Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Me

M is for me. And no other day screams 'me!' as much as one's birthday.

As some of you might have gathered from my last post, it was my birthday on Sunday. Time to feel depressed and all that. However, thanks to Viv's company, I haven't aged at all in the last five years. How, you ask. Well, other than software. his company also produces an anti-aging product. Well, it's not so much a product as it is a strategy. Basically, every year in April, they send him off for the NAB show in Las Vegas. Smack on my birthday. And then he's off to Amsterdam in September for another business trip. Smack on his birthday. So we haven't celebrated our birthdays together for a few years now. The only way to look at it is that since we don't see each other's birthdays, we don't age in each other's eyes. So there you have it, the secret to eternal youth.

Moronic jokes aside, it's no fun to have my birthday without him. However, I've been fortunate enough to always have had some family here around my birthdays in the last few years - my in-laws, or my parents, or at the very least my sister-in-law. This year was a little different though, as no one was at home. It was pretty much Xena and me. My friends know that I absolutely detest midnight birthday celebrations (the truth is that I want to be asleep at midnight -- birthday or no birthday), so thankfully no one rang the doorbell at midnight. I'd have called the police I think. I'm not kidding.

So I had a good night's rest and technically started my birthday only when I woke up. Xena was up and smiling. At 7 am! She rolled over to me and said, "Mommy, aaj tum ka birthday hai!" I thanked and kissed her and then promptly corrected her 'tum ka'. (I'm so khadoos, no?)

I had a lunch celebration with friends at Robert Timms at Suntec City, topped off with a chocolate mousse cheesecake. Yummy! Xena was very excited because she got to blow the candle and cut (read massacre) the cake, but she refused to even have a lick of it. Fine. More for us then. Hmmmph!

After lunch, my Bollywood buddy Pizzadude came home with us. I put Xena down for her afternoon nap and then Pizzadude and I had adrak ki chai and watched... Veer-Zaara! Honestly, he's pretty much the only person in the world with whom I can watch and really enjoy movies from the 90s and 2000s without rolling my eyes. Purana bewdas of the bar would remember the hilarity that ensued when Viv, feeling left out, decided to join us for a screening of Dil toh pagal hai. We watched half of Veer-Zaara and actually enjoyed it to my surprise. We couldn't finish it though because Xena woke up and when she's up, the TV goes down.

After Pizzadude left, Xena and I had a nice, quiet evening. We played with play doh and fingerpaint, built a giraffe using blocks, blew bubbles in the playground and then took a nice long walk. Soon, the day had ended and it was time for bed. I realised that installment 1 of my birthday had come to an end. The next few will happen very soon. We'll celebrate again when Viv is back and yet again when my sis-in-law is back.

And yet again when I'll celebrate it all by myself.

It's not been easy taking care of Xena all by myself these two weeks. Between the morning chores, getting her ready and fed, dropping her off at school, picking her up, keeping her engaged, working on my own projects, this daily blogging challenge (yes, I'm aware I brought it upon myself), doing housework, attempting to feed her all her meals by myself, and not forgetting to have my own meals (happens a lot!), I'm utterly exhausted. I told Viv that when he's back, I'll take a week's vacation in Vivocity my mothership mall, where I'll abandon everyone and everything, and roam and chill and shop (I call it the real 'duty-free' shopping) and get a pedicure and catch a movie or two. I'm looking forward to my own company.

I don't think Marilyn Monroe meant to represent primary caregivers of toddlers with her quote, but it sure is super relevant - "I restore myself when I'm alone."


Arun said...

Happy Decompression!

Thisisme said...

:) Happy Belated bday!

N i didnt know it was ur bday on Sunday!! Dint even catch the hint in yday's blog! :| DUMB ME!

N i asked for a sunday post on top of that!

n i can totally understand how u must be feeling! i m not a mom, but my niece nephew live with me and i know exactly what goes into bringing up a kid! seen it up close!

u totally deserve this vacation that will come after sometime! go , enjoy and have some FUN ME time!

n its great that ur doing this blog A-Z thing! I really look fwd to ur posts daily!

Rather when u reach Z, i will be really :(( to know that the frequency might come down! or who knows, u may enjoy it so much and do more of this! I will love it that ways :)

Ritu Raj said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!

Arun said...

Regarding "time to feel depressed", etc., well, no point in wasting emotional energy on the inevitability of aging, that can be spent with far greater fun, e.g., on Veer-Zaara.

But was thinking, make a list of the top ten things that make one into an "auntie" or "uncle" (apart from age). There is a certain change in outlook on life and adoption of some patterns of behavior that causes that conversion to a middle-aged stick-in-the-mud. (Why don't I write this list? Because you're so much better at it :)). Then, at each birthday, see where you are on the "becoming an auntie" list, and change your strategy accordingly.

Prathima said...

Belated birthday wishes! Wish you a hospital-free, well eating-Xena year. By the way, free daaru for all bewdas on the occasion?

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday!

Sayesha said...

Thank you. :)

Thank you. :) I don't know myself what will happen after the Z post! :O

Ritu Raj,
Thanks! :)

The top aunty behaviour in my head is when someone asks a married couple when they're going to give everyone 'good news'. UGHHHH. I'm FAAAAAAAR away from that behaviour. :D Would love to read your list though! Please share! :)

Thank you! :) This month, everything is free flow on the house. Daily drink of the day too. :P

Thank you! :)