/her blog. Yes, we know. Comments are points-of-view, which the blogger has allowed people to submit by allowing comments. For every 10 I-agrees, there could be 1 I-dont-agree. Or.. I think it should be...
And unless its down right rude and meaningless, I think people should be ready to take a differing POV.
Is that so difficult?

PS: When people ask Sayesha to post more sweet stories and nice poetry, who dont you tell them they shouldnt be dictating what the blogger posts?


Anonymous said...

(oh, wow! the stirrings of a blog war on my first day here. i like!)


Unknown said...


I was not questioning her right to post photoes. My question was whether she had undermined each INDIVIDUAL present, the key word being individual, by posting everything together. I also think you're getting acutely technical on my choice of words."Intimate" does not have any titallating connotation here. It simply means that these objects are very special, in that, they have no purpose other than being sweet reminders of long lost friends,lovers, etc. Hence,intimate,hence,the sanctity.

And regarding your crude point about "questioning" a blogger... if Sayesha is mature enough to handle an opinion contrasting her own, I don't see why you should have a problem. Debate is healthy for both parties. Who knows, maybe we can learn a little from each other.

Sayesha said...

Jealous mat ho yaar! :) Next time you go home, just bring your 'nostalgia box' with you! :)

I LOVE that song... :)

Ooops... hope your boss doesn't block my blog off man! :P

ok, now I'm more than slightly embarrassed! :$

Haha! :) You made me laugh out loud man! I'm beginning to like you morer and morer.

'Jill of all trades' would be a more appropriate term I think. I have not managed to master any of these yet. :P

Last but not the least, the other stuff:

Thanks for putting many of my points in very clear words. :)

When people tell Sayesha to post sweet stories and nice poetry (when did this happen anyway??) Sayesha doesn't. Sayesha posts what she wants to post. Take it or leave it.

I'm open to readers having differing views from mine. What I won't tolerate, however, is a reader calling my blog post a 'garage sale'. Maybe you guys should do your 'shopping' at other (high-class) blogs. 'Cos Sayeshaz is for people like me. Ordinary and lovin' it.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know what was meant by intimate. I meant the same. Sorry if it sounded otherwise.

// And regarding your crude point about "questioning" a blogger... if Sayesha is mature enough to handle an opinion contrasting her own, I don't see why you should have a problem. Debate is healthy for both parties. Who knows, maybe we can learn a little from each other.

"Questioning" is asking someone "don't you think blah blah blah" as if to say "why did you blah blah blah". If not, the question is quite redundant.

Opinion is "I would have blah blah blah because blah blah blah". Nothing wrong with that. Healthy. Helps one see things from a different perspective.

I don't have a problem with anything anyone said. I put forward my opinion. Take it or leave it. I liked the discussion so far. It's getting a bit defensive now. I'll be on my way. No hard feelings. Cheers

Sayesha said...

Ok everybody back to work! NOW! :D

Jesus Christ. Don't make me responsible for dwindling productivity in offices now. :)

Unknown said...

Sayesha,the term is figurative, a garage sale is usually a sale where old papaphernalia are displayed /sold. Of course, you're not selling anything, but the point is its still a display of very varied objects. No offence was intended.

Viv- So your basic point is that I should paraphrase my question because somehow that makes it an opinion, whereas when its a question, it doesn't reflect my thinking.i.e. it is not an opinion.

Likewise, no hard feelings here. I read this blog regularly, and often agree with Sayesha says.
But obviously, an adverse opinion is treated worse than the plague here. Tut tut.

PuNeEt said...

Hey sooo sweeeeetttttt
Thats a preetty cool collection

Ajnabi, tum ajnabi hi rehna...
That's really nice...
So u stopped writing???

Take care

Anonymous said...

I don't intend to say that a question doesn't reflect your thinking... But it does a lot more. It asks why the other person doesn't think the same way. (When I read your comment, that's what it sounded like)

// an adverse opinion is treated worse than the plague here
Well, that's like saying all arguments are bad.

virdi said...

yahooo i m 44th today!!!

aaaachooooo!!! so much kachar in your house??? aaaachoooo!!!everywhere there is kachra...

I used to have those world war-II comics, adventures of tintin and the astrix comics.. I will bring them to Madras when i go back to KGP... i will then show off!!

i can see one pretty hand... :-)

the word is : jmwquhdv


virdi said...

who is Nikil Chopra??? what did he do to become a celebrity?? he is some actor?? or he was.........

i dont know... who the duck is Nikhil Chpra... some one tell me..


Angelsera said...

what Sayesha has done here, by actually photographing all these items and puttin them up on her blog, instead of merely "thanking" someone for the gift given, she has told them how much she has valued them and treasured them for so many years.

