Sunday, July 31, 2005


A few years ago, when he was educating himself on computers, my Dad came across the concept of CC'ing an email. He was really excited.

"This means I can email you and send the same thing to your sister! At the same time! Isn't this great?" He asked.

"Yeah, Dad." I smiled to myself.

What I really wanted to say was, "Dad, you've been using the CC function for years now. You just did not know about it."

Here's the story:

I call home on a Sunday evening.

Dad picks up.

Sayesha - Hello, Dad! It's me. How are things?
Dad - Good! Good! What about you?
Sayesha - Great! Life's a mess right now. But otherwise great.
Dad - That's good.
Sayesha - So where's Mom?
Dad - Mom? She's in the kitchen. Busy.

Loud clang clang noise. 'Click' sound of Mom picking up the phone in the other room.

Mom - I am here, I am here! What do you mean 'busy in the kitchen'??
Sayesha - Hi, Mom!
Mom - Put the phone down!
Sayesha - Huh??
Mom - Not you! Your Dad! Put the phone down!
Dad - Why should I put the phone down??
Mom - Because I want to talk to my daughter.
Dad - Your daughter? She's my daughter too!
Mom - Yeah, but you can talk later.
Dad - Why don't you talk later?

I interrupt meekly.

Sayesha - Mom, Dad, I'm making an IDD call here...
Mom - See, now you're wasting her money!
Dad - I'm wasting her money??
Mom - Yes, yes, you are. Put the phone down. Let me talk to her.
Dad - I want to talk to her first. When she calls on Saturdays and I am at office, you get to talk to her. So I get to talk to her now.
Mom - Well, she can only call at her own convenience, isn't it?

And I listen, CC'ed in the conversation Mom and Dad are having.

Sayesha - Okay, instead of you guys talking to each other, why don't I talk, and the two of you just listen?
Dad (indignantly) - Okay.
Mom (indignantly) - Okay.
Sayesha - So what did you do in the weekend? Watched any new movies?
Mom - I wanted to, but your Dad doesn't want to watch Hindi movies.
Dad - That's because you only watch 'dhishum dhishum' movies.
Mom - What? No, I don't! Munnabhai was not a 'dhishum dhishum' movie!

And I listen, CC'ed in the conversation again, beginning to get impatient.

Sayesha - So are you going to talk to me at all today?
Mom - Oh, sorry!
Dad - Yes, yes, we want to talk to you.
Sayesha - Cool. So have you been exercising?
Mom - I have, I have! Three rounds on the terrace every morning.
Dad - That's not enough! You must come with me on my morning walk.
Mom - No, that tires me.
Dad - You're just lazy.
Mom - No, I am not! You're the one not taking care of your health!
Dad - What did I do??
Mom - What about the coke you drank yesterday?
Dad - I only tasted a little bit.
Mom - A little bit?? Yeah, right! And what about the cake you had?

Sayesha - Ok I'm gonna have to take matters into my hands now. This conversation is cute, but I am kinda running out of patience, and money on my phone card. So I am going to make this short. May I?
Mom & Dad - Errr... huh?
Sayesha - Dad, You've gotta cut down your sugar. Mom, you've gotta start those morning walks. And I've gotta go. Talk to you later, okie?
Mom & Dad - Okay. Bye! Call us next weekend, okay?

Sayesha (smiles to herself) - Yeah. I will.

I will.


Jade said...

Hi. Have been reading your blog for a few days now. Nice place. :)

I wanted to ask you something, though. Why do you always refer to yourself in the third person?

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

excellent. exactly what used to happen when i called from my UG insti.

now, with mobiles with all, its a little different. i may call anyone's cell but each wants a chance on it..

another matter that then i was 3 hours away by road... now its 3 hours by air :)

consistent argument: parents... when'll they learn ;)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

LOL. Sigh, parents!! Something similar happens at my place everyday too!!

Sayesha said...

Hi Jasmine,
Welcome to Sayeshaz. To answer your question, my blog harbours the purest and truest form of me. And to be able to see yourself like that, sometimes you have to get out of yourself and look at yourself as another person. That explains the whole third person thing. :)

Raven, Kroopa,
Parents, huh? How childlike and how amazing! :)

Sahil said...

Isn't it strange how the same parents who be believed to be the word of God now become so childlike?

Once we grow up, the roles get reversed. We now have to occassionaly 'scold' our parents, who become immature (in a cute way) at times! Weird, huh? That's life...

Anonymous said...

// We now have to occassionaly 'scold' our parents

And when that happens, you feel really bad about having done that! Like you just insulted their intelligence...

Anil said...

gaon walon! yeh kya ho raha hai! yahan itna senti kyon hai bhai?

Anonymous said...

i guess the concept of 'cc-ed' exists in more places than we would think of! a teleconference being the most notable one!
reading ur blog reminded me i need to call my parents, today!

PS-thanx for dropping by my blog!

PuNeEt said...

That's a very sweet conversation...
It says how much they miss u...
take care

Sayesha said...

Why are you maroing Virdi type comments? :)

Do I get good karma points for reminding you to call them? :)

I miss them too. Especially when the world just breaks my heart, I want to run to them for comfort...

Ram C said...


that's a really funny one...

Anonymous said...

oh yes! u sure will get karma points!

and blessings:

"may u nvr 4get to call ur parents, and may ur kids nvr 4get to call u, when they r away from u" :D
hahaa, jus kiddin'!

starbreez said...

Aw, your parents are so sweet! What's "dhishum dhishum"?

Sayesha said...

Hey Starbreez,
Yes, they're incredibly cute. :)

'Dhishum dhishum' are the sounds made during the meaningless fight scenes in Bollywood movies. Dad calls violent movies 'dhishum dhishum' movies. :)

A Rose By Any Other Name said...

HA HA, they sound like most parents. dont you love it?

Sayesha said...

Yup, I totally adore it! :)

Mohan Kodali said...

that was really cute...

lolz! parents bhi na

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