Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for jewellery

My J post in the A to Z blogging challenge last year was on jewellery too, and I'd ended it with how Xena wanted to get her ears pierced when she turned 5. Well, she turned 5 last month, and we kept our promise. We took her to B*Dazzle, and she stayed calm through the process, even though you could see she was beginning to have second thoughts. They used a mild local anaesthesia and the double-gun method to pierce both ears simultaneously. The 'guns', manned by two staff members, looked like plastic staplers, except that once they had counted '1, 2, 3' and 'stapled' the earlobes, the ear studs were in place, locked from the back too. It was over in one second. No blood, no sweat, no tears. Awesome.

When I'd gotten my ears pierced, I was about the same age as Xena. It was at a gold jewellery shop and I believe the guy just took a gold wire, pierced my earlobe and twisted the two ends of the wire to lock it. And of course, he had to do it again for the other ear. Yikes.

This was taken just seconds after the piercing.

A close-up view

They're just tiny studs, but they have suddenly made my little girl look so grown-up. 

The happy bunny has got her wish!

Of course, she's super excited about her new ear studs and goes around showing anyone and everyone who'd care to listen. She has also come up with some 'statements' about them.

"Mama, the back of the earring looks like the Hindi letter !" (I'd never thought of that, but she was right. I've been teaching her Hindi letters at home, and she knows up to .)

"Mama, I'm Elsa. If I touch my earrings, I will get magic in my hands. Then I can throw it and freeze everything like Elsa!"

The other day, we were passing by a garden, and the gardener was using a hose to water the plants. We got a few tiny drops on us, and she exclaimed, "Oh no, the water touched my earrings! Now gardener uncle and the hose and the water inside will all freeze! I can't unfreeze them!"

But the last one is the most hilarious. It needs a bit of context though, so here goes. Xena likes to open the fridge and read labels on the packaging of food items. She has noted that the items for Viv and me, such as milk, yoghurt and cheese are labelled 'low-fat' and the same items for her are labelled 'full-fat'. In her head, she'd probably understood 'low-fat' to mean 'for adults' and 'full-fat' to mean 'for kids'.

Yesterday, she was talking about her experience at the jewellery shop, and declared, "Mama, you know, we bought these earrings because they were the only small ones in the shop. Everything else was 'low-fat'.


Art said...

She looks so pretty :)

Nikita said...

I always enjoy your posts but rarely comment. Xena looks lovely with the earrings.
I have come across many recommendations that low fat is no good for the body. You might want to look it up.

Sayesha said...

Thank you! Viv and I both felt she suddenly looked so grown up! :')

Thank you. We don't do low-fat all the time. Or full fat all the time. Moderation is key.