If one of my frens did this, I wud probably be beeming w joy.Cos more than the actual gift itself, the memories tt are tagged ard the gift and the person who gave it wud all come rushing back.

I think this was an awesome thing you did. I have a memory box from my school days which I havent opened for ages.But I remember I used to show all the things in tt box to my uni friends.It was my way of 'reliving' the good old days :)

Really hats off to u for taking the effort to actually fotograph them and put them the memories will remain for longer :) (err...unless the blog server goes down ;) ...)

Anonymous said...

Hey V!

Nikhil Chopra is an off spinner who once used to play for India. He was in the squad when the Indian team came to Singapore for a tri-series.

WV: vwprgwm

Angelsera said...

Hey btw, forgot to add...
Me in love with tt painting of the candle..

patiala pataka said...

But why did you bring your kiddy keyboard to Singapur?

You read Enid Blyton books. You have very cute handwriting in Hindi. You play a musical instrument. You can join my gang!

Anonymous said...


you like asterix? when i grow up, i wanna have the complete collection! they're collectors items, man! n calvin n hobbes. n all stan lee comix from marvel.

btw, u r rite. pruhtee hands. "nobody, not even the rain has such small hands."

Anonymous said...

oops..previous anon was me..fao.

virdi said...


about Nikhil Chopra... I did google search and i found 67,600 hits for this guy... I never heard about this guy... saw his photo, still could not recognise when he played cricket for India or did anything worthwhile to become a celebrity and make Sayesha run around him for his autograph... ;-)

I guess we Indians are crazy about cricket... also I did google search for Dhanraj Pillay and I found just 29,500 hits for him... Khel Ratan Awardee (its like Nobel for Indian Sports given every year) and he is less popular than some Chopra... anyways, popularity doesnt mean you are good at anything...

badnaam honge toh kya naam nahi hoga??? :-)


virdi said...

hahahaha... people Nikhil Chopra is popular for wrong reasons i guess... he was suspected for match fixing... please see this

sorry Sayesha... your celebrity is not just a celibrity he is also a suspected crook... double role... ;-)


virdi said...

sorry forgot to write back to anonymous...

hey anon.. i have Adobe Acrobat version or .pdf version of all the Asterix and Calvin and hobbes strips... well you see studying in IIT gives you free access to Scaners and conversion softwares...:-)

and yes, she has the prettiest hands i have ever seen... no i am serious... they are really pretty and she will keep sending fotos after small intervals.. and i am in love with her hands.. :-)


PS: sorry sayesha this is your comments page but has become like my blog page... hehehe..

Anonymous said...


the entire asterix n c&h collection?! you are my new pin-up boy!!!

yeah, pretty hands n all that...but sshh..focus!...the ENTIRE collection? weally? :-) u gonna share the happiness?


Anonymous said...

my football was punctured just 2 days after my dad bought me.... badminton racket after a month or so... like wise all my 'samaan' is broke, lost here and there...mebbe i can find some thumbsup caps/wrestling stickers if i search.. :)

nice things u got there...i always wanted to play a keyboard..but my dad never bought me one :(

virdi said...

yes entire collection of Calvin and Hobbes and Asterix.. in a CD... but my comic books of Tintin and Asterix are in KGP... i like reading the old way though.. :-)

This was my word: zkisxaw, looks like jigsaw as in jigsaw-puzzle.. :-)


Sayesha said...

Hey guys!

Am back from the last class of the week! Yeayeay! :D

That diary has a lot of stuff I wrote 10 years ago... these days I don't really write hindi/urdu stuff on paper, but I do in my head. :)

Oh man I used to love Tintin! I had a lot of them, now all in 'bachpan box'! Aaarghh! :@
ps: You dunno Nikhil Chopra? Aur apne aapko hindustani kehte ho?? Hahaha! :D

Thanks girl! :)
And you're right. Like I said before, this was not a 'Thank you for your gifts, people' post. This was a post about 'mera kuchh saamaan and meri kuchh yaadein'.
ps: I think I wanna re-do the candle painting some time. The grown-up version :)

Et tu?? What's with you and Virdi writing down the word verification word??

I think I'd smuggled it in when I first came to Singapore (way before I bought my current keyboard!). Hey, that's my 15-year-old wala handwriting! The current one's much better! :P
ps: What gang is this??

Instead of 'Anonymous', you should choose 'Others' and just post as 'Fao'. 'Cos there are loadsa MACs on my blog, and you dun wanna be lost amongst them.

You can buy all the stuff now yaar! Put them in a memory box and show them to your grandchildren! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy! Looks as if there's been a hurricane in cyberspace as well! Hope everyone is calm now.

I, for one, was happy to see pics on here. It reminds me of picture books we used to read as kids :-) Connect the pictures to tell a story :-) {Remember the post about bathing Fat Chick? Its one of my faves :-)} Sayesha, being an editor for children's books, this comes to you naturally!

