Monday, September 12, 2005

MACs - I'm lovin' it

So a friend tells me they have put me up on

I visit it and and whoa! There's some serious Sayesha-bashing goin' on there as well. Just as it does here at times.

Coupla months ago, this would have upset me. I would have probably stopped blogging. But now it doesn't bother me anymore. Possibly because I have realised that one's blog is exactly like one's life. You live it your way. You come across many people. Some who love you. Some who can't be bothered. And others who can't stand you. Those who can't stand you will give you shit, but they are not worth ruining your day over. And that's how your blog is too.

When I first started blogging, for the first four months, my posts had no comments. At most one or two stray comments would surface. I posted whatever was in my head, and did not have anyone saying, "What a crappy post!" It was easy. Then slowly, comments started trickling in, and suddenly I had a surge of mean anonymous commentators (or MACs as I call them) telling me they hated what I wrote and trying to dictate what I write on MY blog. It was unnerving at first, because at that point in time, I was trying to figure out why I blog, and I do admit that reading such comments did upset me.

I even considered blocking out anonymous commentators. But the ostrich approach just did not seem like the right thing to do. Just because I did not let them in did not mean they were not there. Besides, some of my really good friends on my blog were anonymous to me once. Also, just as I have the right to blog about anything I wish, and put it up on the Internet, I suppose anonymous commentators have a right to stay anonymous. I just did not get why they have to be so mean. I mean, my blog posts are my thoughts. How can you even try and dictate what and how I think??

With time, I figured out why I blog. And things became clear in my head. With it, my stand on anonymous commentators became clear too. I respect their anonymity and their thoughts. But I won't take illogical nonsense. I blog for myself. And I will keep blogging in spite of the MACs. And so I trashed the idea of blocking off anonymous commentators.

Strangely though, on some levels, I am grateful to the MACs. Sometimes, they have made me realise the value of people who care. People like Sahil. Someone who is just a name to me -- as anonymous to me as the next person. Someone whom I don't know and have never seen (and whom I often insult to no end!), but who rises to defend me against the MACs as if I'm an old friend.

I still remember how he told off the anonymous guy who kept posting "
How much crap can a person write?" on my blog.

Sahil said to him, "If you don't agree with Sayesha, that's fine. You can comment and say something a little more thought-provoking than "how much crap can a person write?" If you have a point of view, explain it. But if you don't, then hold ur peace. And try and sort out what's going on with yourself first."

I thought that was kind of amazing. And it showed the kind of connection that one can have with one kind of anonymous commentators.

In spite of the telling off, I know there are many more MACs on my blog who smirk at every post and say, "What utter crap!" I have something to say to them. "What are you still doing here? Stop reading the 'crap' and move on. You have no right to dictate what I think and write. This is not a paid site that you're not getting 'value for money' from. You have the option of not visiting. Use it."

MACs, you may hate me, but strangely I don't find myself hating you. Sahil's right. You obviously have something goin' on up there that makes you post these mean comments. And I genuinely hope that you sort it out soon.

I am just glad I'm not wasting my time hating you.


Bhavesh said...

was dat some post?? u can use words sayesha.. ehhe :)
cheers..!! its your space and u can post wat ever u want..!!

u can call me a bastard if u want to too..!! heheh :) but i know u wont coz i aint one..!! ;)

Sahil said...

Thanks Sayesha. But kohin aap ko kuch aise-waise bole, and that too without reason, then hum chup kaise rahenge na?

And that "How much crap can a person write?" guy really got on my nerves. He had a lot of bitterness for some reason, and it wasn't right he was taking it out on you.

Anyways, good post - and i'm not saying that coz I was mentioned in it. But because it shows your character.

...and Sayesha u haven't insulted me. If anything its me who makes fun of you!

Anonymous said...

first, *yay* ur on :) and hell yeah, it's your blog and you can say whatever you want down here *absolutely my policy too* .. you go gurl!

Unknown said...

You know what? I actually read that site and I think its rather lame that they go through the trouble of bashing you up on some random website.
Firstly, if they had something worthwhile to say, they ought to say it to your face. Thats my policy.
Secondly, the whole exercise of quoting a blog and commenting on the quote is rather futile.
And thirdly, if they are as funny as they think, they could be doing so much more with their humour!
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Sayesha said...

I'll leave all the name-calling to the expert - Virdi praji! :)

//If anything its me who makes fun of you!
Dream on, dude! :)
ps: Actually... pata hai Sahil? You n me -- it's a love-hate relationship. Can't live with you. Can't live without you.

