Thursday, September 01, 2005

25 things about me

I can't believe I'm doing this, but I have decided to jump into the '25 things about me' bandwagon of bloggers.

So here are... well.. 25 things about me. (duh!)

1. I can be safely branded as a Jill of all trades.
2. The animals I am most freaked out by are lizards.
3. I know accupressure.
4. I had waist-length hair in school.
5. I think a chiffon sari is the most incredibly sexy attire ever.
6. I love to exercise.
7. I can whip up a mean pav bhaji.
8. I am a girly tomboy.
9. I love dangling earrings and hoops.
10. I recite the gayatri mantra every morning.
11. Once I got drunk and slapped my friend's girlfriend in a pub.
12. I stand up even if the Indian national anthem is playing in my head.
13. My favourite subject in school was Sanskrit.
14. I am very happy and satisfied with my life so far.
15. I love my job, but I hate the pay.
16. I have not seen the Taj Mahal.
17. When I was six, I wanted to be a typist when I grew up.
18. I am a very loud bathroom singer.
19. I think a bit of arrogance in a guy is sexy.
20. I have never attempted suicide.
21. I go for a manicure almost every month.
22. I have at least 20 pairs of shoes.
23. I can beat the crap outta any guy in any racing game.
24. I get high on orange juice.
25. I love to wear black.

Five of the above statements are sheer bullshit.


Bhavesh said...

chiffon saree is sexy if u are a sushmita sen.. i was drooling all over her watching MAIN HOON NA!!

U ve 20 shoes.. is dat bull shit..?? or is it for true..??

slapped dat guy..y..?? must have hit on ya..poor fellow!!

Sayesha said...

20 shoes nahin baba, 40 shoes! I said "20 pairs" ;)

Slapped dat guy? Which guy?? I said "slapped my friend's girlfriend"!

Here's a note for pple who know me personally,
You guys can't post any comment! At least not till the others are done! :P

Dewdrop said...

Hi first time on yr blog, courtsey-Puneet. Nice things abt ya, hope you dont expect your readers to guess those 5 BS statements. I've been losing this sort of quiz all the way ..:)

Siddhu said...

I bet statement 23 23. I can beat the crap outta any guy in a racing game. is all Bull!

I also bet (a big day for gamblers, aye?) I can beat you in NFS 7 Underground. Anyday. ;)

Or NFS 5.

Btw, good idea - dis comment verification thingie. :) - too bad i use haloscan

sherene said...

OMG, now I'm getting really worried.

There have always been some things about you that you mentioned in previous posts, which freaked me out because it reminded me so much of me.

And after reading through this list, I'm starting to worry if I've a multiple personality disorder, and if I'm posting under another name, pretending to be 'Sayesha' :D And then I remember, I can't write a quarter as well as you do :)

But seriously, you seem too much like me; it's more than just a little bit weird! Any idea when the Bloggers' Meet would be, btw? :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know you personally (unless I am privileged to be part of the coterie, which I know is a long shot) so I guess I can comment now.

Five statements that I think are BS are - 1, 4, 14, 19 (definitely) and 23 (most definitely!).

Would have been very entertaining seeing you least for everyone except for you and the victim of the physical assault.
Which brand of orange juice were you drunk on btw?

Another Imelda Marcos in the making? Or maybe J Jayalalitha?

Anonymous said...

thankgod...u only "farted" 25 times ...ive seen ppl "fart" 100 times.... so is better here ..:)

virdi said...

oye one thing you forgot... you have the most beautiful hands (I have ever seen) :-)
i have sayesha's long hair photo.. i have.. i have.. hehehe... am i allowed to post it sayesha??
20 pairs??? pagal hai kya??? if Ravana said i have 10 helmets it makes sense, do u have 40 feet??
25 things only???

Anil said...

Virdi just sent me Sayesha's long-hair photo, so I decided to post it here. Mujhe maaf karna virdi, magar mujhse raha nahin gaya. So here you go.

Hmm.. virdi are you sure you sent me the right pic?

Sayesha said...

Hi Dewdrop,
Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)
You could try and guess the BStatements! Maybe you'll end up beating pple who have personally known me for years! :P

Siddhu beta,
You have four more guesses to go man! Then I'll tell you if you're right or not.

Weird is good, girl! Weird wins over boring any day! :)
ps: No idea about the bloggers' meet.

It's such a pity I can't answer your questions before everyone makes their guesses! :P

100 is too much yaar! I'd be torturing everyone (including myself) if I did that! :P

DON'T send anyone that photo! ;)

WH Anil,
Ooops, too late! (Virdi, tu pitega!)
Ok fine, so you've seen one photo. It's not the best of me. Hmmph!

Casablanca said...

Hmm.. is #20 BS (20. I have never attempted suicide.)? ;)
Just kiddin..

Agree with #19. A bit of arrogance/attitude in a guy is a turn-on. But then the guy's gotta be really cool to carry it...

Anonymous said...

Did this post change in the last few hours? One of the statements looks different.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even I think something's changed! My guesses would have been different otherwise, or was I not reading carefully the first time?

Jagan said...

u should have ended it with world peace ;-)

Sayesha said...

Can't comment on your comment, as it will give the answer away ;)

Viv, Arnav,
Full marks to you guys! I just made one change. No more, I promise! :P


Siddiqui said...

>>15. I love my job, but I hate the pay.

Couldn't believe...ppl like u exist !!