Also, it looks like apart from 12 yr old Virdi, you've got a new young reader...(Anon)Fao. They are discussing comic books....cho chweet.

Fao, pls don't grow up, i wanna pinch your cheeks!

Anonymous said...

The word verification sometimes throws up hilarious combinations... :)

For example this very one! lyxatvwb

Sounds like laxative web... :P

Sayesha said...

Hey you love the 'Fat Chick in the washing machine' post too?? I love it too. Just because it appears so totally meaningless and nonsensical! :P

Remember the one that you got once that sounded like 'Oye sexy' ? Hahaha! :D

ritzkini said...

nikhil chopra...delhi born..played for delhi..right arm hand bat...decent again..came in at 6-7...after the wicket-keeper...did nothing fantastic..was a regular during the 97-98 asia cup craze...all 4-pak,bangladesh,srilanka and india..and the whole afridi-jayasuriya-smashing-bowlers-around-time..cricketer kam tha..ramp model-types dikhta zyaaada tha...
no wonder...sayesha was all "oh nikhil,oh choopuuu "..

Sayesha said...

Oh Tarzan,
Green, are we? ;)

ritzkini said...

no...just mean...

Sayesha said...

Are you starting another one now????? :)

starbreez said...

What does bachpan mean? Hey! You read the naughtiest girl in school series too! That was my very first 'real' book, not a kiddy picture book, still remember the day my dad brought it home, in its shrinkwrapped state. Sweet memories.

Sayesha said...


bachpan = childhood

'The naughtiest girl in school' was my favourite of all the Enid Blyton books!!! :)

Aj said...

Hi Sayesha

u strung that the same chord as i had in this post of mine... ohhh.. how nostalagic i feel smtimes..

Aj said...

one more thing ...i like ur blog..
hav blogrolled u :)

Sayesha said...

Hi Ajay,
I read your post. It's awesome. I can identify with so many things in your list!! :)
And thanks :)

Manish Kumar said...

Wonderfully written Sayesha!
Loved the poem u wrote at 15!
Abhi bhi likhti ho ya chor diya!

And that casette of Asha -Ghulam Ali was my fav too :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Manish! :)

I don't write using pen-and-paper anymore... only in my head :(

And I just LOVE the songs in that casette!! :)

Aye Kay said...

Holy crap!!! Such a long post... and I struggled through reading it fully... scrolled to the bottom of the post and saw a whopping 72 comments. Oh lord!! Way 2 go Sayesha-bhai!!!

Sayesha said...

#Aye Kay,
//I struggled through reading it fully

Errr...?! :P

//Way 2 go Sayesha-bhai!!!
Thanks thanks. Actually I use my bhai-giri to force pple at gunpoint to write comments. ;)

Sahil said...

oh my God! this post has so many comments. Seems like a war was brewing here, and I missed it!

It seems DOJ (department of justice?!?!) is much more of a personal person. You have your own point of view, but in my opinion she was not undermining the values of the memorobilia, but actually sharing her feelings of happiness and nostalgia with the rest of us. I think its great - coz it makes us really smile from the inside.

Viv - u're like Sayesha's guardian angel :)

As for your post Sayesha. It was lovely. What stuck out most though, is your 'Ajnabi' poem. Kya baat hai, at 15 years age also you had such emotion, such feeling? And that also you wrote in hindi? I'm thoroughly impressed.

Anonymous said...

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maverick said...

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Anonymous said...

i dont blog but i found yours when i googled 'the lost girl and the scallywags.' AMAZING BOOK. Do u still have it?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hee hee! now i know its late, i mean real late. but i hope you would get the notification and track down this comment.

//Another gift from a friend who used to say that I am a lot like Phoebe Buffay from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Ok Tarzan, you can stop grinning now.)

coudnt stop laughing at this. =))

bhai, you rock major time.

Bhavya said...

Reminds me of my "memories" stuff. Each year I go through it all when cleaning out my closets and refuse to part with any of it. Certainly not the poetry I wrote or the paintings I made when I was 15! Or the tattered copy of The Naughtiest Girl In School series. I used to love those books too!

Indian_Explorer said...

Hey Sayesha,

Your post took to my world of nostalgia.. Its really nice to see these items from childhood preserved so carefully.. The Enid Blyton books, calci, etc... awesome yaar.. Childhood , the days of innocence is one of the great phases in a human life and things preserved from childhood never loose their charm even after years... Great Post!


test1289 said...

Hello, found your blog quite by chance when I was looking for "The Lost Girl and the Scallywags". It used to be one of my favorite books when I was little and I still have my copy. :) I loved the art in that book.

Rohan said...

Got the link to this post from another blog n have to comment wow! esp. the poems n wat a beautiful way to end with the best of the lot!