Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for king

I mentioned in this post how I don't have a favourite actor but Shah Rukh Khan is my favourite star. I often get asked why I like him so much. I also get ridiculed when he has a bad movie out (and we all know how many of those he has). I also get looked at when he's really hamming it up in a scene. I had to go into hiding after Ra.One released. So why then do I love SRK? I have decided to issue a clarification on the matter once and for all. Here are five reasons why I heart King Khan.

His story is inspiring.
He came to Mumbai with nothing. No hero-like looks or stature, no producer papa, nothing. He started off on television. That too, the television of those days. And then he broke all the rules and did what no hero or hero-wannabe would do -- play the villain. And then he went on to rule not just Mumbai but far beyond. Of course, one can't downplay the role of luck, but there is surely something about him that attracts success. To me, he truly defines the term 'X-factor'. I would love to read his autobiography some day.

His PR skills are amazing.
He is one performer who really makes an effort to connect with his audience. Of course it is all PR, and I will not dispute that, but when you see him live, you can see that he knows that his superstardom comes from the people and he makes a genuine effort to acknowledge it. He said in an interview that all he wants to do is make people happy. And you can see he means it from the way he presents himself to his audience. When he went to promote Chennai Express on Comedy Nights with Kapil, he hugged everyone who joined him on the stage, even though they didn't ask him to and I'm also sure not all of them felt or even smelt clean. Would you like to hug totally random strangers? No way. But he did it with a sincerity that you don't really see in showbiz. A few years ago, I attended his live show and I saw his amazing PR skills live. He declared that he was going to ask someone from the audience to join him for a romantic dance on stage. Of course, all the girls went completely bonkers. He proceeded to totally ignore all the hotties in the audience who were waving their hands madly, and instead invited a very plain-looking and overweight girl. PR stunt? Totally. Heartwarming? Totally. Not just had he made her day, he had made everyone happy. I was cheering like a mad person.

His charisma is mind-blowing.
Needless to say, I preferred SRK hosting KBC over Amitabh Bachchan hosting it. Yes, Amitabh Bachchan is also very charismatic, but in a more towering sense. SRK's charisma is more grounded. I simply loved him in KBC. He was funny and spontaneous and made the contestants feel at ease. He underscored the idea that everyone was there to have fun. With AB, things felt a little more serious and he also looked rather formidable - I am AB, you are a commoner. With SRK, he put himself at the same level as the contestants and made them feel like they were talking to a friend. The contest is stressful as it is, and the whole world is watching. The last thing you want is the host making you feel less than you are.

And... Do you remember the bitchy contestant on KBC? I couldn't believe how rude she was to him. And I'm not even saying that one has to be gushing in front of him. Her behaviour was simply not acceptable because no one deserves that kind of rudeness. But he patiently and humbly continued the game, and when she quit and said that she had no desire to hug him before getting the cheque, he very politely said, "If you don't mind, I'd like to give the cheque to your mother. I'm sure she will not refuse to hug me."

His humour is spontaneous.
Any show he hosts is side-splittingly funny. I have stopped watching award shows because he doesn't host them anymore. I simply use Youtube to go back to his old shows (especially when he used to host them with Saif) and they're still so enjoyable. Even though he most likely followed a script, you need to have superb comic timing and a shrewd sense of humour to deliver it. No wonder all other hosts, in spite of having scripts too, seem so lame compared to the SRK-Saif pairing. I thought he was a total riot on KBC. Have you watched this video? He was HILARIOUS. Any other host might have gotten a bit irritated at the contestant's indecisiveness, but SRK made the situation funnier than it already was. I especially loved when he started talking in Punjabi and said, "I don't want to play anymore."

When the conditions are right, boy can he act.
There's a reason why this is the very last point in my list. SRK is definitely not a great actor. That's a given. Of his 80 odd movies, perhaps only a handful are good. And a lot of them depend on the age and stage you are at. I was completely bowled over by him in DDLJ and KKHH because of the age and stage I was at, but it's not like his acting was exemplary. However (and this is a big HOWEVER), it's not that he can't act. I always quote Swades (and also Chak De India to a certain extent) when confronted with the accusation that SRK is a bad actor. He may not be a great actor, he may have acted badly in a LOT of movies, but I will not take it lying down if someone says he cannot act at all.


Anphy said...

I have been reading your blog since 2009. Couldn't resist being the first :-)

Arun said...

So if you write your best-selling novel, you have a good model on how to be a celebrity :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I like SRK too, saw him in Fauji and that Sanjha Chulha when he was a nobody. KKHH is one of my all time favourite movies. But I gotta admit, he's become a bit too full of himself now since he bulked up, I guess effect of steroids.

Thisisme said...


I can understand y u adore him this much....

By the way, did u let go oif the opportunity to Get a pic clicked with him...srsly?? Srsly???

Thisisme said...

Sunday post pls ...pretty pls :)

Prathima said...

Remember that contestant in KBC who said that for her winning a lakh meant nothing compared to meeting him? SRK said that's a big amount and she shouldn't really undermine money that way. Loved it.

I also enjoyed watching the shows "Inside and Outside worlds of Shahrukh" on Discovery Travel a couple of years back. Have you seen it?

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Love love love SRK :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not KKHH, KHKN. Was sleepy! I dont like KKHH much!

Sayesha said...

Haha, this really reminded me of the gold-silver days. :)


Good you clarified with a follow-up comment. I was trying to get my head around the fact that you like KKHH! Don't get me wrong now, *I* LOVE that movie, but I just can't imagine you liking it, lol! :P KHKN is a classic. :)

Yes, I did. :( I was young and foolish!!!!!
PS: No post on Sundays according to the A-Z blog marathon rules. 26 posts. 26 letters of the alphabet. Sunday chhutti! :D

I've watched the inside and outside worlds and was utterly amazed at the kind of life he has to lead as a result of being a celebrity of that stature. Felt a bit sorry for him even, especially when he said that sometimes he's tired and cranky and in no mood to pose for photos or give autographs, but he has to because people come from far away to see him.
PS: I'm going to look up the lakh video! Do you have the link??

:D :D :D

LOL! Read my comment above. :P

Unknown said...
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