Thursday, July 21, 2005

Noticed the board?

I took a picture of my notice board at work today.

Here's what I have:

(I have used terms used by guys to check out girls, to easily locate the stuff.)

11 o' clock: Something I made in honour of my two homelands. The Indian and Singaporean flags crossing each other.

12 o' clock: A comic strip I cut out from a newspaper that describes my job very well. Shows the boss telling the employee, "This project is extremely important, but it has no budget, no guidelines, no support staff and it's due tomorrow morning. At last, here's your chance to impress everyone!"

1 o' clock: Sketch of a rabbit I made long ago. This is to remind me that I have other hobbies I should give time to.

Half past one: A peacock feather to colour my working life with my favourite colours.

2 o' clock: A white plastic fork I mutilated in a fit of stress at work. I believe it is a spectacular piece of art.

4 o' clock: A rose I sketched using only pencil dots.

6 o' clock: Yet another sketch. A house in the countryside.

9 o' clock: An ad I cut from a newspaper when I was in India. It shows a dog dreaming of a 'total-chill' life, and has the words, "Does your job make you so happy that you've stopped thinking big?" I look at it now and then and ponder over the truth behind the words.

Centre of clock: My motivation statement in life. "Tough times don't last. Tough people do."


Anonymous said...

Nice !

The sketches look nice... hope you're keeping up your hobby.

I love the pen/pencil dot art form friends in art class used to do it..its tough and I sure do admire you for it :)

Anil said...

Can you scan a hi-res version of that doggy ad? That's just what some of us need to stop being too comfortable at work.

The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

The clock method of directions is the best thing since sliced bread ;)

Manik said...

Hey there, read through your blogs and took the liberty of adding you to my links.Interesting topics, nice stuff.

virdi said...

excuse me sayesha.... but arn't people supposed to work in office??? look what this girl does, keeping herself busy with her hobbies. uff... is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta!!!

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Ash gal! :)
I haven't been sketching lately, but I hope I resume soon.

WH Anil,
Okie will try to do that and email it to you, though the paper has yellowed with age and may just crack at the scanner :)

Hahahahaha! Remember Long Island at Perdang? The clock was a bit overworked, huh? :D

Hey Manik,
Welcome to Sayeshaz. Thanks for blogrolling me :)

Virdi ke bache,
Khud toh London ki sadkon par vella ghoom raha hai, and spouting nonsense at that? Yeh acchi baat nai hai! (Vajpayee style)

Sahil said...

No seriously, what is up with that fork? Does it serve as a reminder of the bad things that angry Sayesha is capable of? hehe

...and what's that thing with 2 hands covering its face in front of the noticeboard?

Anonymous said...

u sketch v well...u shd do tt mroe often :)

Aye Kay said...

And you wonder why your desk is (what did you call it?) toxic.... Obviously people walking by seeing you sketching must have thought there isn't anough work at that office :-p

But the rose-thingie looks quite nice though. So now we see that Sayesha is an ex-gangster, an ex-singer and now an artist. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sayesha...Its been said again and agian, but I'll still say it...Your sketches rock!!..and overall, an interesting notice board!!

Sahil said...

I just realised, the "pencil dots" you were referring to are NOT the join the numbered dots thing that we did as kids.

HAHAHAHAHA - and here I was thinking, "Man, those things can really give good results now!"

Sayesha said...

What are you talking about?? I love that mutilated fork! It proves that negativity when channelled right, can give rise to fabulous results! ;)
And you thought it was 'join the numbered dots'???? Geez!

//...and what's that thing with 2 hands covering its face in front of the noticeboard?

The 2-hands thingie is the coolest mobile phone holder in the world. I adore it! :D

Thanks, Angelsera and John! :)

Aye Kay,
Arre! I do not sketch at work!! All of these were done at home. I just keep them in my office so I can look at them now and then, and remind myself to start sketching again.

Aye Kay said...

lol. you have an answer for everything :-p

Leon said...

Many of my sister's hairclips met with the same fate as your white plastic fork. However the only appreciation I've received from her for MY 'spectacular' creations are blood drawing pinches... :-)

Anonymous said...

Sayesha: I hope you are cute.

Anonymous said...

No wonder youre stuck with this job ... writing blogs and twisting forks leave little time for getting any serious work done. Goes for all you other "bloggers" ... stop your whining and get your ass out and get your hands dirty fools. The world needs young people thinking and working on real issues .. not some sappy-ass question about soulmates.

Sayesha said...

I never thought I'd say to this to anyone, but you are a sad sad person. If only you spent more time appreciating the way people choose to live their lives than slandering them on their blogs.

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