Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sayesha's hate-list

Having recently realised that other than the familiar "I-love-the-world-and-I-love-everyone" Sayesha, there actually are other Sayeshas, I decided to try and see if I could come up with a Sayesha's hate-list. And to my surprise, I did pretty well. Here's my top ten list.

1. I hate it when girls make their boyfriends pay for everything.

2. I hate it when after coming back from a pub, my clothes and hair smell of cigarette smoke.

3. I hate it when people make me wait endlessly.

4. I hate it when I miss the trailers before a Hindi movie.

5. I hate it when perfectly good old Hindi songs are ruined by meaningless remixes.

6. I hate it when road romeos stare and sing idiotic songs.

7. I hate it when I am with a bunch of guys and we bump into an old acquaintance, and he asks everyone, "So dude, where are you working, man?" Everyone except me.

8. I hate it when people send those forwards that ask you to forward it to a hundred other people.

9. I hate it when friends try to play politics with me.

10. I hate it when people try to take advantage of my belief in the basic goodness of the human soul.


Aye Kay said...

"road romeos stare and sing idiotic songs" ?? in Singapore??

Leon said...

I would echo points 3, 8 and 10... :-)

Anonymous said...

Echo all but 4. Hindi Movies are bad enough...but trailers too.... :-)

Sayesha said...

Aye Kay,
It happens mostly in India, but I have encountered it here in Little India too :(
And these morons don't sing in tune, and don't even know the lyrics properly! Kuchi kuchi ota haai it seems! Aaarghhh! :@

Yes, 10 is important. I think 9 and 10 anger me the most. Happened recently :(

Here's my take. If the movie is bad, at least the trailers give you your money's worth. Well, almost :)

Anonymous said...

I think point 10 hurts much more than the other nine points. Arent we all vitims to such exploitations ?

Nice post Sayesha, are you becoming very sentimental these days ?? Where has the fun-loving and cheerful Sayesha gone ?

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Prince! Long time no see! Becoming a silent reader, are ya? :)

And you're right, am running a big high on emotions these days.

Dun worry, the cheerful one's still around, won't go anywhere :)

Anonymous said...

Wow a quick reply :).. Thanks Sayesha...
Anyway, life is a sine wave with ups and downs so never ever give up. After all, it is such unpleasent experiences that makes us stronger. You knew better, young gal.
I have been a silent reader for several months Sayesha and never commented till that polar bear post.. hahahaha.... which I did on a knee jerk reaction..... hahaha

Sahil said...

Kuchi kuchi ota ai!

Thats really how they sing the song! My Malaysian friend one day (doesn't speak a word of hindi) broke out into this song:

Tum paa sa-aye
You mus-ko-ra-aye
da da da da da da
Kuchee kuchee ota aye

Apparently the song was a big hit in Malaysia/Indonesia. He asked me what I thought of the song? I told him never to sing that song outside his k-room.

Sahil said...

oh - and one of the things I really hate is

When people are irresponsible and have no respect for other people's time. I hate it when someone says I'll call you back in 5 mins, and they end up calling you back in 3 days. Or they make an appointment with you, and they don't show at the time, but call 2 days later, and don't even bother apologizing.

Principle keh log bahut kam ho gaye aaj kal. It's like a person's word doesn't mean much these days.

Sayesha said...

Yeah man. Agar impress hi karna hai, toh zara dhang se gaao, sahi lyrics gaao, sur mein gaao.

Ok I just read what I wrote above and suddenly I have visions of road romeos in India, sitting along the roads in their road romeo clothes, complete with tablas, sitars and violins, ready to put up a show for girls who pass by. Hahahaha!

Siddhu said...

I hate it when I am with a bunch of guys and we bump into an old acquaintance, and he asks everyone, "So dude, where are you working, man?" Everyone except me.

Sexism, uh? Lol!

I disagree wit u about remixes, though. The remix vids are a vast improvement over the originals. ;)

Sayesha said...

//The remix vids are a vast improvement over the originals. ;)

Tell me you're kidding, Siddhu. Random girl wearing next to nothing, random yucky dance moves, while random guy drools in a corner whenever the camera does a close-up, trying to pull off 'Kabhi aar kabhi paar'? I think not.

Sahil said...

The remix videdos are simply a disgrace to the orginal songs. And they've gotten WAY outta hand. Purra ulta matlab nikaal deyte hain.

But some remixes are done brilliantly. While they do not retain the sweetness of the original songs, they beats that are added have made some songs simply irresistible.

Sayesha, you too shall one day enjoy remixes. The darkside is strong young Sayesha. Do not fight it. :)

Sayesha said...

Well, Sahil, I am not disputing the fact that some remixes sound better than the original. I am against the idea of remixing itself. I think they are an insult to the original composer. Let's put it this way -- would you touch up over a Picasso original to make it look "nicer" or "brighter"? Would you replace the Taj mahal tiles with fluorescent ones to make it look more "spectacular"? I wouldn't. In fact, I would be outraged! Because that is an insult to the originals. That takes away the value. And that's what remixes are doing to old songs.

It is always easier to improve stuff. What is difficult is to create good stuff. So to all creators of remixes, I have one thing to say, 'Why don't you take your random females and drooling males and your 'oh-so-cool' beats and your extra English rap lyrics and create a new composition instead of using old songs as crutches? Then we'll see how talented you really are.

Lehmunade said...

Point 7 is soo true.
And they wonder how feminists are born :S

Anonymous said...

hear hear!!
way to go Sayesha, I am sure lots of ppl (..esp the girls for 6 & 7) will agree w u...

Anonymous said...

//Random girl wearing next to nothing, random yucky dance moves

I think this applies to not jus remix videos but even for the original tracks in the movies these days.

Sahil said...

Ah, its a matter of principle. That I can understand.

But the way I look at it (or listen to it for that matter) - remixes are like second editions. The remix artists are by no means in the same league as the composers of the original, the originals will always remain originals, and can and will not be replaced.

But the fact is, these remixes have made popular old classic songs once again. Sure, I love the classic songs just the way they were, but most of the younger generation hadn't even heard of them. And if they sound better and have more life, what's the harm? I think rather than insult the original composers, they are complimenting them.

The videos are a disgrace, and like Angelsera says, even the new songs coming out these days are no different.

Anyways, just my 2 paise.

Sayesha said...

Well, second editions are always offered to the original author first. Here, the original guys are clueless (and in some cases, dead). Sad...

I don't think it is so important for "the younger generation to hear the songs" at the cost of insulting great composers. This is not a music syllabus. Jisko sunna hoga, jiska interest hoga, he will find and appreciate the originals.

La Muchacha Maligna said...

I go for 8 ;)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

LOL to kuchi kuchi hota hai :-P
Hmm, some remixes are actually better than the originals!!
I agree with you on #2. They've banned indoor smoking heer so you can go to a club without feeling sick and reeking of amoke!!
Same with #8. I hate the forwards that ask you to forward to thousands of people 'to prevent your account from being shut down' or because 'Microsoft will donate a dollar to a dying person for every person this is forwarded to.
Friends and politics should never come together!!

Anonymous said...

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