Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for xerox

Note: I bet you thought today's post would be 'X for Xena', isn't it? Well, the post is still about her, but I didn't want to do the obvious. :P


"She's her mommy's xerox copy!" We hear this as many times as we hear "She's her papa's xerox copy!"

When she was born, obviously no one had any idea what she looked like. She barely looked human, if I may say so. It took two months for all the tubes and sensors to come off her and for her to develop some kind of recognisable facial features. Even then, I could not tell whom she looked like. Some said she looked exactly like me, some said she looked exactly like Viv, some said she looked like Viv's sister, some said she looked like my dad, and some (read my mother) said that she looked like her great-grandmother. "Too much ho gaya, mom", I told her, but she was and still is adamant.

When her hair grew into the tropical rainforest she currently sports, the balance started tilting in my favour. I didn't care that people considered my mop to be as unruly as hers. She looked like me, bas. But Viv still got some of the credit because he has curly hair too, and it can get pretty unruly, especially when his haircut is due.

For the last 3 years, we have been trying to figure out whom she really looks like. Every time there's a phase where I think she's leaning more towards me based on people's comments, exactly the same number of people start remarking that she looks exactly like him.

Strangely, no one has ever said that she looks like both of us, or a mix. They either says she looks exactly like Viv, or exactly like me. Puzzling, very puzzling.

Until last week, when someone finally solved the puzzle.

"It's obvious. You guys look like each other." He said to us.



Archana said...

Lol! But my vote is for Xena looking like you. That could possibly because I haven't seen a pic of Viv, though :D.

I have heard of couples beginning to resemble each other as they grow older. Looks like you both have had an early start ;).

Thisisme said...

Couples start resembling each other after few years! Seems like u guys r there already :-)

BTW in my family, all my life I have heard how I'm a unique mixture of my mom n dad. I have his forehead, nose, her eyes n lips ,,,,ppl do such analysis baap re baap!! Lol.

When I visit my moms side I look like mama, when I visit dads side, I'm papas xerox copy!

N now I hear that my niece is a lot like me...

For me, honestly , I love this natures play a lot!

When I have my kids, I really want to see how's copy of mine looks like!

cluelesstill said...

I honestly think that might not be too far off from the truth. Lots of my friends have looked at pictures of you and thought you were my sister. I've heard that Viv and I looked a lot like each other when we were younger, ergo you both look similar. :P

Also, I thought that this would be the one post you couldn't take theeasy way out and title Xena, so that just means I know you well, right? ;)

Ketaki... said...

Haha!! Like someone said here earlier, I have read that a couple starts to look like each other after a few years.. Maybe that's you guys..

Arun said...

Xena is no Xerox, she is an Original.