Monday, July 11, 2005

Sayesha's India Week kicks off!

Singapore is gearing up for its National Day celebration, which is due in a month. Parade rehearsals are on, for which roads are closed on certain days. Not to even mention the army tanks roaming the roads, looking like lost penguins in the Sahara.

And a very indignant Sayesha thinks, "Well, my national day is also in a month. I'm gonna rehearse too! A month in advance."

So, today I kickstarted my own India week.

In this week, I shall:

1. Wear only Indian clothes to work.
2. Have Indian food in at least one meal of the day.
3. Call at least one person in India every day.
4. Email at least one person in India every day.
5. Listen to ONLY Indian music.
6. Talk a lot in Hindi.
7. Watch as many Hindi movies as I can (Just came back from Paheli. Don't ask.)

Day 1 was quite fun actually, as I roamed the inter-cubicle pathways in my office, dolled in 'un-me' clothes, surprising people.

And the best part? Realising that I actually can pull off a bindi! Yeay!


Anonymous said...

good for you !

Sahil said...

Photos! I demand photos!

Humaari maange puri karo!

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of Indian girls (esp the ones I met in NTU) for some reason think, hardly ever wear Indian clothes. The ones who do, think that wearing a bindhi never suits them.

But if you wear them more often, you will come to feel that ur face doesnt look gd w/o a bindhi.

I think Indian clothes, esp saris, suit all Indian women.They can make anyone look great.

Sayesha said...

Angel, I couldn't agree more! I used to think I can't pull off a bindi. Now I'm so addicted to it! From now on, I can never wear Indian without a bindi. I think it completes the look I'm trying ;)

And while we're on the subject of saris, when it comes to sexy, I believe that nothing can beat a pastel-coloured chiffon sari!

Ram C said...

Can we expect some indianised posts, during this national day preptn of yours?

mjey said...

An in indian outift with no bindhi is a NO NO for me!....good on you!

Pictures please!

Kaps said...

Slightly off topic....

Your post on comments and commentators seems to have caught on like wild fire as other bloggers seem to be taking off from where u had left.

As far as guys are concerned I don't think we can wear Indian clothes to work as it may not be business friendly attire. We can target to do the other things as not much effort is involved.

Anonymous said...

I dont know y but ur comment kinda triggered off a 70s sorta image in my head. Where the women in the Hindi movies would wear chiffon saris and huge buns on their head, big bhindis and manage to look abs gorgeous..

Sayesha said...

//Can we expect some indianised posts?

Hmmm... are you trying to say something here? ;)
I thought my posts are as Indian as I am. i.e. 'Very'. :)

Mjey, Sahil,
Errmmm... pictures? Hehehe :P
Aside from my blog rule of not posting any pics of myself unless they are silhouettes or the like, I don't think I photograph too well in ethnic. The last time a friend saw a photo of me in a sari, he burst out laughing! (You know who you are, sitting in India!) :O

//other bloggers seem to be taking off from where u had left.

Gotta check it out! Where? Where?

And I agree with you on the guys' ethnic attire thing. I think I would freak out if one of the guy editors turns up at a meeting in a sherwani! Hahaha! :O

I was thinking more like Sridevi in Chandni and Sushmita in Main Hoon Na, but your post reminded me of Zeenie baby! Now she was an absolute goddess.

Kaps said...


U can read the articles here

Why are u calling us editors?

Sayesha said...

Wow, cool stuff. The two questions posed in these links are interesting food for thought:

1. Are blog friendships phony?
To those who believe so, here's my take. How can you be sure that your non-blog friendships aren't?

2. If one of your blog commentators was in town, would you meet him/her?
Hmmm... wow. You got me there.

//Why are u calling us editors?
Wasn't calling you guys editors. Was just trying to imagine my male colleagues in ethnic Indian wear! :D

Siddhu said...

Hey Sayesha, would love nothing better than that. Get outta engineering for ever and ever... and a few evers after that. :P

Graduation in 323 days! (Assuming I graduate. :-P)

Or should that be post-graduate? (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun)

Siddhu said...

Read ur 'job' post! WOW!

But you can't resign from a bonded scholarship, howmuchever you hate it, and however well you know (now) that you've still got a job back in India you'd prefer any day. :-((

Sayesha said...

I did not let my "engineering scholarship" get in my way :D

I am still bonded to Singapore for three more years. But the bond doesn't pinch. I am happily serving it because I was fortunate and found a job I love.

Sahil said...

//2. If one of your blog commentators was in town, would you meet him/her?
//Hmmm... wow. You got me there.


Ahem. I think I just may have to cancel my plan to make a plan to visit Sinagpore.

Sayesha said...

Aww come on, Kishenlal! You I would definitely wanna meet. The hmmm... was for the million times one should think before deciding to meet an anonymous commentator.

Anyway, when are you getting here? Will you bring me some mithai from your dukaan? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I missed this. Please please send photos.

And I absolutely agree with Sayesha and Angelsera. Indian without bindi is like pani puri without the puri.

virdi said...

I hope there is somthing like th India day parrade in London. will do that on 15th August. wear Kurta to work in Victoria, the heart of London. :)

Sayesha said...

Haha! Naari, I'll try and send you some photos if I take any. My 'Indian' friend Starbreez suggested that on one of the days, I should try out the kaajal thingie too! Now that would be fun! Maybe I'll take a pic then! :D

//Indian without bindi is like pani puri without the puri

Arre yaar kya yaad dila diya? Khud toh India mein baithi ho, and upsetting me here! I want pani puri. NOW. Aur yahan ka ganda wala nahin, India wala! :(

virdi said...

hey sayesha
how are your hands?? when is that post on hands coming?? u send me a photo of your hands and i will put a post about them. can i?? please please please. on my knees.

Sahil said...

//Will you bring me some mithai from your dukaan? :)

That depends. Kishanlal Gotiwala only brings mithais to girls who have been good. Will you be good?

Sayesha said...

Haha! Virdi, as I mentioned before, we remembered you a lot during our Malaysia trip, and also took some hand shots. A couple of them will be up on my travelogue soon. :)

Princessse said...

They're up on the travelogue!!! I saw 'em....and as soon as I saw 'em , a smile crept across ma face... I knew, they were there as a tribute to and in honour of Virdiiii...Let's give him a show of hands everybody!!!


Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Princesse, actually the ones you saw are not the ones I was talking about. (In fact, one of them is not even my hand, it's one of the guys'! Haha!) I've got a really good one that Sinnerman took on Day 4. Stay tuned! :)

Anil said...

Finally you did take my advice and enabled archives for your Hopscotch page... I'll take all the credit.. yes, you're welcome..

Sayesha said...

Of course I give you credit! (I even called you Anil Beta in response to your 'Meri Amma' on my 'If you can dream it, you can do it' post!)

Credit goes to Viv too, for being the first one to point out the crashing effects of Hopscotch! :P

Young Master said...

pink bindi?

patiala pataka said...

how about wearing a tirangaa at the padang??