Thursday, July 28, 2005

Of CIGs and pigs

Have you ever had a creepy guy on the Internet (I call their clan CIG -- Creepy Internet Guy) suddenly adding you on MSN, and sending you weird messages?

Here's a conversation that happened between a CIG and Sayesha. (The only reason this conversation was so long was because Sayesha is generally not rude, not even to CIGs. One has to really piss her off to see her rude side.)

CIG adds Sayesha.

CIG - Hi there! *smiley*
Sayesha - Sorry, but do I know you?
CIG - No, you don't. But you can, if you want. *winkey*
Sayesha - I'm not interested. Sorry.
CIG - But I am. *smiley*
Sayesha - Well, I am not.
CIG - Come on! I just want to be friends.
Sayesha - But I don't.
CIG - Why not?
Sayesha - Because I don't talk to strangers on the Internet.
CIG - Are you from India?
Sayesha - I don't think I have to tell you that. Please remove me from your list.
CIG - What if I don't? *winkey*
Sayesha - Then I will delete you.
CIG - Haha! But I can still message you.
Sayesha - No, you can't. I will block-delete you.
CIG - No, you won't. *winkey*
Sayesha - What makes you think so?
CIG - 'Cos I know you're just acting girly and pricey. You wanna be friends with me too! *winkey*
Sayesha - Oh yeah? Want to try me?
CIG - Oh yeah! *smiley*

Sayesha does a block-delete.

Sayesha (to herself) - Hah! *smiley*


The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Good job. They deserve that! Block Delete is the best. I sometimes do that to people who piss me off - even those who are on my MSN list! ;)

Sahil said...

Hahaha this guy really sounds like the king of all CIG's.

Probably a road romeo by day, and a CIG by night. Kya baat hain - full time job hain ladkiyon ko chedhna. What a life!

Anonymous said...

sounds more like a DIG(desperate internet guy), than a CIG

Anonymous said...

hahaha :) the funny thing is, they leave no one alone... I mean, if a guy messages an obviously-guy-name (like mine, especially if the guy is from india), are we to assume they are "geunine"?! or yeah, gay guy! anyways, some such conversations I had are this long, minus the flirting part... :P

yes, block delete!

Anonymous said...

wo! I've had a terrible experience with this... thr was a guy/gal who jus dint quit!!! block one id he/she came up with another... how many wd u block? so I jus decided to not reply to his/her messaging... I am still amazed at his/her spirit okie? ;) imagine someone coming baq and mssging with newer ids after my blocking each new id!! :O tht was also scary for a while!! Thankfully the guy/gal quit after like 5 ids!! Thank God cos I had no clue wat to do otherwise! :D

Arz000n said...

Yes...I've met quite a lot of CIP [Creepy Internet People) online.
For past 5 days, Im tolerating a CCPG [Creepy Cell Phone Gal]. Damn, technology does makes us pay the price :(
How do I block and delete CCPG's??

Sayesha said...

Haha, Soldier! Must not mess with you then! To be block-deleted from a friend's list?! That's the ultimate! :)

Sahil, it appears as if you want a life like that. I hope you're not a CIG. Actually, you can't be. People at Sayeshaz are not CIGs! :)

Oxymoron, actually some may not be desperate (maybe they genuinely are looking for friends) but they're creepy for sure!

Reghu, Aathira, welcome back to Sayeshaz. You guys sure took a long break, huh?

Arz000n, I have a suggestion. Next time CCPG girl calls, you freak her out! Say things like "So when can I move in?" or "We should get a pet together." or "What are you wearing?" These things will freak any girl out!

Sahil said...

"Sayeshaz". I like that.

You do realise that if I was a CIG, I'd never tell you, don't u? So I guess you'll never know. *winkey*

...and Sayesha, whatcha wearing?? ;)

Gaurav said...

when u meet a can try becoming a CIG urself.. be a poser and tell him you are a guy instead ..he will run away for sure.

Sayesha said...

//Sayeshaz. I like that.

I like that too. :)

Nice try at being a CIG, Sahil. Like I said, people at Sayeshaz are not CIGs.

And yeah, I'm wearing a tent. 'Cos that's the only thing I can fit into. Damn sexy, huh?

Gaurav, your method may not work all the time :) Do not ignore the possibility of the CIG being a Creepy Internet Girl or a gay guy!

Anonymous said...

