Sunday, September 18, 2005

I got at-tagged!

Virdi praji has tagged me, and one should always amuse kids. Anyway, he'll start crying if I don't respond, so here are my lists:

Seven things I plan to do before I die

1. Learn seven languages.
2. See India. Like, really see India.
Meet all the people who frequent my blog.
4. Write a book (I have written a few for kids, I wanna write one for grown-ups).
5. Pull off a sexy chiffon saree.
6. Take my parents around the world.
7. Live each day fully.

Seven things I can do
1. Multi-task
2. Work out in the gym while listening to real oldies like 'Mausam hai aashiqana' from 'Pakeezah'
3. Remember full lyrics of songs I like (the current database in my head is HUGE)
4. Write instant poetry on demand
6. Do rangoli and henna
Channel negativity around me into positive energy

Seven things I can't do
1. Survive a day without hindi music
2. Drive well... err... correction -- drive
3. Figure out Orchard Road
4. Not buy any new shoes for six months
5. Survive without the Internet
6. Donate blood ('cos of my disorder)
7. Talk on the mobile phone for a long time (I feel something heating up inside my head)

Seven things I say the most
1. All right, man!
2. What the...?!
3. Oh noooooooooooooooooo!
4. No problem.
5. Oh my God!

6. OK lah!
Hahahaha! :D

(Of course there are certain things I say a lot to certain people only. Which I refuse to disclose here.)

Seven things I say the most on my blog
1. You wish!
2. Dream on, dude!

3. But I get all comments in my gmail!
4. Thanks, man! :)
5. Yeay!
6. Oye Virdi ke bache ke baap!
7. Hahahaha! :D

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. Has wit (hence implying intelligence and a sense of humour)
2. Is tall
3. Totally gets me
4. A li'l bit of arrogance
5. Reads my mind with one look
6. Looks irresistible in a black shirt
7. Can play the guitar

Seven celebrity crushes (including characters in movies)
1. Shah Rukh Khan in the 'Aur pass' and the 'Tumhe kuch nahin hota?' scenes from DTPH (brrr... goosebumps again...!)
Chow Yun Fatt in 'Anna and the King' (the way he looks at Jodie Foster, knowing fully well he can't be with her... whoa!)
3. John Abraham in Jism
4. Himesh Reshammiya (the way he sings the four words 'Gum hua hosh hai' in the song 'Aapki kashish', gosh, he sounds incredibly sexy)
5. Jude Law
6. Sonu Nigam
7. Hugh Jackman in 'Kate and Leopold'

Seven people I want to tag
No way, man! Am not taggin' anyone. It's a lot of pressure on the 'tag-ee' as I discovered. Those who wanna make their lists, kindly self-tag yourself.


patiala pataka said...

I'm first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sayesha said...

And that's your comment, PP?

Aww come on, Virdi's age rubbing off on you, eh? :)

patiala pataka said...

Yeah! Me and Virdi get together to play marbles! just coulnd't resist lah aunty

Sayesha said...

Oye PP ke bache!
I always knew that! Lost your marbles eh, both of you?
ps: Aunty mat kaho na! :D

patiala pataka said...

i just got Aapki kashish...lets see what's so great about it.. :)

Sayesha said...

Oh boy,
The song is most incredibly addictive. It's driving me nuts!!!!!!
Don't say I did not warn you. (Listen to it on full blast.) :)

virdi said...

dekh loonga... ek ek ko dekh loonga... tum log mere ko jante nahi ho... chakka jaam.. hartal.. khoon ki nadhiyan bahengi aab...

mera mazak udaya hai tu ne Sayesha ke baachon ki amma... dekh loonga... hmmmphh!!!

and u bloody paki... i am not a kid!!!


PS: its 5.30 in the morning, leaving for airport now.. flight at 9.30.. byeeeee..

Bhavesh said...

hhmmm... write your boook asap and gimme a free self autographed copy..!!

patiala pataka said...


and u bloody paki... i am not a kid!!!

And to whom was that directed at???

Sayesha said...

#Hey Virdi,
Have a good flight, my dear. Aur air hostess aunty ko zyada pareshaan mat karna. ;)

Thanks, yaar. I hope I get there some day, man. If I do, you can have as many copies as you want! :)

Chill re... mujhe bola usne... tujhe nahin. Thand rakh, thand, okie? :)
ps: Did ya like the song?? So? Do you have a crush on Himesh too? ;)

On a serious note -- I think you should be more careful with what you post in the comment space. We know you don't mean it in a racist way, but people are gettin' arrested for racist remarks on blogs. The next time, I will just have to delete any comment that has racist connotations because seeing myself or a friend in jail is not on my 'seven things to do before I die' list.

Anonymous said...

lagta hai sayesha has run out of ideas for blogging ;)

Sayesha said...

Lagta hai Spam is back to his MACish ways.

patiala pataka said...

haha...nice one :)

patiala pataka said...

sayeshaji I thought the song was good but not good enough to make want to fall in love with Himesh Reshammiya.

Anonymous said...

that song is for ladiezz...

tinka tinka from alisha makes me want to fall in luv with her.

saysji sorry. but im like that only :-

can any one tell me whats this abt being tall. most of the ladiez want tall guys. common girls everyone is tall, im 5'6.5" btw. is that ok !

Anonymous said...

"Channel negativity around me into positive energy"

Thats a good trait to possess...sure formula for remaining happy..Raysofsun

Sayesha said...