I would simply lv to share your burden...transfer your salary to my paypal a/c :)

Bhavesh said...

oops.. kya kareen.. need to get my eyes checked i guess...!!

Anonymous said...

15. i hate my job and i hate the pay bad could it get :((

25. u changed this one...yam i rite?

Sahil said...

ok here I go:


Btw I laughed out loud when I read no.12. Just imagine, Sayesha sitting in an important business meeting, and suddenly the National Anthem plays in her head, and she stands up for 2 whole minutes before seating herself down again.

And u get high on orange juice? U mean u need a drink to get high?

btw ashy man - when she says she loves her job and hates her pay... it means that she doesn't hate to get paid, just that she hates the AMOUNT she is paid!

Anonymous said...

When is it gonna be my turn to guess?

Sayesha said...

Thanks to Sahil, I got your comment. I was wondering -- yeh Ashy kya bak raha hai?! :)

Either that, or your fingers start typing the comment before you read the post!

Yeah, that's sad yaar. My first job was ulta -- hated the job, loved the pay! Was getting way more (in 2002!) than what I'm getting now! Ah, sacrfices to do what you love to do...

Nope, 25 is unchanged! ;)

Nice try man. So much for "Sayesha, I know you very well. I know what you're thinking" and blahs of that sort. :)

Gosh, that has never happened in a meeting, hope it doesn't happen man... but you've planted the idea in my head now... damn you, Sahil!

Yeah yeah, I am high all the time. But boy, you should see me after a nice li'l dose of freshly squeezed orange juice! :)

ps: Thanks for the Ashy explanation. :)

Ok you can go now! :)

virdi said...

the typist comment is new i guess... i wanted to be a bus conductor and then postman and finally school teacher...
-bus conductor had all the coins in the world, whats what always got us candies. (ok some countries dont have the concept of bus conductors but India has)
- the khaakhi vardi postman got mithai dabbas during diwali from mom and Rs 20 as gift.
- school teachers got gifts and cards during all the national holidays; happy new year cards, republic day cards, happy holidays cards, teachers day cards, etc etc..
thats all i have to say about that!!! SHSHG dont be a typist its boring job..

Angelsera said...

so whn r u givin the ans to which ones are BS?? :)

Angelsera said...

no i m sure i read the typist comment in the morn...but i din do agree tt sth has changed...cant rem which though...

Sayesha said...

On some levels, we're all typists. There's a thinker and a typist inside every one of us. The thinker is always active. If the typist is also active, we become bloggers. If only the thinker is active, we become silent readers. If the typist is semi-active, we become commentators. :)

Any guesses? :)

Anonymous said...

20. I have never attempted suicide.

This is the changed one. Earlier it read something like "I once tried to kill myself". But I guess Sayesha found that it added up to 6 BS statements... no? :P

Ok so here's my list. It's divided into 2 categories. Sure shot and 50-50.

Sure shot:
10. You don't sound like a freakishly religious person. Before anyone gets offended, there's nothing wrong with reciting it. My mom tells me to. She says it's good for meditation. Will try it sometime.

11. No way! For a girl who gets high on orange juice, no way!

23. Too broad to be true. If you still stick to it, I'd like to challenge you to a 1-on-1 race! Hahaha :)

21. You don't sound like you got the time ;) But hey, you never know!

22. I know you are crazy about shoes. But 20 pairs! 20 usable pairs?! I think not. But knowing that I owned 10 pairs a while back myself, it's not THAT hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bus conductor... here goes:

There was this bus conductor. Once when the bus was crowded, he saw someone try to get in and gave the whistle on purpose. The driver started the bus, causing the passenger to fall off the bus, get run over and die.

The conductor was taken to court. He confessed his guilt saying he wanted that guy to die, for no reason at all! He was immediately sentenced to execution by electrocution. But something weird and wonderful happened when they put him on the chair! He just wouldn't die!



Avyakt said...

lemme guess the 5

Priya said...

my frnd wanted to be an IAS officer .. ever since she was chotu.. now she's grown up..and thnx her stars for being able to complete :D


Siddhu said...

I can't figure the rest out! But wat about the gaming thingie? Puhleease...

Anonymous said...

Ok my guess

Princessse said...

belated entry but here goes sayesha:

25, 23, 17, 11, and 1.

Let me just explain myself a bit about number 1. I'm not saying that I dont think you have a tremendous amount of knowledge and talent in various 'trades' so to speak, but I certainly think that the sayesha we all 'know' would never brand herself as someone who has mastered it ALL....

Just my thoughts :)

Can't wait to see what you reveal as the fabulous five... :)

Siddiqui said...

Virdi>>thats all i have to say about that!!! SHSHG dont be a typist its boring job..

and the typist job will hurt SHSHG’s hands and fingers too...
and we don't want that !!

Sahil said...


I know all the correct answers, and I do know you very well. But the thing is, girls like to have a certain 'air of mystery' around them. So us guys like to give it to them. And that's what i'm doing - that's why not all my answers will be correct.

...and mention not about the explanation. Aakhir, as virdi would say, in nazuk haathon ko jyada kasht nahin deyna chahiye :)

Ram C said...

point no.11 & 20 are little bit out of the box.... still believe, since you are talking about it full heartedly...

Bhavya said...

Never seen the Taj? You absolutely must! It's a masterpiece.

This is with the assumption that #16 was not bullshit.