Thursday, April 14, 2011

You are my soniya

So last evening I excitedly messaged Viv, "Guess what? My colleagues had a HUGE bouquet of roses delivered home for my birthday!"

"Where do you think they got the address from?" was his message. At the end of his message was a winky smiley, which I totally didn't notice and so I wrote back, "HR, of course."

He showed his annoyance, "You didn't get it, did you? That they got the address from me?"


So I wrote back, "Of course I did. You're the one who didn't get it. HR = Hrithik Roshan!"

Just about saved my ass, methinks. :P


Tejal said...

GOLD!! yeayy my first gold this year!! :))

Tejal said...

Hope you had a goood birthday!

Hrithik Roshan?? lol..MEthinks Viv's pj-ness is rubbing off on you!

Not that I'm saying Viv's jokes aren't awesome or anything..( rock Viv!)


yab said...

Birthday wishes!!!
no surprise parties this time?

Arun said...

Good save!

Wish you a belated V.Happy B'day!

nidhi said...

Wish you a belated Happy Birthday Sayesha.
Something tells me Viv didn't buy into the Hrithik part :O

shub said...

Is that all you could come up with?!
Hey Ram!

That's my reaction to your reaction, and that's what your reaction should've have been to Viv's msg!
HR = Hey Ram :P

Stupidosaur said...

Here's goes my HBD* wish for you!

*Hamesha Bhai Dhinchank!

Kanan said...

Happy budday to you, Sash!! :) Wishing many more.. I think that was yet another Viv's present to you!? To actually buy that HR gig. :P

apurva said...

Many happy returns of d day!!Happy B'day!

Satish said...

happy budday bhai

Sanchit said...

and and and.. HR = Himmesh Reshamiyan

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Tu toh Viv ka hi saath degi! :D

Thanks! No surprise parties this year... we are all old and boring now. :P

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :D

Abbe! Thoda credit de. At least I didn't say HR = Himesh Reshammiya ok?? :/

Hahahaha! That, or 'Hamesha Bhai Dhakkan'? :P :P :P

Hehehee... thanks! :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Hawwwww I thought of the exact same thing! Lekin tuney Himesh ka naam wrong spell kiya, Himeshbhai tujhe kabhi maaf nahin karega... he will hunt you down and sing to you!!! :O

How do we know said...

and viv reads ur blog, right? Belated Happy budday bhai.. and of course.. ahem.. hoping viv did not read this post.. or forgave u if he did.. ;-)

Sudeep said...

So Viv ka ghar ka naam Hrithik hai? Goes with the title too i guess ;)
Wish you a very happy birthday, belated hi sahi har saal ki tarah. Have an awesome year ahead :)

Bubblegum.... said...

Happpy Birthday Didi :D :D