Thank you :)

Yeah, guess we can't help it. Bloggers will blog. Bashers will bash. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sayesha,

I just came across your blog today and I think you rock..Your thoughts are very transparent and the best thing is you speak your mind. Sometimes, thats what hypocritical people hate, eventhough what you write is no where closely connected to their lives, as human beings they still mark it as their territory and voice out all the venom on this platform choosing to comment as anonymous. Let such people not deter you from writing what you think and not what they think. BTW, I am posting as an Anonymous also, coz I have my blog elsewhere and not on blogspot:(
For you, I shall post as "Raysofsun"

surreal reality said...

Anonymous commenters who criticize fit perfectly into one of two categories:-

1. Armchair critics who can't write themselves but are self aware of their pseudo-intellectualism so think criticism is the best way of exercising freedom of expression.
2. Armchair critics who have their own blogs but are afraid of what other's think of their writing/opinions.

As far as I'm concerned criticism is the best metric to fathom success/popularity.


Tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho..(2)
Hum hi hum hai to kya hum hai.

virdi said...

ufff!! how much crap can sayesha write?? but aab kya karoon main, i love her crap. :-) and her hands also.. ;-)
yesterday i was eating dal roti and neembu ka aachar and she said what the.... to me. sayesha, didnt you?? someday i will post anonymous comments and bash u.. ;-)
oye don't stop writing. did you have your H2SO4??

Anonymous said...

//I'll take janmon janmon ke mean comments ka revenge! :)

does that make me MAC... :-

lifes spicy only bcuz of those glad that u r enjoying them.. :)

btw..i see one CAC on ur blog

Shuuro said...

Very well said sayesha!. Always there will be people who despise others for some reason or other and if this affect us then we wont remain what we are. Don't ever think about stopping blogging :)

Anonymous said...

smokin !u sure have a mind and an attitude.

these days , im beginning to imagine you as a lady warrior.the black cape , bazooka in hand , set jaws , moon in background and half a shadow fallin across ur face.

keep blastin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sayesha, I have found myself visiting your site everytime I am in the mood for reading blogs. I love your writing. It's simple, it's smooth, it's funny, it's moving, and it's real. Keep it up. I am quite new in the world of blogging and find it fascinating, even though I do maintain an online journal for my eyes. And I like to write. But blogging, it is a different ballgame, because we are aware that everyone will be reading it :-) But then again, perhaps we should write like there's is no reader...just as they say..that we should dance like no one's watching :-) I am looking forward to having my own simple blog going someday.

That's a good term-MAC's :-) I am apprehensive of such people and their comments too. But yes, they come with the territory. And you know, they say...if people are criticizing, then you must be really doing something worthwhile :-) They are jealous.
And you are so right, that these are the ones that make us appreciate and recognize the 'good people' even more.

U r doing great. Keep it up Sayesha.

Harshi. USA.

Sayesha said...

#Hey Raysofsun,
//Let such people not deter you from writing what you think
They won't. Thanks :)

#Surreal Reality,
//Tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho..(2)
//Hum hi hum hai to kya hum hai.
Well said. I love these lines too! :)

#Virdi ke bache ke baap,
I said "What the..??!!" (and nothing else after that, mind you!) because you were having daal roti and is homesick ladki ko offer karna toh door, ulta describe kar karke kha raha tha tu! :@
ps: H2SO4?? Idiot it's folic acid, not sulphuric acid. Bachi ki jaan lega kya??

Frankly speaking, yes, I do see MACish characteristics in you once in a while... but somehow you make up for it I suppose...

//Don't ever think about stopping blogging :)
I won't. If I ever stop blogging, it would be because of writer's blog. Never because of MACs.

Baaki sab toh theek hai, lekin Sayesha ko costume pasand nahin aaya... Manisha Malhotra ko phone ghumana zara!

Thanks! :) And yeah, don't ever come under pressure that you have to make your blog public. If you want it only for your own eyes, so be it. It's yours and only you should make the decision on whether to make it public or not.

Angelsera said...

//I am just glad I'm not wasting my time hating you.

I totally agree girl!!Its an abs waste of time and energy to even bother with them...

Angelsera said...

hey btw,I found sth I wanted to pass to you..can you mail me you address or sth?Will post it over

lemme know...

ok got to get back to work...

Unknown said...

Eeeks! Raysofsun? Gee..I wonder what sounds like?
Show some creativity dude!!

