Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for wit

When the three of us are having a meal together, no devices such as phones/iPad/laptop are allowed at the table. That's a time for conversations and catch-ups only.

The other day, I was in the kitchen, making uttappams for breakfast, while Viv was at the table with Xena, trying to coax her to finish her milk. (It usually takes her about half an hour to finish a cup of milk.)

Suddenly I heard unmistakable cricket-ground sounds.

"What's happening?" I asked from the kitchen.

"Mama, Daddy is watching cricket. He's not supposed to, but he just wants to watch and watch and watch!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. He's a watchman."


Nirmal Anand said...

Lol.. that was quite witty for a little girl.. :D

sundar said...

lol that was cute one from the cute little one :-))

Liz Brownlee said...

Aw, clever little thing! ~Liz

Sayesha said...

Gosh when it comes to PJs, she's worse than her father, though I don't know how that's even possible!

Thank you. :)

Thanks. :)