Sunday, July 10, 2005

Moving out and moving on

It's the end of an era.

It started with six friends moving into a beautiful housing complex in 2002. Three boys in one apartment (let's call them B1, B2 and B3), three girls (G1, G2 and G3) in the one opposite. Fresh from university, full of zest for life, they had all just started working. It was perfect. And great fun. Just like in the sitcom 'Friends'.


Occupants in girls' apartment: G1, G2, G3
Occupants in boys' apartment: B1, B2, B3

G1 moved out because her office was too far away. G4 replaced her. B1 got married and moved out. B4 moved in.
Occupants in girls' apartment: G2, G3, G4
Occupants in boys' apartment: B2, B3, B4

G4 moved out to do her MBA in the US. B4 did too. B5 and G5 entered the picture.
Occupants in girls' apartment: G2, G3, G5
Occupants in boys' apartment: B2, B3, B5

G2, B2 and B5 leave for their MBAs. B3 has no housemates and hence moves out to live elsewhere.

The boys' apartment becomes empty. The girls' apartment will be too. G3 will have to move out. Soon.

G3 is heartbroken.

G3 is Sayesha.


Anonymous said...

And that my dear is called life. You gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

starbreez said...

Everything changes ... look forward to what's next, lots to do, lots to experience! And good on you for taking on what independence has to offer, and for feeling with such depth and honesty. Hey, lemme know if you need help when you move.

Sahil said...

"Its the end of an era."

I feel for ya. I can only imagine what it must feel like, after having spent so many years, having a ball of a time with your friends. These are friendships that will last a lifetime, and they've no doubt played a big part in who you are today.

But with your warm personality, have no fear my friend. I am certain, wherever you go, you will have a great time, and will never be alone.

...and you've always got your "I cook you eat" parties to liven things up ;)

Anonymous said...

you watch Joey? :)

Sayesha said...

Yeah, that's how life is. One moment you're surrounded by people and suddenly the very next, they're all gone and you're standing there all alone.

But Sayesha is a survivor, and she will survive :)

Yes, I am looking forward to the next phase of life. Loadsa changes, loadsa opportunities...

Haha, thanks for trying to cheer me up, man! Will take me a while to get over this sinking feeling, but I will :)

I watch Joey once in a while.
And after reading your comment, I had a horrifying realisation. Oh my God, I'm Joey!!! :O

Siddhu said...

Too bad about the house, Sayesha.

But your work! Man, I envy the kind of work you're doing. Exactly the kind I'd LOVE to do.

As opposed to doing a MASTER's in something you hate! How did you manage to effect a field switch to FT writing? I'd just love to do something of the sort. :-P

K said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog, your blog makes for some interesting reading too.
Take care and I'll keep dropping by!

Sayesha said...

Hey Siddhu,
Been there done that :)
Upon graduation, I rotted as an engineer too. Lasted exactly three months. After that, my passion got the better of me. Had to really fight to make the switch though. I think that on some levels, my parents are still confused ki "Yeh ladki apni zindagi ke saath kar kya rahi hai??" You can read the story of my painful journey here.

And btw, since you're gonna be in S'pore, wanna drop me your resume after you graduate? ;)

Sayesha said...

9.24 pm
Just helped B3 move out the last bits of his stuff. Looked around the empty house and I think I lost a few more pieces of my heart :(

Sahil said...

Relish in the feeling of loneliness that you are experiencing.

There will be few times in your life that you will have the honour of experiencing this. To experience what it feels like to watch your best friends move away. To remember all the great times you've shared.

Some of us don't have anything to feel sad over. Of not having the chance to have made such great friends.

You're a lucky gal, Sayesha. Though at this moment you may not appreciate the truth in the statement.

I'll let you enjoy your sorrow. Lest I be accused of being a killsorrow. ;)

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Sahil. I do realise the truth in your words.

And about the killsorrow thing, I'm impressed! I've noticed that you remember a lot of details from my old posts, don't you? :)

Sahil said...

A characteristic of a true loyalist.

Sayesha said...


Hmmm... you are 26 then! :)

Pardon me for hounding you about your age, but I can't imagine a 40-year-old sounding the way you do :)

anubhav said...

I read your post abt ur jobs. I am really impressed and also inspired.

hope things turn out well for you...:) best wishes.

White Light said...

I know what you mean, I have changed living spaces around four times in the past six years, and I always hate leaving newfound roomie frienships. :) Btw, I am one of your "loyalists" readers. :) and I linked you up.

Anonymous said...

Well...ther will be new G1 and G2 now...dont b sad...

Anonymous said...

hmm...every person who lives ard u seems to be leavin to do MBA...

Ram C said...

Don't you like to stay with G5? Or else did you miss you other Gs and friendly Bs?

Sayesha said...

Haha! Looking at the success rate of the 'Find a 2-bedroom apartment' campaign, I think G3 and G5 may just have to split up. G3 is bracing herself.

Sahil said...

What happened to the "entice a new roomie" campaign?

The place you have looks beautiful, don't give up that easily.

Anonymous said...

In that case even G5 will be lonely..Nothing's permanent but change

Sayesha said...

I offered you the roomie's position, remember? You turned it down, man! :(

Sahil said...

40 year old Kishanlal Gotiwala expanding his mithai empire to Singapore market?

Potential hain.

Siddhu said...

Hey Sayesha, would like nothing better. :-D

Graduation in 323 days (assuming I graduate LOL)