Friday, April 29, 2016

Y is for you

Yes, you, my dear readers, my dear bewdas and bewdis!

A big 'Aao thakur!' to those of you who have been frequenting the bar for years (some for almost a decade even) as well as those who are relatively new.

You guys get a lot of info about me from my posts, but I don't know much about you, unless you reveal it through a comment or an email. But as I discovered last year through my 'T is for traffic' post, my blog stats are a good way for me to find out a little bit about you.

Where do you live?

All time (Who is reading from Ukraine??)

This month (Close race between the desis and the Amreekans)

How did you get here?

All time

This month

Which posts did you read the most?

All time (Veshtiman surfaces again...)

This month (omg my gyaan beat Konmari's!)

What were you searching for when you landed on my blog?

All time (the veshti wins the bronze!)

This month (Emraan Hashmi does look good in specs, hehe! In fact, ten years ago, I'd written a whole post about it. Yikes!)

So there -- all your little secrets are out! You can delete your search history all you want, but you and I will always know that you were googling stuff like 'veshti' and 'Emraan Hashmi' when you landed on my blog. Muahahahaha!


Prathima said...

I don't actually remember how I landed at your blog way back in 2009 but I'm hooked on ever since. I haven't subscribed to the feed because I know I'll check it once in a while anyway thinking "what's up with Sayesha these days..".
Keep going,'re amazing :-)

RB said...

Been following for over ten years now and seen the evolution from the old entertaining times to the more evolved (still entertaining) current times. My own blog has slowed down massively in the last couple of years so I've taken inspiration from your A-Z challenge and started one of my own. :)

Keep it coming!

Art said...

Have been visiting the blogs for years now, but commented very rarely.

Anonymous said...

Finally this Bewdi is approaching the bar. A shot of Bolly-Martini please! Extra olives! :)
I discovered you somehow in 2012 somehow. I had just started working and yet I chose to read every post of yours at work. Haah! I then found out that a few of my blog buddies also read you and we all agreed on how fabulous you are! I don't comment here because of the whole Wordpress-blogspot jhanjhat.
I must say your search term log is better than mine. Mine looks like a perv parade. I actually have 'my life as a pervert' this month.

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

One of the funniest things to me (personally)- no matter where or what's going on in my life, everything else would come to a standstill but id still check the bar.. It's like brushing teeth, subconscious habit ban gaya! It gets really odd when you are in such deep shit in life but check "" 😂 almost ten years I guess.

Horizon said...

Love reading all your posts.. I ordered Konmari too..waiting to get my hands on it.

sunshine said...

Those 54 hits from the sunshine blog this month must have come from me. I did some stat checking on my blog and guess what? The highest source of all time traffic on my blog comes from your blog! (thank you!). What more? I had no idea that we have some jugalbandi going on FB too. See this.

Having read you since 2005, I don't feel like we have never met. :)

Sayesha said...

Thank you so much for the support and kind words. :)

Thank you for the longstanding support! :)

Thank you. :)

Thank you! :)
PS: LOLing at perv parade! :D :D :D

Thank you so much, you supremely purani bewdi! :D

Thank you. :)
PS: Oooh, tell me how it goes! And all the best with the Konmari-ing! :D

Thank you. :)