Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Q is for quiz

Just like any sane person who has embarked on the A-Z blogging marathon, I started this post by googling 'Words that start with Q'. After dismissing queen, question, quest, quick, quaint, quilt, quotation, quality, quantity, quora, quail, quantum, and many others, I hovered over 'quiz'. It brought back memories of the time I used to design A-Z Bollywood quizzes for bewdas to solve. I had done seven of them, but the last one was in June 2014. I figure there is no time like the present to do another one!

So here it is, the latest quiz in this series, and the theme is 'National Award winners'. Can you identify A-Z?

Once upon a time, A and B were part of a strange song from film C, involving many strange things - a bike, sunglasses, extremely tight jeans, beggars, clowns, policemen, policewomen, yellow raincoats, and a rather unforgettable polka-dotted red dress paired with red tights. They must be thanking their stars that they moved on from such things, for both went on to win the National Award twice. B won her second one for the 'realistic film' D, directed by 'realistic director' E, who went on to direct other 'realistic films', one of which F, got a former beauty queen and current Hollywood aspirant G, a National Award. F also starred the quirky H, who won consecutive National Awards for the films I and J. Starring opposite H in I was game-changer name-changer K, who won a National Award for the biographical film L. K also starred in a supernatural thriller M, playing fourth fiddle to Bollywood A-listers N, O and P, none of whom have won a National Award so far. N is married to royalty Q, who did win the National Award for film R, starring opposite P. R also featured a member of parliament S (also known for a multitude of 'I'm a Punjabi and PUNJABIS DON'T KEEP CALM' roles), who won a National Award for a Bengali film. S is married to T, who despite being armed with a Padma Shri and a Padma Bhushan, has never won a National Award. T was pitted against two-time National Award winner U in the film V, which took the audience by complete surprise with its unique storyline. T also had a prominent role as 'daddy cool' in W, one of the most popular films of all time, starring X whose first name starts with U's last name. X, whose superstardom is often compared to that of four-time National Award winning actor Y (also known for his 'my-son-will-retire-but-I-won't' attitude), has yet to win a National Award. X's pairing with the bubbly-until-annoying Z is immensely popular, but even Z has never bagged a National Award. To close the loop, Z is married to A


Anubhuti said...

A: Ajay Devgan
B: Tabu
C: VijaPath
D: Chandni Bar
E: Madhur Bhandarkar
F: Fashion
G: Priyanka Chopra
H: Kangana Ranaut
I: Queen
J: Tanu Weds Manu returns
K: Rajkumar Rao
L: Shahid
M: Talash
N: Kareena
O: Aamir Khan
P: Rani Mukherjee
Q: Saif Ali Khan
R: Hum Tum
S: Kirron Kher
T: Anupam Kher
U: Naseeruddin Shah
V: A Wednesday
W: Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge
X: Shahrukh Khan
Y: Amitabh Bacchan
Z: Kajol

skirtsanddupattas said...

I love these quizes- pls do more of them. And yes, yours is still my favourite blog. Here are the answers:

A= Ajaj Devgn
B= Tabu
C= VijayPath
D= Chandni Bar
E= Madhur Bhandarkar
F= Fashion
G= Priyanka C
H= Kangana
I= Queen
J= Tanu Weds Manu 2
K= Rajkumar Rao
L= Shahid (This I copied from answer above..:D)
M= Talaash
N= Kareena
P= Rani Mukherjee
R= Hum Tum
S= Kiran Kher
T= Anupam Kher
U= Naseeruddin Shah
V= A Wednesday
Z= Kajol

AA_Mom said...

This is super awesome - hats off to your patience and the idea - Patent it I say!

M said...

Was reading Hollywood as Bollywood and just couldnt think of F ..sheesh !!

But what Fun ! Thanks Sayesha :)

A – Ajay Devgn
B - Tabu
C – Vijaypath
D –Chandni Bar
E – Madhur Bhandarkar
F – Priyanka Chopra
G – Fashion
H – Kangana Ranaut
I – Queen
J – Tanu Weds Manu Returns
K – rajkumar Rao
L – Shahid
M- Talaash
N – Kareena Kapoor
O – Aamir Khan
P – Rani Mukherji
Q – Saif Ali Khan
R – Hum Tum
S - Kirron Kher
T – Anupam Kher
U- Naseeruddin Shah
V – A Wednesday
X – Shahrukh Khan
Y – Amitabh Bacchan
Z – Kajol

chengiz said...

Nice quiz! Got them all, had to google a bit of course. Never heard of the K fellow before.

Jennifer Amerkhanov said...

Well, I have zero chance of guessing any of these, but I just wanted to say that this is a very clever post. Well done!

Sayesha said...

Well done! Gold to you! :D

Well done! Silver to you and minus one for peeking! :D

AA Mom,
I wish the idea was mine to patent! :'( A friend of mine had sent one of these quizzes to me as a forward and I had so much fun I designed several more. :D

//Was reading Hollywood as Bollywood and just couldnt think of F ..sheesh !!

LOL this cracked me up! :D :D :D

If you had to google, how can you claim that you 'got them all'? Huh huh huh? :P

Thank you! :)