Thanks man. Dunno why I still need to remind "some pple" that I blog for myself and not for their entertainment. :|

ps: So you like the song? But not Himesh? Yeay! So he's all mine muahahaha! Hey, he's married, isn't he? Aarghh... never mind then, you can have him.

It's basic Maths. If I am 5'5", and I intend to wear a maximum of 2-inch heels, the guy must be at least 2 inches taller than me-with-heels. So the minimum I'd look at is 5'9"-5'10". Upto 6' but not more! :P

Yes, I have realised that at the end of the day, positive and negative energy are forms of raw energy, and you can absorb and process them any way you like :)

Angelsera said...

//2. See India. Like, really see India.
5. Pull off a sexy chiffon saree.
6. Take my parents around the world.

me too!!
the first 2 hopefully before i turn 30..the last soon as i can convince my parents to find some time :)
earlier this yr I "persuaded" (kinda din give them much choice to say no cos i had already bought the ticket) them to go on a month long tour of USA..they were so excited..and totally enjoyed themselves :D
will def do it again...but need to save some cash first :$

Angelsera said...

//the first 2 hopefully before i turn 30

no no..actually hopefully before I turn 26

The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Thank god, you dont believe in tagging people. This list requires a lot of time to work on. That reminds me, someone booktagged me once - I never got down to writing about it

Anonymous said...

any girls with height.... 5'6.5" - 2" - 2" = 5'2.5" ....interested :?:


Sayesha said...

If you can dream it, you can do it! :)

#Village Idiot,
Oops, I did not respond to the book tag either! Forgive me, whoever had tagged me. I don't really believe in getting tagged or tagging people. But this was different. This was Virdi yaar... On my blog, Virdi can get away with a lot of stuff that others can't :)

Sayesha said...



Ok you jus' saved your ass by making me laugh out loud.
(Earlier, you'd pissed me off real bad, man.)

Good luck dude! (But every girl may not have the same formula as me.)


Unknown said...

I hope you do see India.. because I've travelled to a lot of states and they are all magnificient! I do need to see Rajasthan and Gujarat though..I think so far Himachal and Kerala are the best.

SplitPersonality said...

//Seven things I say the most
//6. OK lah!
U oredy gotta accent man!
Can can.. ok..ok..ok..
but more Malaysian, In singapore isn't it maa.. ok maa..??
btn.. spam: dude me too.. facing the same problem.. I donno Y most of the girls look for TALL! BTN I too like only tall gurls..
I'm 5"5 any one >= 5"5 Interested in me?? (What u say sayesha?)

Sayesha said...

#Drops of Jupiter,
Yes, Rajasthan is one place I definitely wanna see!

Hey, lah is totally Singaporean, okay? And there's no maa... :D

//I'm 5"5 any one >= 5"5 Interested in me?? (What u say sayesha?)

Haha! No sweetheart, I love you but I love my heels more!

ritzkini said...

ok..the rest have tried the "please sayesh,will you marry me" tack...lemme do it this way !



Sayesha said...

Hey Ritzkini!
What a surprise to see you here! :)
Thought you left my blog for good, man!


O my Tarzan,
You and me?? Haha! Never.
'Cos I'm not Jane.
I'm sane.

ritzkini said...

*/O my Tarzan,
You and me?? Haha! Never.
'Cos I'm not Jane.
I'm sane. */

Lemme continue...

'Cos I'm not Jane.
I'm sane...
and that ma'm will be ur bane
maybe i should use a cane
to stop u going down that lane
cos when ur beauty is on the wane..
I'll still want u to be my...Jane...

Yeh kaisi rahi ??? yeah..i know...corny..


Sayesha said...

Ritesh, you really wanna get into this with me??

Ok then Sayesha bhi peechhe nahin rahegi!

I'd love to be your Jane
if only you had a brain.
'Cos I looked for it high and low
But my efforts were in vain.
Errr... do you want me to say that again?

Cornier? ;)

ritzkini said...

If only I had a brain,
I wouldnt be asking you again,
But...I thot you were a such a dame,
and love was such a pain,
it's this that's ordained,
that i ask you again and again


corniest !
(I WIN ! I WIN !! there's nothing better than this superlative to 'corny' !!)

Sayesha said...

Kini dear,

Ever heard of 'Dumb and dumberer'? If they can have that, you were 'cornierer'! So I am the corniest. And I WIN!

And here goes! :)

Since you have no brain
Tarzan, let me explain
Go elsewhere with your campaign
And take this 'pain' that you feign

'Cos this is Xena, and she's no Jane
Back off or thou shalt be slain
I hope I never have to say this again
O Tarzan, I will never be your Jane.


ritzkini said...

thanks dear..u just played into the hands of Mogambo...mogambo khush hua !! HAHAHAHAHA !!

read this under the "Seven celebrity crushes" and compare it with the comment from u above to figure it out...

and yes..i'll take that a yes..

but...thanks...but no thanks...i changed my mind...


kidding...JANE !!

Sayesha said...

Itni jaldi party badal liya????
Decide kar lo -- Xena chahiye, Jane chahiye ya Sayesha chahiye? :D

ritzkini said...

Phoebe chahiye !! milegi ???


nahi...jane chalegi..nahi..xena chalegi...ok..tum agar itna bol rahi ho...toh....sayesha hi chalegi...


Sayesha said...

Apna resume bhej dena. Maybe I'll consider.