Guess I've been a silent reader for sometime now eh? ;)

Sahil said...

Yeah Gaurav, I agree with Sayesha... that plan may SEVERELY backfire!

You wore the tent today? Really?? Subhaan-allah! Kaunsa colour? (Pls be ferozi.. and make this CIG's day....)

Anonymous said...

nice blog u got here...with winkies and smilies



nmk said...

Some one should get a chat bot and hook it up with MSN. Let the pesky CIGs chat with the bot and have fun.

anubhav said...

haha!!!...Anubhav(to himself):Oh! Boy Sayesha's

its better to ignore creeps just after first the msg, why waste time in replying..


Siddhu said...

Lol Sayesha! But you didn't even swear at him.

And talking of CPCGs, I'm sure either its a 45 year old homosexual or some f(r)iend trying to pull ur leg, and see how despo u get. ;)

virdi said...

i did this once in rediff chat room.. Put my name "hot-girl-in-the-room" and logged in.. you wont believe i got some 40 msgs in some 5 seconds..
"Hi, how are you hotty??"
"Hi, sweety"
"Pls have sex with me"
"Pls talk to me, everyone is a bastrad here"
Well it was fun and I logged off. it was Ritesh Kini's (
now you cant call them CIG but i think these guys or gals or whatever are quite despo for the-thing-i-dont-want-to-mention-but-you-know-what.
As you can see I am reading Harry Potter, and Harry Potter Kills Professor Dumbledore. I told you the story... yahoooooo..
PS: did i tell you the correct ending?? ;-)

Sayesha said...

//You wore the tent today? Really?? Subhaan-allah! Kaunsa colour? (Pls be ferozi.. and make this CIG's day....)

Sorry to disappoint you man, but it is fluorescent green with yellow stripes, pink polka dots and purple flowers. Not to mention the big blue frills at the edges. Sounds real classy na?

Like Siddhu mentioned, sometimes it could be a friend tryin' to be funny, or it could be someone who thinks you're someone else. I basically dun wanna be rude till I am really pissed off.

Hi hot-girl-in-the-room,
Can I have your number? ;)

virdi said...

yes yes... i will give you my number.. its 7.. u asked shoe size ka number?? right?? or my roll number?? roll number was HS02A009...

Shuuro said...

Hey Virdi, in our college days, together with my friends we did same thing in yahoo, At first it was nice we could tease people and have fun but in just few mins, this adventure became unbearable. I sympathize with all those girls who come to chat rooms and i still can't figure out how they manage with so many PMs. Just looking at PM window makes my friend to strike the table!

Later we thought of playing practical joke on one of our friend, where we started a relationship with him over net by impersonating as a girl and that story ended with red face and embarrassment for him, when he came on date to meet this so-called girl :)).

Shuuro said...

Hey Siddhu!, perverts are not always homosexual ;)

PuNeEt said...

ha ha ha ha
Nice conversation... I was laughing my heart out...

Well done...some people are just hopeless...


Sayesha said...

I actually knew someone who went to the airport with flowers to meet "this hot air hostess he'd been chatting with for a few months" and it turned out to be his two uncontrollably laughing friends! Poor chap! Must have been embarrassed to death!

Sahil said...

//Sorry to disappoint you man,

I told you once, and I'll tell you again. I'm far from disappointed Sayesha. You really think this CIG will freak out hearing that? They just get more turned on man... Yeah baby!

and Virdi yaar... i'm not talking about her hand, so don't get jealous mate.

And Sayesha and shuuro - that's just plain MEAN man. I'd beat the crap out of my friends if they ever did that to me.

virdi said...

oye sahil>> thanks for reminding me... sayesha>> where is the hand post?? oye sahil>> i am not J.. i just love her hand and its beatiful.. sayesha>> yes it was mean of you not posting the hands blog... sahil>> you meant the hands post right?? if you were discussing anything else then BFIC..

Sayesha said...

Arre baba Virdi,
Hand photo will be on Hopscotch -- wait for Perdang Day 4.

Siddhu said...

Virdi, HS...? Is that an NUS Matriculation ID? lol.

Siddhu said...

Virdi, HS...? Is that an NUS Matriculation ID? lol.

Sayesha said...

Siddhu, HS is for 'Hysterical Sardaar'.

Siddhu said...

Lol! :-P. Though it sounds far fetched :P

patiala pataka said...

haha...pukka loser!

Anonymous said...

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