Friday, September 02, 2005

The answers

Ok so here are the answers:


Green = The truth and nothing but the truth
Red = Blatant lie
Purple = Explanation (+ making fun of people who make wrong guesses)

1. I can be safely branded as a Jill of all trades.

True. I like to do a LOT of things, so I try everything I can, and I don't do too bad.
(Princesse, Arnav, Keshav, I never claimed to be a 'master' of all trades. I said 'Jill'. 'Jill' as in 'Jack'.)

2. The animals I am most freaked out by are lizards.

True. When I was 13, two lizards fell on my head. I cried for half an hour and refused to go to school.

3. I know accupressure.

True. One of the things I learnt when I was 16. Still remember most of it. Piss me off, and I will administer it. On your throat.
(So wrong guess, Avyakt! Hey, you read my blog too??)

4. I had waist-length hair in school.

False. Haha! Never had very long hair in my life. I love the wind blowing through my hair. And that's not very happening if you have long hair. (Arnav, good guess, considering you only saw me for two years in one of the six schools I have studied in.)

5. I think a chiffon sari is the most incredibly sexy attire ever.

True. My drrrreaaam is to be able to pull off a chiffon sari some day.

6. I love to exercise.

True. Nothing like a good workout. Especially when I am pissed off.
(Wrong guess, Sahil!)

7. I can whip up a mean pav bhaji.

True. You gotta try it to believe it. :P

8. I am a girly tomboy.

True. I can get as girly as a girl can get, and still loathe lots of things that girls do.

9. I love dangling earrings and hoops.

I ADORE them. Like I said before, I like gifts I can wear, and dangling earrings and hoops top the list. (Wrong guess, Avyakt.)

10. I recite the gayatri mantra every morning.

False. I know it by heart and can recite it on demand, but every morning? You gotta be kidding me. (Viv, Avyakt, Sahil and Keshav are right.)

11. Once I got drunk and slapped my friend's girlfriend in a pub.

I have never gotten drunk
in my life. Or slapped a girl. Guys? Well, that is a different story altogether! ;)
Right guess, Viv and Princesse!)

12. I stand up even if the Indian national anthem is playing in my head.

Yep. I do that. (Wrong guess, Keshav!)

13. My favourite subject in school was Sanskrit.

I absolutely LOVED Sanskrit. (Hard to believe eh, Keshav?)

14. I am very happy and satisfied with my life so far.

I am. (Arnav, Avyakt, yes there's still a lot I wanna do with my life, but at any point in my life, if you stop me and ask me "Happy so far?" my answer would be a resounding "YES!" I am completely happy and satisfied with what I have had so far.)

15. I love my job, but I hate the pay.

True. My job rocks. I could do this all my life, except that even after two promotions, my pay still doesn't match my first job's first pay! Publishing just doesn't pay, man. Perhaps I should turn author and get myself one of those royalty thingies!

16. I have not seen the Taj Mahal.

True. The only one of the seven wonders in my country, and I haven't seen it. :(
Like I say, "India nahin dekha toh phir kya dekha?" (Wrong guess (again?!) Sahil.)

17. When I was six, I wanted to be a typist when I grew up.

True. The first time I saw and used a typewriter, I was so amazed at the 'wonders of the wonderful machine'. I don't think my parents were very happy when Dad's friend asked me "So what do you want to become when you grow up, beta?" and I said, "A typist!" (Wrong guess, Princesse!)

18. I am a very loud bathroom singer.

True. I am so loud, I think I drown the sound of the shower.

19. I think a bit of arrogance in a guy is sexy.

Oooh, I love it. (But yes, Casablanca, I agree that the guy should be able to pull it off, otherwise he's just a jerk. Arnav, you should have guessed this from my comment about Abhi in an earlier post.)

20. I have never attempted suicide.

True. Dying?? I can barely get enough of my life!

21. I go for a manicure almost every month.

False. I have never in my entire life gone for a manicure.
(Virdi's gonna have sleepless nights now!
Right guess, Sahil, Viv.)

22. I have at least 20 pairs of shoes.

True. And that's after I disposed off about 5 pairs. (Justme, Virdi, Viv, kindly clear your jaws off the floor, hehehe!)

23. I can beat the crap outta any guy in any racing game.

False. Real or virtual -- Sayesha and cars?? Hahahaha! :D
(Ok Siddhu, Arnav, Sahil, Viv, Avyakt, Keshav, Princesse,
stop doing the victory dance! This was a giveaway!)

24. I get high on orange juice.

True. I get totally whacko-nuts after having freshly squeezed orange juice. If you ever catch me in the act, you will find me laughing non-stop, and I will tell you exactly what I think of you.