Anonymous said...

drops of jupiter!!
Hey this ain't a dude, but a dudette:)As regards creativity, only time will tell.For the present moment, raysofsun in my dictionary means something that is fresh and different!! Peace out:-)

Chandra said...

have been lately here....i mus say...they r all interesting...(must b sounding cliched now but yeah..) that's cos u always spk ur mind....
keep writing
all luck 2 u

Anonymous said...

I was going to write a smart-ass comment which went something like "How much crap can YOU write?"...but Virdi (or was it his bachche ka baap?) did it before me. :(

I really loved the title of the post!

Ram C said...

It so happens that you get hate comments at times.. best way to ignore and proceed further.. keep going with your interesting posts.

Sayesha said...

Oooh, surprise gift for Sayesha? What is it what is it? :P
Will email you my mailing address.

Are you tryin to be a MAC now? Leave my commentators alone! :P

You go, girl! :)

Compliments are never cliched. Thanks :)

Virdi is sabse bada ass! Err.. I mean smartass. No other ass can out-ass him!
//I really loved the title of the post!
Thanks. Me too! :P

True. But some of them need therapy, man.

Kaala Kavva said...

cool hai..
im not your MAC

in the general sense, mac is referred to as a computer or a plastic raincoat(rare though)

but i dont know why,
i like to call all my good friends mac...

R said...

hey...just came across your blog thru some links...great work....
Moreover i think you are being extremely sensible, no need to waste time hating people who have rude things to say to other peoples genuine efforts. Great going!!!

patiala pataka said...

wow you have been Tommorrowed...haha that makes two of us. Just continue writing the way you do...those people with the negative comments are %@$#$

Siddhu said...

Hey Sayesha - I agree what ur saying - though I personally delete an MAC's comments from my blog - pronto. ;)

P.S: Liked the previous post about I love u - though u built up my hopes with the first line, by giving an indication that it could be the story of a stalker lol! ;)

. : A : . said...

Excellent perspective. Couldn't agree more.

Sayesha said...

Errrm... I don't know how to respond to your comment! :)

Sensible? Me?? Thanks! :) Girl, you haven't seen my senseless side yet! It surfaces now and then. :P

More like 'Yesterday'ed, man! A lot of people wanna make me history.

Stalker? Haha! Now that's another story for another day! ;)

ps: Do you know I always imagine that you actually look like Rahul Bose? :) So when I see his pic anywhere, in my head I say "Hey, this chap comments on my blog!" :)

PuNeEt said...

Am I ever be able to catch with the pace of your blog...


Hey... same was the scene with me too... wen I started bloggin... post of the post didnt had any comments...
fortunately I didnt faced many MACs...
I think they like to trouble ladies more ;-)

you have got a cool attitude...
keep it up

Sayesha said...

Don't worry yaar, I'll never cross the maximum of one post per day, even if my thoughts are bubbling and spilling all over! :)

And thanks! :)

Ramo said...

This is what I wrote on blogs in my blogs:

With my brief trip in the blog world, I think,Blogs are like conversing the ideas we have, with someone we would enjoy to talk to. Those type of talks, which we just enjoying for being there. Talks, that started some where and ended some where.Talks where we spoke honestly and listened honestly.Its same way I wouls like my blog to be too.Blogs are to be like continuing a chat with a friend after a an "then!".Just to register some thing what we think of, before leaving it behind.

True, that we may guess what X & Y would reply for our mail, as he said, after really knowing about them.Blogs are really made interesting due to this comment part,where we get wider prespective (other than "Nice blog!") and we may even stumble upon a surprise comment from an anonymous blogger,which may really mean to us.
If Blogs are to be written for viewers then it will be no different than writing an article to the magazine and we are no journalist, to do that with a career prespective.

Other wise, a smile or "good!" or "Damn!" from the reader is enough and it is better not to really care which of the above three he will do, while writing our blogs.

Sayesha said...

I agree with you. Blog comments have now become as important as the posts themselves. And sometimes, even more important. Sometimes, they act as an extension to the post, and sometimes a conclusion.

Bhavya said...

Totally awesome! I agree with every word. Good going, girl!


Sayesha - I am for so many months i am silent follower of your blog i always felt your blog is very much realistic to be honest I cant tell in words like you. It is may be a long cinema i am reading with you thanks!! you are great creator. I have to thank soumya(my friend) from her profile i started reading your blogs really nice today i am reading you flashback i started in March 2009 but i am now reading the 2005 one I really feel hats off to you . I am not the person like you to explain in words. I couldnt explain I guess you got point

==dont post this comment I want to send message to you thats all=========