Thursday, July 07, 2005

Girl, interrupted

Hell hath no fury like an editor in the middle of a week with one hospitalised team member, two absconding authors and three killer deadlines, interrupted by a Marketing guy asking for irrelevant stuff at the most inappropriate of times.

This cheeky Marketing guy walks up to me, points to a book he's holding and says, "Need to change cover. By next week. Can?"

In spite of the absolute fury I'm harbouring, I refrain from strangling him to death. Instead, I maintain a straight face, point to myself and say, "Need to change job. By next week. Can."

To my surprise (and amusement), the chap goes and spreads the word. A few minutes later, a bunch of horrified-looking Marketing people surround me. "You are quitting??? Really??? Why???" they ask. One of the Marketing girls punctuates every sentence of hers to me with a syrupy "You're our favourite editor. You know that, don't you?" "Sure! Sure!" I think to myself.

Inside, I'm laughing like a hyena.

Hmmm... that was kinda fun!


Bonatellis said...

i shall post a msg, can or not?

Sayesha said...

Haha, dude, you already did! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you have a big bloated head?

No, seriosuly, which self respecting individual would brag on their own website that some colleague "says" that she is the "favourite editor"?

Grow up!

Sayesha said...

My dear anonymous,
I think you completely missed the sarcasm of my post. And also the point. Could be the early hour at which you woke up to slander me :)

And oh, before I forget, I think you should grow up and leave your name behind when you comment on people's blogs. Especially when your comments are such. Come on, what are you afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous : Blogs are meant to be self congratulatory. And vanity is hardly a sin. Only if you are self respecting, and are comfortable with the praise that you receive - would you be able to admit to many people out on a blog that someone did indeed compliment you.
And what's wrong in mentioning compliments that you receive?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - what munna bhai says is 100% right. And like Sayesha said, you missed the point of the post.

The "Need to change job. By next week. Can." line is a classic. It ranks right up there with the "That's ok, my Chinese also no good" remark. Dude, this chick is hilarious. And the post was about how a question asked (innocently) brought out the witty retort, and the confusion that followed. It was never about vanity or "bragging" on how she was their favourite editor. So stop nit-picking, and looking for things that ain't there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous... You have issues man/woman. You need to sort them out instead of venting it on other people. If you have something useful/entertaining to say, do it... otherwise, read and be off on your merry/sorry way.

A blog in it's most basic form is an online version of one's deepest thoughts... it's not a letter to the public. So if someone is thinking about what someone else said to them, who're you to start judging them? You don't even know who they are.

Angelsera said...

u know sayesha....i pity who ever anonymous was...I doubt if he will ever have the guts to leave a name behind hence forth after the amt of 'scoldings' he jus received :)

Anonymous said...

//"I doubt if he will ever have the guts..."

he? :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks, guys, for all the support. The growing significance of blog comments, and the conversations in the comment space has set me thinking.

I think a blog post on different types of 'blog commentators' is brewing in the big bloated head of the chick...

Aye Kay said...

Sayesha, as always, an apt come-back at a rather naive comment, and... looks like you have enormous support ;-) I seriously wonder how many people have "Sayesha's World" open permanently on their office PCs waiting for your next 'juicy' post, and the next anonymous person's head to bite off :-D

So how? Magazine cover by next week can or canno?

Princessse said...

hahaha :)

This is amazing.. Sayesha - rem the post you had a while back 'Farewell. And by the way, you rock!'? WEll this is all your blog commenters comin out in response to your 'you guys rock!' remark :)... Ready to stand up for you - coz they know you through your blog (or personally, in the case of some lucky individuals).

Anonymous may have stumbled here by posting a rather naive remark misunderstanding what sayesha's about, but it's certainly proven to be a great window of opportunity for you to see what kinda friends you've earned yourself.

I just wanted to say that it's really warm to see that this can happen :). And Sayesha, you made this happen, along with those who read you, coz you bring out this side in them. Congratulations. Since I've not said it before, and may not, considering I may never meet you, I just wanna tell you, YOU ROCK girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Hahaha...I can't believe you said that! This is funny! :D I know diff ppl are diff...but I agree though.

btw, I am not anonymous1! another anonoymous...

Sayesha said...

Ooh, the brotherhood is growing! :)

//but I agree though.
What amazes me is that both of you prefer to stay anonymous. I may have a big bloated head, but at least I am not afraid to be myself.

Sayesha said...

Thanks for reminding me once again how fortunate I am to have the people I have in my life. I'm truly touched.

And for all the positivity you bring to everyone's lives, thank you, girl. You rock :)