25. I love to wear black.

Love black clothes. Love them. Love them.
(And Princesse, you should know it! ;)


Sahil said...

Why do u keep saying i was wrong when i'm right?!?!

I had said 6,10,16,21,23 were wrong.

So I was right about 10, 21, 23.

and I was right about the other 20 too.

So 23/25 isn't bad u know?

Sayesha said...

Ooops! Sorry, Sahil. My mistake. Made the amendments.

Sometimes I get too carried away in the excitement of putting you down.

I apologise.

V said...

1)You should see the Taj Mahal, but believe me, the journey would be more exciting than the visit itself.
It is just so loathed with the crowd, that it is sort of worse than travelling in a DTC bus.(If you have ever travelled in a DTC bus).

2)I have attempted suiceide on more than one occasions, but cannot justifiably explain why now.
As the Holy Bible says:
"Let's eat and drink today, because tomorrow we all shall die".
Amen to that.

Bhavesh said...

if u were a guy i would ve searched u to d corner of the world and stolen a few of your shoes yaar!! :) maybe if i want one for some gal i can get them or steal them froom u.. u wont even notice ;)

Casablanca said...

Why are these guys making such a big deal about your 20 pairs of shoes?? Its still a loooooong way off from what Jayalalitha has. Keep going girl!!

Anonymous said...

Ahem, so a Pop quiz did finally happen!

BTW, we know that you are in SEA (South East Asia, duh!), but you can still try to keep off that Imelda Marcos'ish fetish

Once again, Anon911

Anonymous said...

Damn...2/5 isn't very good. But I'll try to live with it.

Just one explanation...when I chose point 1, I felt that considering you are so enthusiastic about trying out new things and life in general, you wouldn't say that you are a Jill of 'all' trades. There are so many trades that you haven't even experienced, like travelling in a DTC bus maybe.
I could also have meant, in a diametrically opposite stance, that you aren't a Jill but the Master (or Master-ni, if we are being gender-specific here) of all trades.
Ok Ok..I won't crib anymore.

But you've got to see the Taj, ma'am! Despite all the crowd, despite all the congested lanes on the way, it is absolutely breath-takingly wonderfully beautiful.

virdi said...

arre sayesha who needs a manicure when someone has such pretty hands... :-)

and u wrote this intentionally (i know that) and i didnt reply to 21 intentionlly... hehehehe...


pingoo said...

I thought I would get 3/5 but I got 2/5. want to pull off a chiffon saree ?? hmm not without waist length hair !!....IMHO you need long hair to pull it off really well...I mean if you really want it to feel like the "most incredibly sexy attire ever".

Sayesha said...

I really really wanna see the Taj Mahal! Some day man, some day, I will see the real India.

Yeah, I think I may not notice! :P

Yeah man... Jaya and me? No comparison man.

You're still around, eh?

A 'Jill of all trades' does not have to do EVERY single thing that can be done on earth. That's way too many things for one lifetime dude :)

Yeah man, can't trust anyone else with the hands. You wanna be my manicurist? ;)

Hmmm... you may be right man... damn, now I need to grow my hair?? Not too long maybe... :)

Siddiqui said...

there is much more to India than Taj...Its one of the wonders of world.
But then India is a wonderland.

Lets plan out on a 1 month trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on a bike.
...when you are back in India. And I will give you a company :)

Siddhu said...





I knew it... the girl isn't yet born who can take me on in NFS.

(And the guy isn't yet born who is jack-assish enough to post something so utterly MCP as the previous line! ;) )

V said...

Clarify, Ms.
You have NEVER gotten drunk.
You have NEVER DRUNK.?

Sayesha said...

You will give me a company? How generous of you! Can I have Microsoft, please? ;)

Hahahahahahaha! You're so funny! :D
Ok man, I accept that you're the king of car racing. Happy? :)

UN human,
I have never gotten drunk. But I have tried alcohol.
I know it's hard to believe, but I had the first alcoholic drink of my life in Cambodia in Feb this year -- at the age of 24! Thanks to my dear friend Sinnerman, who knew exactly what this extremely picky girl would like. He was the only person whose recommendation I would trust.

But now he has left the country and I don't like alcohol or the thought of it anymore.

Siddhu said...

Yay! Whoopee!

(And I now sound like that retarded ape who acts in that Sarabhai vs Sarabhai sitcom on Star One!)

Aye Kay said...

Oh crap. I missed what seems to have been a very interesting 'pop quiz'. Never liked them in school... but this ain't nothing like those ;-)

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! You're such a kid! :)

Aye Kay,
Don't worry, another one's coming up soon :)